Dragon Crisis!

Dragon Crisis! is an anime series in the Dragon Crisis! franchise
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An adaptation of the light novels created by Kaya Kizaki with illustrations by Itsuki Akata, Dragon Crisis! is an anime series produced by Studio DEEN that tells the story of Ryuji Kisaragi and his adventures with a young dragon named Rose.


High school student Ryuji Kisaragi's world is turned upside down when his cousin Eriko returns from America and recruits him to join Seven Tails, her start up company that's in the business of recovering Lost Preciouses. When Ryuji and Eriko recover a young girl named Rose who turns out to be a dragon, their lives are changed forever.

Main Concepts


Dragons in Dragon Crisis! have a human form and a fully realized dragon form that falls in line with most lore on the creatures. While in human form, a dragon can sprout wings which allow it fly and allow it to protect itself. They also have the ability to activate their powers using a special seal on their hands.


A breaker is a human with the ability to activate a Lost Precious. They are ranked in levels that max out at 10, with each being increasingly powerful and increasingly rare. Although it is practically unheard of in the history of the series, Breakers have the potential to engage with a dragon, increasing the fighting capabilities of both.

Lost Precious

A lost precious is a valuable item. They come in a wide variety of types, from ornate jewelery to magical weapons. Weaponized Lost Preciouses can be activated by a Dragon or a Breaker, with their skill directly impacting the destructive force of the item. Using engage, a mode where dragons and/or Breakers draw out their powers in unity, a Lost Precious can be extremely more potent than when used otherwise.


Ryuji Kisaragi

A seemingly normal high school student who is actually a Level 10 Breaker, the highest ranking for people with the ability to activate Lost Preciouses. After being recruited by his cousin Eriko Nanao to join Seven Tails, Ryuji meets Rose, a young red dragon who eventually comes to live with he and Eriko.


Rose is a red dragon that Ryuji and his cousin Eriko stumbled across while intercepting a package. Immediately upon seeing him, Rose fell in love with Ryuji and can usually be found by his side. Despite her small stature, Rose is very powerful dragon.

Eriko Nanao

Eriko is Ryuji's cousin and the founder of Seven Tails, a company that specializes in recovering Lost Preciouses. Along with being a level 7 Breaker Eriko is quick on her feet and often comes up with the plans for recovering Lost Preciouses.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Hideki Tachibana
Hideyuki Kurata
Masashi Ishihama

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Name Dragon Crisis!
Name: ドラゴンクライシス
Romaji: Doragon Kuraishisu!
Publisher ?
Start Year 2011
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