Which manga books are the uncut English versions of Dragonball?

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I currently have the first dragonball viz big edition manga book. However I have noticed it is not uncut. For instance the uncut version shows bulma nude and this one shows her with bubbles covering her boobs. This makes me wonder how many other things they have edited in the viz big edition. I want the version which is uncut and legit to where the wording is the most accurate. There are two more versions I see on the viz website


One that is just labeled dragonball and the other is called dragonball 3 in 1.

Does anyone own any of these or know for a fact which one is true to the original wording?

I want the uncut version, so please any help will be appreciated since I am not able to email viz media and ask them directly.....they only accept written mail....

Thank you in advance!

P.s. I want a hardcopy, I don't want to read the manga online....

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Just Manga forum is for multiple manga topics. This is about Dragon Ball.

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