Why so much hate towards DBZ in battle threads?

Topic started by Kurohige on Nov. 18, 2010. Last post by Dream 1 month, 1 week ago.
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I do and sat what is need ed so yeah

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@joseph619: yes but when the scenes just get stupid during serious moments it kinda hurts the series.

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One word: Fanboys. Since Dbz is only one verse it can only have one group of fanboys. Unfortunately there are many other types of ridiculous fanboys out there and so DBZ which gets put in a lot of battle discussions has to deal with not only its own stupid fanboys but also several other groups of them. Simple numbers really. One is less than a lot. So there will be a lot of hate from fanboys against it.

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@TheDragonFist said:

The answer is simple, is because people can deal the fact that DBZ/GT is overpowered and could beat a lot of powerful characters, so in consequence people get butthurt and try to downplay Dragonball with retarded arguments.

Did you really have to necro-bump this too?

Anyway, I admit I dont like DBZ threads since almost every argument for a character is usually assumption or powerscaling to make up for lack of actual feats and thus makes for an incredibly boring and speculative discussion. But honestly, I just like to challenge those claims as much as I can after hearing them so often.

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@CosmicKnight75: Plus the notorious inconsistency factor. I used to be a DBZ defender but as I saw more and more anime and read more manga, I realized just how inconsistent it was and that there were many series more powerful anyway.

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@taichokage: Like I said, I like to challenge a lot of claims that I frequently hear, especially if it's something DBZ characters actually have no business being able to do, like that fans saying "HUR DUR Raditz solos" on whatever verse when in truth it can actually be argued that chances are he can very easily get screwed over just stepping into them at the slightest mistake or threads like Goku/Bills vs EoS Asura come to the top of my mind.

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This baby's a remnant of the times things were more lax with moderating.

Considering what we've attracted from other sites over the past year or so, I don't think it's a good idea to leave this open lest we get into more big messes. So I'm gonna lock this up.

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