Who is the most powerfulest????

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Between these five......SSJ 4 Gogeta, SSJ God Goku, Vegito, Bills, and Whis? Yes I know "GT is non cannon," but put that a side, and who is the strongest(in all or most aspects).

What is your opinion, or facts you can point out in this?

What really matters......what is stated on who is stronger, or actual feats?

Post by shinssj (6 posts) See mini bio Level 9
Vegito would technically and Logically be the strongest. The potarra earrings are already more powerful than the fusion dance, therefore hypothetically vegito would be a stronger supersaiyan 4 than gogeta.
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Vegito is the strongest IMO.

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Powerscalling SSJ 4 Gogeta would stomp over everyone, this based on numerous battles threads .

Post by nishi99 (1,706 posts) See mini bio Level 11

Whis due to him being God of the verse and all.

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Whis. Gt powerscales is being countered by puny feats. It's badly written like some other DBZ movies.

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