What do you think DBZ characters can destroy?

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Do you think DBZ characters can destoy Planets/Stars/Star Clusters of even Galaxies?

I did some calculations to see what kind of destruction DBZ characters could possible do. I realize that these are anything but foolproof or 100% accurate i just did some google-ing and looked at how many Moons could fit in Earth if it where hollow or how many Earth's could fit inside the Sun so that gives me an idea what DBZ characters could destoy. I could be massivly wrong on this and maybe destruction or powerlevels or planet mass or whatever simply doesn't work this way but i will hear it from you later so here goes.

Master Roshi/Piccolo was able to destroy the Moon with an Powerlevel of around 200, so at 200 in DBZ you're a Moon Buster. Vegeta in a filler episode destroyed the Planet Arlia with no trouble at all and his Powerlevel was 18.000. If my google search was correct than if the Earth where hollow it could fit 40-50 Moons. Now i bring up my calulator and do 200x50 and get 10.000. So does that mean that with a powerlevel of 10.000 you can bust a planet?

SSJ Goku's last official known powerlevel is 150 million. if we simply add SSJ's multipliers and ignoring Goku's power increases he might had we get this: SSJ=x50, SSJ2=x100, SSJ3=x400

Goku SSJ = 150.000.000

Goku SSJ2 =

Goku SSJ3 =

Thats ignoring all of Goku's powerups (Several months of training on Yardrat, 3 years training for the Androids, 1 year in the Hyperbolic Timechamber, 7 years in Otherworld, 10 years at the end of DBZ, various Zenkai boosts) yes i'm ignoring all of that. I looked up google and it says that if the Sun was hollow then it could fit 1 million Earth's so in order to bust the Sun you need a PL of (Eath=10.000 so 10.000x1.000.000) Does that mean that SSJ2 is a Sun buster?

The biggest know Star know to man is the VY Canis Majoris and doing some google searching it says that it if it where hollow it could fit 9.2 BILLION Suns...%$# me! Can't even use the calculator for that. Now DBZ characters energy attacks can be much highter then their own powerlevel, Piccolo was around 300 when he fought Raditz but his Special Beam cannon clocking at around 1440. Kid Gohan had a PL of around 200.000 and he fired a Masenko against Frieza in his Third Form and held him off and Frieza in his Second Form was around 1 million so Gohan's Maskeno was easily 10 times stronger than himself.

I realize that this is far from perfect and i could be dead wrong on this but if this is even remotly close to being correct doesn't that mean DBZ characters are massive star destoyers? I mean i handicapped Goku's powerlevel to ridiculous degree and not factor'd in that his enegy attacks could be increase maybe 100 fold but...still i doubt even with all that is it possible for him to BUST a galaxy? Even the biggest star know to man (Canis Majoris) is nothing compared to a galaxy right?

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@niBBit: Cell is pretty much a solar system buster, he mentioned it in the anime

Semi-Perfect Cell was powerful enough to destroy the universe, confirmed in Episode 159 by Elder Moori. SS4 Gogeta >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cell.

Do what you want. But I think you need to examine both Cell and Moori's wording more carefully. I agree with what you say about Gogeta's power though. The thing is, while ridiculous, one of those statements isn't plausible, and one of them is.

Just for reference. Moori said that Cell possesses the energy to destroy the universe, not that he is just a threat to it. Then Dende questioned him saying, "the entire universe?" and Moori said, "yes, I'm afraid so". Cell also didn't say that he has the capability to destroy the solar system, he said that he had gathered enough energy to do so. One is talking about total power, the other is talking about the energy put into one blast. And look at how long that kamehameha wave went on for. He had to keep dumping more and more power into it, for several minutes. I don't think Cell thought he was going to have to do that when he made the statement about the solar system, after all, that was before Gohan had decided to fight back.

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Online Now

i think this was made already. anime buu and broly can destroy galaxies. manga characters can destroy planets or possible a solor system

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If they say they can do things I tend not to believe it until I see it.

I have no doubt that no one character in the animé can destroy a planet by punching it. Maybe lift a mountain but that's about it. I do believe that a high powered energy attack could destroy a planet.

I don't believe any character can move faster than light. Above hypersonic yes, but no where near light speed.

That is what I believe.

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They are Solar System+ Busters....

Except Broly who is the only Galaxy buster in DBZ.

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Multiple planet busters at the absolute most.

Post by Supreme Marvel (5,293 posts) See mini bio Level 12

Tien's most powerful attack vs Cell only put a hole in the floor of Earth.

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Perfect Cell (Full Power) stated he could destroy the Solar System, don't know if thats true but lets say that he could, that was Perfect Cell not Super Perfect Cell who is alot stronger not to mention going all the way up to SSJ3 Goku and Kid Buu who are easily several hunderd times stronger than SPC. Hell lets go all out and bring Vegito/Gogeta to the table those 2 make Goku/Kid Buu look like small childeren. if we take Vegito/Gogeta in this fight would you still say that they are limited to just a Solar System or a number of planets?

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If you take what people say in comics rather than what they do you'd have mass speculation.

Look at comics, there is many things people state about another character yet we never see them do it. Superman said he can shatter a planet by punching it. We know he has the strength but I guarantee people won't believe it until they see it.

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@MarioRedfield said:

Multiple planet busters at the absolute most.

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Dragon Ball: best destructive capacity.

The Living World

The Living World is also called the Present World. To be frank, it means the vast universe. This universe is divided into four galaxies; other than that, it is known that there is a chaotic place called the Devil Realm somewhere in the universe. The sections known as the East-West-North-South Galaxies only utilize Kami as administration units, and the lifeforms who reside in the Living World are able to freely travel the galaxies. Of course, that is supposing they have the technology...

Incidentally, Earth, where SON Gokuu and his friends live, exists in the North Galaxy. The North Galaxy seems to have some of the most beautiful planets.

The Devil Realm is a unique place within the Living World. It is a place that the eyes of the Kami in the World Beyond are unable to see; little is known other than the fact that wicked lifeforms live there. There are records of these lifeforms threatening the peace on planets in the universe.

Ordinary lifeforms cannot freely travel from the Living World to the World Beyond. The only way to go is by turning into souls upon death. However, there are some who are given permission to travel by the Kami of the World Beyond, though they are few in number.

The Universe

The endless, expansive space wrapped around every celestial body that exists in the Living World. Along with the "Demon Realm," it is a single, large world in the Living World. In the world of Dragon Ball, the universe is located beneath the World Beyond, and it is hermetically sealed by a barrier that is engraved with a strange design. Within the universe, there are "nebulae" composed of innumerable stars, and there are "galaxies" composed of innumerable nebulae. There is a ruling Kami for each galaxy. Earth resides in the Solar System, a galactic nebula on the outskirts of the North Galaxy.

[Par.] A "Cosmic Police Organization" exists in the universe. However, they lack the fighting ability to oppose Freeza and the Saiyans. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 72)


A gathering of local planets in the universe. Planets gather and form a nebula, and beyond that, a collection of gathered nebulae is called a galaxy. The four Kaiou who rule over the east, west, south, and north [sections] of the universe actually govern these galaxies. Because the Kami in the Heavenly Realm and the Kaiou supervise the galaxies that exist infinitely in all the universe, the sections known as the East, West, South, and North Galaxies are denominations that came into use through their duty.

kidbuu with a bp of 1,150,000,000 destroyed a galaxy of dragon ball z, in a few years, broly with a bp of 1.400.000.000, destroyed the southern galaxy, gogeta and omega Shenron, which are more powerful than kid buu and broly could easily destroy the universe.

the own dbz confirms that goku SSJ3 had a bp of, it was revealed that 1 kiri = 50000 bp, SSJ3 goku has 24,000 kiri.

in buu saga is told that goku has 3000 kiri in ssj1.

about multipliers:

SSJ = 50x base

SSJ2 = 2x SSJ or 100x base

SSJ3 = 4x SSJ2 or 400x base

ssj4= 10x ssj3 or 4000x base

hatchiyack which is said be more powerful than broly, affected the entire northern galaxy, altering the orbits of planets, making the planets if moved, king kai says than hatchiyack had so much power that could destroy the galaxy's north, goku say than hatchiyack is more powerful than broly, confirms that broly it is not the only galaxy buster of dragon ball and also confirms that characters stronger than broly, also could easily destroy galaxies, gohan in movie 10 says that when he became SSJ2, increased both its powers and says he had sure could beat the old broly, this confirms that cell could also destroy galaxies, which he did not expect was that broly had also become more powerful.

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@Sonata: Why do you think that?

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Multi planet for canon (maybe Solar System)

Galaxy for non canon

Also don't care about calculations, I only care for feats

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@valfranx: That video was indeed impressive. Don't know if I buy the Trillions times FTL thing nor Dark Scheider even having trouble with Omega Shenron but the guy does make good points and backs them up in his videos.

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Multiple star busters to maybe galaxy busters for the higher ups like Buu and Broly.

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I think they have the power to shot through a beam on Canis Majoris, but it wouldn't explode. It would like a bullet against the Earth. Simple the physics wouldn't let it happen. Of course the light speed is not the ultimate speed in fictional world and the physics don't apply for that, but I don't know. If they were showed wider planet bust beams.... but we didn't see the wide of Roshi's kamehameha or Piccolo's beam. Freeza and Buu destroyed planet with ki ball. Even a Sun explosion would be almost like a TNT in the Earth.

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Manga = Solar Systems, Anime = Galaxies / (Universe, Omega Shenron and Buu Gohan absorb)

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@niBBit said:

@Sonata: Why do you think that?

Because that was the best that was shown. Even Kid Buu a being who rivaled SSj3 Goku in power was only able to destroy systematically destroy planets over time.
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I think Goku is probably around star level plus. Some people told me Goku could never reach light speed because it would drain too much Ki, yet Goku can teleport in an instant across thousands of light years and even to the gods' universe. Go figure!

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Broly ftw!

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