So is DRAGON BALL Better than DBZ?

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This whole time, I’ve been watching DRAGON BALL from a bit of a clinical distance. It’s all been about cooly assessing the show, and academically analyzing how it relates to the later series (and to the shonen tradition, in general).

This might’ve been the first episode I simply just enjoyed on its own merits. I walked away with a big grin on my face. There are no significant connections to divine here. It’s just a delightful told-in-one that ends on a note that’s as whimsical as the one that started it.

I just loved the absurd dream logic Goku uses in that last part. How do you deal with an evil bunny like Monster Carrot? Well, how about you just ride the Power Pole up to the Moon and drop him and his cronies off there. Why? Because that’s where rabbits go. Obviously.

My second favorite part had to be when Goku drops the goons. They’ve been terrorizing these villagers for so long, the poor people can’t remember a time when they weren’t living in fear. Well, here comes Goku, and this kind of rough stuff is just business as usual for him. Bulma volunteers his fighting prowess like he’s going to change somebody’s tire. He's so blase about it, he won’t even start to fight with these grown-ups until he’s done eating.

Again, you can’t help but smile over that kind of dream logic.

I wouldn’t say this is better than DBZ - - it’s really just a different flavor of fantasy. You can’t have a strong opinion about choosing chocolate over vanilla. That said, I’m sure plenty of you lunatics actually do have strong opinions about this, and I suppose now would be as good as time as any to solicit them. So which do you prefer, huh? Regular DRAGON BALL, or DBZ? Or do some of you actually prefer… * GASP *... DRAGON BALL GT?

Watch "Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch” and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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I think Dragonball was able to have more fun with Goku's character because the world wasn't constantly about to blow up. In DBZ the villains are so overpowered that they could destroy the planet so lighthearted humor like Goku dropping villains off on the moon was mostly gone.

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I watched dragonball some time after watching DBZ; and i must say, i actually enjoyed dragonball more. Something about its simplicity worked. And i remember laughing a lot.

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I like Dragon Ball, better then DBZ. I like adventure series better then pure action (that one of the reasons why I like One Piece)

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Yeah...i have to agree with most. Dragonball is pretty different than DBZ but overall i think i do enjoy Dragonball more and i think it ages much better as a stand alone series than DBZ has

Even now i'm kind of surprised i feel that way but yeah it's true...i will rewatch DB one day..probably with my nephew but DBZ....ehhh

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I don't really put the two head to head- because they're basically for two different audiences- even though they are about the same characters

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Well being that master Roshi eventually destroys the moon During a tournament I guess poor monster carrot gets obliterated, Lol Also I prefer Dragon Ball because it fully embraced it's silliness,
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I watched DBZ before I ever watched DB. 2 of my top 3 favourite characters are not in DB. So I was scared of watching it. Then I eventually did watch it. I have to say, DB is far superior to DBZ. In terms of fun, adventure, and enjoyment. If you put Gohan and Vegeta in DB and you have heaven.

Chibi-Goku >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DBZ Goku

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They're both among my favorite anime. I'll always love DBZ more because I grew up on it, same with DB but Z got me into anime and I've seen it so many times. That being said, from a character development perspective and a pacing perspective, Dragon Ball is of slightly superior quality to me. Also Roshi and Tien were just amazing in DB

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I dont know if DB is better than DBZ but to me DB is better than DBZ personally. My opinion is same as the title.

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