Should DBZ have ended with Frieza's defeat?

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As most of you probably know DBZ was originally planned to end with Goku's defeat of Frieza. He would have been the only super saiyan and had have brought peace to the universe. Toriyama reportedly chose to carry the saga on due to it's overwhelming popularity, the question is do you think he should have?

I personally feel that there were many good and bad points which stemmed from carrying the series on. The good came in the form of Cell who was in my view a fantastic bad guy, the future Trunks/Androids story arc and the opportunity to watch Vegeta's character/ relationship with Goku fully develop.

The bad for me was the over saturation of super saiyans (I love kid Trunks and Goten but c'mon), the de-valuing of the SS legend through ssJ1 quickly becoming insignificant and the further degenaration of the human characters to the point they didn't even bother to even try to fight during the Buu saga.

Overall I think they were right to continue and to produce two sagas in the Androids/Cell and Buu that I really enjoyed if notquite as much as the Namek, what do you guys think?

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No, no, no for me. The Cell arc is my favorite arc by a long shot. I can't see any good coming from the series ending right before the best part.

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It should have ended at Cell, since Goku die at the end and Gohan take up his row as Earth protector. But I still like the Buu Arc, since Mr.Satan save the day :)

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I am in agreement with most it should have ended with Cell. The saga as a whole was very good, though IMO Frieza was the best villain in the series. I dont want to get started on how much I hated the Buu saga.
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Yeah, I agree with everyone that it should have ended at the end of the Cell saga. You got everyone doing something, and we get cool characters: Trunks and Android 17, 18, 16. In my opinion, the Cell saga was the best.


Also, Cell was more interesting than Frieza with his evolutions that have different personalities.

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While I don't like sounding like a parrot ending DBZ after the cell saga would have of been the best thing thing to do. While the Buu saga did have some interesting moments, it dragged on more than it had to and after that was GT which nobody I know likes.
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I would have loved to see a Kai version of the Buu saga. Take out the feet dragging and it might have been as good as the others.
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No, it shouldn't have. There are a lot of cool event after the Freeza saga. But AT should have know he continue it, so there would be less inconsistency now.

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I enjoyed Kid Buu as a villain. I enjoyed the Mystic thing. I enjoyed seeing Vegito. That was it for the Buu saga. I would have liked to see it end at the Cell saga with Gohan taking over.

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@eddz99: Hated it. The only time I liked that was when Goku transformed into it against Janemba. I should point out, I only like Dragon Ball version of Goku. Not Z version.

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If they ended at The LEgendary SUper Saiyan,most people would agree that Goku can destroy a planet with one blow
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They should had ended in the Evil Kuririn saga...

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I say it should have ended with buu saga, bog is just overrated, it has worse execution as the continuation of dbz than dbgt.

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From a story point of view, you could definitely argue that it should have ended with Frieza's defeat. On the other hand, I think they did a really good job with the Android and Cell stuff. Maybe they could have taken the time travel stuff a bit further than they did, that could have been cool.

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Well it was supposed to end in the Cell Saga... so I guess it would had been good to end it there, but then we would not had Mystic, Kid Torankusu, Goten, Gotenkusu, a married Kuririn.... ect

So I think it was good they ended in the Buu sa.. I mean Battle of Gods. Tho I do wonder if Akira will actually make a new series or not?

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