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Ok, so, how can Freeza "The most powerful being in the Universe" Having his upgrades and all could be cut in halve by a simple metal sword.. But then when the same sword is placed to the test against Goku's finger, it can't cut it? O_O?  
They were both Super Saiyans and Trunks had to be the same level as Goku or even more powerful to be able to just toy with Freeza and King Cold like that, right?

Should we assume Trunks was just holding back? But why would he if he needed to test Goku's strength or if he was worth it as he was told in the future?
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the answer is goku at this point posses more durability in his finger than freeza does in his whole body, a body that took this and survived btw. 

Also goku>>trunks, trunks could not defeat the androids but believed goku could, hence why he came to the past. And trunks sword is amped up with his ki. 
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That feat was made to show us how much goku improved while he was gone. 
And we know nothing about the origin of that sword, therefore why are you calling it simple metal sword, when even King Cold was impressed by it.
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the origion of the sword is explained in the wrath of the dragon movie, and goku trained on another planet while trunks trained very little as ssj. also when goku faught friza he had just turned ssj and didnt realy know how to control it, and trunks had time to learn
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That movie is non-canon. Also, the sword is normal. It has no special or practical properties. It's probably very durable, but aside from that it's not special. Speed, skill and velocity+strength exceeded Freeza's durability. Also you forget Goku charged his finger with chi in order to block the sword. Had he not done so he would've lost his finger and more if he tried blocking without shielding himself. As you see later a stronger figure like #18 chipped the sword by blocking it with her arm. Trunks' strength/speed was not great enough to overcome #18's power and thus the sword was damaged.
The sword is just a sword. It's not special or magical or anything of the sort. A sword does not need to have special properties in order to be used in insane cutting maneuvers. For instance, in the VHD novels, D has cut through numerous substances and materials, all of which greatly exceed the durability of steel and diamond, some of them being thousands of times such, others even described as indestructible. And yet, D cuts through them with what is noted as nothing more than a normal longsword. It has no special properties or designs, is not magical nor scientifically altered or enhanced in any way. Pure skill and a persons own superhuman abilities are what enable them to perform feats with a normal sword that otherwise would be impossible for the casual swordsman.
SSJ Trunks was in the class 100+ range of strength and his speed was several times greater than Freeza's. Not only that but we don't know the durability level of Freeza's mechanized parts. Also, it is far easier to slash/pierce someone than simply striking them with blunt force. With a punch, the impact force can be distributed around the whole area. With a blade, slashing or piercing is localized, so the entirety of the body can't be used to defend against it. So when you have someone as fast and strong as that, it's not surprising that he could cut through Freeza with such ease.
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