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Certainly, you’ve heard. Two of anime’s biggest, largest and most enormous titles are returning to the scene in significant fashion this year. We’ll be seeing plenty more of SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL and DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF GODS at Anime Expo, so now - - with the countdown rolling onward to that convention - - VIZ and FUNimation have respectively released some revealing new trailers for each.


Most of the criticisms from those who’ve seen BATTLE OF GODS already (summoning the movie after * AHEM * gathering the Dragon Balls) look to be holding true in even these choice snippets. The CG animation segments honestly look like clips from a BUDOKAI game, and the shiny cleanness of the 2D segments don’t really fit the rougher, homier feel of the series. Bills seem to be played straighter in the dub for some reason, too. Could be misleading for some viewers who've been patiently waiting for this flick to come stateside. Though, at the least, it's going to hit plenty of nostalgic buttons by including seemingly every single character in the franchise.

The 2014 re-polish seems to fit SAILOR MOON better. Though, considering the timing - - and after reading the impressively-thorough franchise history on the Mary Sue - - I again have to wonder if this will wind up being a re-constructionist response to MADOKA MAGICA. Many elements may have been updated, but the trailer’s still harping on the now-mythological set-up of Luna's sales pitch to Usagi/Serena. Perhaps this will set the record about there being nothing sinister to a mysterious cat recruiting some random, ordinary teenage girl to battle evil witches.

Those are just my impressions, obviously - - but I’d much rather hear yours. How do these clips work for your lunatics? Which ranks better? Are these worthwhile continuations for two beloved franchises? Or are they sharp-jumpers for the franchises? Should they have left well enough alone? Let us know in the talkback.

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I think the trailer for the DBZ movie hits many of the same issues I have with standard movie trailers. It shows way too much. Why would you show Goku becoming a god-tier character in the bloody trailer? It sucks all the tension out of that moment. Even before seeing the movie, I already know how he'll win.

The backgrounds stand out a tiny bit. It's a little surprising when Toei has merges animation with CG a lot better in the ONE PIECE films. Although, I did like that moment at the end of the trailer where the earth just shatters at the force of the impact. I haven't seen the movie, but it only really seems to stand out in the action scenes.

Toriyama has kind of been on a spree with DBZ lore recently. He did that JACO manga, which turned out to be a DRAGON BALL prequel; he did that special chapter where he revealed Goku's mother, and he recently revealed the true names of Android 18 and Android 17, when they were humans.

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still looking forward to the DBZ movie, not so much sailor moon because i never watched it :P
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That DBZ trailer definitely plays it way more serious than the movie actually is. Everyone is at a picnic, this god comes, something goofball happens like someone spills a soda on him, he fights Goku, then they go eat some bbq and he leaves. I don't see the issue with the animation. It's pretty great in the movie. Some people are animation blind though and will say a bunch of stuff that makes no sense.

Sailor Moon looks like what I always figured Sailor Moon was.

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I heard the fan reactions to the new Dragon Ball Z movie was mixed or bad. I still will watch the movie once it hits the states with the English dub. I can't stand the subbed version of Dragon Ball Z. Out of nostalgia and mother goose, I loved the FUNimation dub. I notice Vegeta's voice was off a bit. I have to check the trailer again. Then again, the abridged series by Team Four Star almost replace my memory of the FUNimation voices. The only voice that stood out was Goku's voice. Sean Schemmel's voice is unforgettable. I haven't seen the series for so long.

I haven't seen Sailor Moon, only one episode on July 4 back in middle school. I'm doing a marathon on the series via HULU (Viz Media Snags Up Sailor Moon Anime Franchise and HULU) to see why folks love this series. I'm watching the original series to see how the magical girl franchise really got started up. I started with Puella Magi Madoka Magica first for my magical girl genre. It got me into the genre. Sailor Moon is my 2nd anime series in that genre.

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@waybig1010101 said:

still looking forward to the DBZ movie, not so much sailor moon because i never watched it :P

True. lol

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New Trailer

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Extended Edition

The Extended Edition home video release will include two versions of the film: an uncut version with an additional 20 minutes of footage not shown in theaters, and the theatrical cut. The Blu-ray and DVD combo pack, as well as a DVD-only release with just the uncut version of the film, will ship in North America on October 7.

Source: ANN

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