Move over Mario, Goku is now side-scrolling!

Topic started by GodLen on May 22, 2009. Last post by shonen 5 years, 9 months ago.
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I am so very happy that game developers have finally figured out that a Dragon Ball game doesn’t have to be entirely focused on fighting; and for that matter, always taking place during the Dragon Ball Z timeline. Finally, the adventure manga/anime Dragon Ball will get the classic side-scroller game it deserves; maybe a few decades too late, but it’s coming and that's all that matters.

It’s name is Dragon Ball: Tenkaichi Daibouken, and will be a Wii exclusive game. The best part is, for a game on the Wii it looks absolutely beautiful; with cell-shaded graphics that appear as if they were lifted directly from the anime itself. Siliconera states that this game has not been announced for an international release yet, but bets the farm that it will get one.

I have been waiting for a game like this forever. Dragon Ball lends itself more to an adventure type game than a fighting game, and what better way to convey this adventure then a semi 2D-3D side-scrolling game. What do you think? Would you buy this for your Wii if it was released internationally?

Funny thing is, this is probably another after effect of Dragon Ball: Evolution.

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Yum. Bring it to a system I own! (I.E. everything else)
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gia, just thought I'd mention, confirmed an international release months ago at FBR before we knew what the game actually was (at the time we only knew it was a non Z Dragonball game for the Wii, and the American dub cast had already recorded their characters)
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If this game were to play anything like Odin Sphere, I'd be all over it.
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@Pyro: I've got a mental image of Goku dressed in the fancy bird-ish outfit, except it's more like a chicken than a swan.

Thanks a lot.
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Sweet I have a reason to turn on my Wii again.
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@gia: Anytime!

@MoonStorm: Check out Oboro Muramasa (Muramasa: The Demon Blade in the US), it's the spiritual successor to Odin Sphere, and comes out in September.
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@moonstorm: Hello, Dokopon. I mean, don't you hate your sibling enough to destroy his will to live?
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@John_Martone: But you can get Dokapon on a DS now, too.

Though the Wii version is a bit better.
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You know, I'm fairly sure there has been a Dragon Ball side-scroller already, on the GBA I think. And there is Dragon Ball Origins (I think that's the name atleast) on the DS, not a side-scroller, but it is a Dragon Ball game rather than a DBZ fighting game.

But anyway, nice to see more Dragon Ball games I guess.
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The game doesnt look that bad at all, if I had a Wii I'd give it a try
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I want to play this.
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So this goes up from where to where.
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