Kai-O-Ken and SSJ

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How come in the series Goku never combined the Kai-O-Ken technique with his SSJ transformations. If he did that he wouldn't have died in the cell saga, and could of taken care of Buu in the other saga no problem. Is it PIS, or was it that he couldn't which i find strange since the Kai-O-Ken is a technique while the SSJ is just a transformation.
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Kaioken is a double-edged sword technique. 
It can multiply you power if you perfecty execute the technique. However if you fail or go past you limits you risk destroying you body. 
Kaioken amplifies one's abilities for a heartbeat. 
Kaioken x4 heavily crippled Goku when he used it for only a short moment. 
SSJ Transformation is similar to Kaioken, except that it is within his Genetics.  
SSJ already puts stress on the body, (Vegeta said it accelerated his heart condition against the androids). 
Goku later Masters the SSJ state, so that he could remain in the form for extraordinary periods of time 
To use Kaioken on top of SSJ would likely: 
- Consume a lot of Ki like SSJ3 
- Possibly explode Goku's body (due to lose of control) 
- Possibly explode due to Ki overload (sort of like broly, who has to keep expelling Ki or risk exploding because he body cannot handle such large volumes of Ki in reserves)
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