Is Bills/SSJG really that much stronger than the top DBZ guys?

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Almost everywhere i look there are people saying how much stronger Bills/SSJG are compared to the likes of Vegito SSJ/Gogeta SSJ and personally i don't see it. I'm not saying Bills/SSJG are weak just that i don't see them as THAT much stronger than somebody like Vegito SSJ. People out there are talking like Bills/SSJG are a 1000 times stronger than Vegito witch i find hard to swallow. There are also alot of people who claim Bills was only using 1% of his power witch isn't even mentioned at all in the movie, the only thing mentioned about his power was that he used 70% when he fought SSJG. We didn't even see Bills powerup in the movie like DBZ characters do when they wanna increase their power, perhaps he can increase his power in a different way rahter than screaming for 5 minutes like the rest do but still there isn't any info at all that say he used only 1% of his power up to the point againt SSJG.

Bills beating the Z Fighters in 1-2 hits was impessive but i don't see how a serious SSJ Vegito could't do the same. You don't need to be 100 times stronger than your opponent to humiliate him like that. Look what Vegeta with a PL of 24.000 did to Dodoria who had a PL of 21.000 or what Frieza (base) did to Nail. Frieza's PL at base is 530.000 and Nail is at 42.000 and Frieza CRU SH ED Nail with ease, he let Nail attack him with everything he had and Frieza didn't even flinched and then Frieza litterly ripped his arm clean off just for the fun of it and he had 1 arm behind his back the who time, now imagine if Frieza was serious, Frieza would have ended Nail with just 1 punch and there difference in power is about x12.

If you are twice as strong as your opponent you can pretty much toy with him like Teen Gohan did with Perfect Cell, if you are 10 times stronger you can pretty much tank any attack or kill somebody with 1 punch like Frieza did.

Bills/SSJG being 100 times stronger than the top DBZ guys is to much imo. I think Bills is 2-3 times stronger than Vegito SSJ so that would be Vegito at SSJ2. So how strong do you think Bills/SSJG are?

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While I'm not the biggest DBZ supporter, random clips I've seen of Bills in battle with the Z Fighters for Battle of Gods do have me believing in the hype that he's ludicrously stronger than the cast during Buu saga. While Mystic Gohan could at least still move about as he was getting pummeled by Buutenks, Bills managed to completely dispatch him from their fight in only one blow and even KOed SSJ3 Goku in similar style with hardly any effort. Bills was only seriously challenged when Goku became Super Saiyan God. Solar system to galaxy-busting levels suddenly isn't so absurd to believe with SSG Goku, Whis and Bills with how ridiculous Bills was against the Z Fighters.

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I think Bills will be in between Vegito ssj1 and ssj2 or a little bit more than ssj2 (70% PL). Goku SSJ4 in baby saga was vegito ssj1 level as SSJ3 was his base PL, in Shadow dragon saga he will be vegito ssj2 level and after beating by Omega shenron he may surpass vegito ssj2 level (zenkai boost).

So according to strength/power output: SSJ4 Goku = Bills. Bills has only advantage with ki sensing.

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Bills/SSJG are on the next level in terms of power. So at least SSJ2 or 3 Vegito.

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@niBBit said:

Bills/SSJG being 100 times stronger than the top DBZ guys is to much imo. I think Bills is 2-3 times stronger than Vegito SSJ so that would be Vegito at SSJ2. So how strong do you think Bills/SSJG are?

Maybe tey refer to his destruction ability. Being a galaxy buster level is hundred times above some top tier characters, like Gohan or SSJ3 Goku, even if they are above solar system level.

Considering his role(god of destruction), characters reaction like Shenron, power scaling with that it was the biggest stomp scene in DBZ, I think that 100 times stronger isn't too much.

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Bills would easily be stronger than a theoretical SSJ3 Vegito.

Bills is still stronger than SSJG Goku. The strength gap between Whis and Bills is even bigger than that between Bills and Goku. lol

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