If Goku is 100

Topic started by Mortein on Nov. 28, 2009. Last post by Toxin45 4 years, 5 months ago.
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@JThree47693 said:
"Thats just stupid. Spider Man would have a piss poor powerlevel if Goku only had a PL of 100 "

True, but hey, this is end of DB Goku (NOT DBZ). Even so, yes, it would be incredibly low in comparison (I just noticed that all my marvel stats are wrong, Carnage is supposed to be 5 times stronger than Spiderman, meaning Spiderman's should be around 8 and Wolvie's should be around 0.5).
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This thread just makes no sense. Ill stay out of it
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@JThree47693 said:
" Physical power only as in how many tons he can lift? "
that, or bencpress or that punching machine game
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@cfatalis: If so then some of this is wrong. A list here actually has Captain America and Cyclops lifting anything above 1 ton when they themselves cannot lift a single ton. 
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@Newdeath: not in tonnes mind you, goku can lift X weight rated as 100 how much could these guy lift
something like that
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@cfatalis: I see. 
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@Newdeath: so for example goku has 100 rating, and i rate carnage as say 25, that means carnage have 1/4 of goku physical strength
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@cfatalis: Alright then. Now its clear. 
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oow, I thought you are familiar with this kind of threads, so I didn't bother explaining. I hope everyone understands now.
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@Mortein said:

"  If goku from the end of DB has strength 100, how would you rate this other guys Vegetta (when he arrived on earth for the first time) Nappa Raditz Piccolo (from the end of DB) Kami  mr Popo King Piccolo young King Piccolo OldGoku (after Tower)  Tao Indian   Carnage Luke Cage Venom  Spider-man  Captain America Wolverine Cyclopes      ----------    Vegetta 600Nappa 200Raditz 120Piccolo 99Kami  90mr Popo 70King Piccolo young 65King Piccolo Old 55Goku 50Tao 49Indian  30 Carnage 200Luke Cage 110Venom  90Spider-man  80Captain America 10Wolverine 5Cyclopes 2  "

Vegeta 5,000 (not including ozara form) ozara Vegeta 50,000
Nappa 1,000
Raditz 300
Piccolo 99
Kami 70
Popo 40
King Piccolo 60
Goku after tower 30
Tao 25
Indian 10
Carnage 20
Cage 12
Venom 15
Spidey 14
Captain A  5
Wolverine 14
Cyce 2 - 6 ?
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well i responsible for that because i was 12 i went on wikia and i wasn't very bright back then
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