How strong do you think Trunks/Goten are?

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I know some people who put the boys around FPSSJ and even SSJ2 lvl witch i dodn't see happening. I will try to explain why i think that they are nowhere near those lvl and i would like to hear you opinion on the matter. First up the Android 18 fight.

When Trunks and Goten fought Android 18 as Mighty Mask you have to consider this:

- While the boys where restricted they weren't completely handicapped. I fact they managed to pull some impossible moves (if you where 1 being) that suprised Android 18 and hurt her. Picture this, when you dogde one of my attacks and got behind me you are not worried that i would turn my leg in such a way that i kick you in the gut while i'm looking in the other direction (watch the fight to see what i mean).

- No matter how you slice it, Android 18 fought 2 people at once. She kept hitting Trunks and when he fell, they simply switched seats making Goten on top who wasn't hit once.

- Trunks kept saying that he was doing his best but could't win and suggested that they used SSJ. Goten then asked if that would be enough in witch Trunks told him that if they worked together that they could do it, shows that Trunks needed hekp to ensure a victory.

- The boys had more advantages than 18. They swithed fighting styles considerbly to the point 18 was confused as what was happening. Managed to fight in a way that maked it diffcult for 18 to defend herself (due to to being 2 of them)

- Android 18 didn't look as she was going all-out, not like Trunks who kept saying that he was doing the best that he could. After all of the above Android 18 was one who had more control of the fight dispite the odds.

When Trunks/Goten turned SSJ and fired an energy beam towards 18 it scared the hell out of her but that doesn't mean Trunks>>>>>>18 since there are plenty of moments where characters where looking afraid of being blasted but came unfased out of it so to me that doesn't say all that much.

That was all from the Anime not Manga.


I don't know if the Goku and Friends OVA is considered canon (to many it is) but if it is then i'm sure that the boys are nowhere near FPSSJ lvl and here's why:

Tarble is saying that Abo and Kado where just as powerfull as Frieza was but you have to realize that nobody ever saw Frieza in his Final Form but Goku. The Ginyu Force knew that Frieza could transform but that was it. So Tarble was most likely meaning that Abo and Kado where just as strong as Frieza in his base form (530.000). So the boys base PL is around 530.000 since they fought almost evenly with Abo and Kado (boys being slightly stronger)

But okey lets just say that Tarble was refering to Frieza's most powerfull form ok? that means that Trunks/Goten's PL at base is around 120 million and when they go SSJ that means that there PL is around 600 million witch is nothing compared to the Androids and here's why i think that:

When Piccolo returned from Earth after Frieza's defeat his PL was around 1 million. He then spend 3 years training with Goku and mopped the floor with an amped Dr.Gero and manged to get up after 2 brutal hits from Android 17 just like SSJ Trunks did. So Piccolo at the least, at the bare minimum should have increased his power by x-25-50, some would put Piccolo and Trunks on the same lvl and if that where the case that its at least x100 but lets go witch 25-50 for now.

You have to realize that if Piccolo managed to increase his power by THAT much how strong do you think Vegeta or Goku where? who already where stronger than Piccolo by a large margin. Goku was already at 150 million, now imagine an increase in x25-50 and thats me being modest because as we all know Goku turns on God Mod when training and surpasses eveyone. Vegeta is considered on the same lvl and what happed to him when he fought Android 18? he got his arm broken, humiliated and then getting knocked the *&^% out by a semi-serious Android 18.

I think that the boys are maybe able to best Android 18 and Android 16/Imperfect Cell at the end of the series. I do not see the boys being FPSSJ lvl.


I've been thinking alot about some of the characters PL in DBZ and the more i think about it the more it gives me a headace. Its so full of inconsistency and 1 moment the old formula works and then it drops completly. Like the example i gave above, Piccolo should have increased his PL by a huge margin when training for the Androids. Goku ofcourse would have seen an even greater PL increase than Piccolo since Goku is.. well Goku, but when you compare that with lets say the so called official powerlvls given by V-JUMP than Goku's PL doesn't add up. When you see Goten and Trunks struggeling with Android 18....out of nowhere they managed to tank a hit from Super Buu and managed to send Fat Buu flying when he had Majin Vegeta pinned to the ground something Gohan SSJ2 barely was able to do.

So after this long post what do you think about what i said (errors and whatnot) and how strong do you think the boys are? Pre-RoSaT, Post-RoSaT, EOS (End of Series).

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I put them at the beginning of the Buu saga at namek saga Goku or SSJ1 Vegeta level. After that its hard too say because their time chamber power boost maybe ascended super saiyan level.

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@nishi99: Do you know how long the boys where in the Hyperbolic timechamber? 1 day in the real world is 1 year in the room. They where only their for 30 minutes, then Piccolo guided Super Buu to the room using a detour buying the boys some extra time so there probably where in their for about 1 hour. So how long is 1 hour in the room?

Post by nishi99 (2,373 posts) See mini bio Level 11

@niBBit: 22 days i think.

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@niBBit: And yet they achieved SS3 in no time flat from seeing it once.

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