How strong an SSJG type of ki, or how strong SSJG Goku is?

Topic started by mypasswordis1234 on Nov. 28, 2013. Last post by gokugx 1 week, 5 days ago.
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@KurosakiDono: I am aware of that, but the knowledge of SSJG's strength is already common by now.

@takashichea: If you feel that it shouldn't be locked, that's absolutely fine, I'm just saying that the knowledge about the character in question is already common, there was no need for a bump. You'll find such information on every thread involving the SSJG.

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I agree with the moderator, Goku is getting stronger everyday, we still have the upcoming movie and maybe other Toriyama interviews . This is far from over

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There always be arguments, clarifications/corrections on information stated, or new information. If you feel there is nothing to say, you can either ignore the user who bumped it or reply.

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@takashichea: Very well, if that's how you feel then I concede.

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Until the new DBZ movie comes out, believe Goku as a SSJG tops out at solar system level for now.

As for the godly ki, there's not much special to it in comparison to other titles beyond the fact that those with such power can not be sensed by those without it.

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He will be at galaxy level in this decade.

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