How fast/strong do you think DBZ characters are?

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Alot of people here on the Vice think DBZ is barely FTL some say they are below FTL i for one think that they reached FTL and beyond and here's why.

In the early DBZ series we saw Yamcha and the Saibamen fight eachother, and in there fight they where moving so fast that Kid Gohan who has normal eyes like you and me could not follow them only hear them. Piccolo then told Gohan that he should look for their energy in order to see them and when Gohan did this he could track them. Now what kind of speed is that when 2 fighters move so fast that the human i can't see? Well i opend up google and looked at a few pages and it seems that its the speed of light (if i'm wrong about this tell me)

We go to the Namek saga more specificly the Ginyu saga. At this point both Krillin and Gohan are alot stronger and better trained than they where in the Saiyan saga but, when Vegeta trew the Dragonball away, Burter flew up, chased after the Dragonball, catched it and flew back before Krillin and Gohan could turn there heads. Keep in mind that Gohan is stronger than he was and has learned to follow people at incredibly speeds (Yamcha/Saibamen) yet Burter proved to be to fast even for him. If Yamcha and Saibamen where moving at light speed (if my google search was correct) then Burter should be FTL right?

Goku during his fight with Burter and Jeice was moving so fast that the energy beams (who travel at geat speeds mind you) where moving right trough him and you could see the footprints in the grass where Goku was moving. Even Vegeta was saying that he was moving so fast that even the saiyan euse could see.

We go to the Frieza saga. Frieza managed to fire a Death Beam towards to group when he first transformed in his Final Form and the beam moved so fast that a Piccolo fused with Nail could not even follow it. Now the only one who could folow it the second time was Vegeta and thats because his power/ki increased witch is something people seem to forget that, when DBZ characters increase there powerlevel it also increases there reaction/speed/power basicly everything. We see it constantly where lets say Vegeta could not follow Frieza's Death Beam but, when Vegeta got stronger he suddendly could folow the beams. The same with Goku. Goku easily deflected multiple Death Beams like it was nothing (close range mind you) but when Frieza turned up the heat Goku could do nothing to avoid being hit, witch changed when he went SSJ and dodged the Death Beams like it was nothing. So increasing your powerlvel means getting faster yes?

All these speeds feats are all in the early stages of DBZ, could you wrap you head around what kind of speeds the highers up are playing with like Vegito/Buuhan. How fast do you think DBZ characters are? Please if i'm wrong in anything that i've said let me now.

EDIT: I messed up the titel, ignore the strong part.

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There aren't many genuine speed feats that you can find in Dragonball (wouldn't count ki blasts as being light speed considering lasers are visible to the naked eye), which has led many to have to resort to powerscaling with the few feats there are from DBZ characters. The best speed feat found within the series that I could come across was when Gotenks as a SSJ flew around the Earth several times in a period of minutes. So let us do some math:

Diameter of the Earth = 7,926.3352 miles

Now assuming it took Gotenks a minute to fly around the Earth one time, let's calculate how many miles he flew in a second. By taking the Earth's diameter and dividing it by 60, my result is:

132.10558 miles per second

I'm not too familiar with how to calculate Mach speed, so I had to take it onto this sitethat can measure units of speed. I add in the speed that I calculated onto the miles per second area to measure Mach speed and my result is:

Mach 624.7934

And we take it to this site which allows me to convert mach speed into miles per hour. Here's the Mach speed converted to MPH:

475191.83070866 MPH

In MPH, light speed is 671 million miles from what I'm looking up online, meaning that SSJ Gotenks and other characters weaker than him in DBZ are nowhere near close to light speed.

Obviously, this result is likely gonna get DBZ fans fuming and thinking they know better than I do. But take my little calculation however you want.

As for how strong the characters are, do you mean via ki blasts or the physical strength of the characters? Because there are more showings of destruction via ki blasts than with physical strength in DBZ.

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@Dream: How can Gotenks speed feat be the best you could find when it is shown multiple times that DBZ characters can move faster than the human eye can see or move so fast that energy blasts (witch is not a laser beam) go right trough them because of there speed (Goku vs Burter/Jeice example i gave). The Gotenks feat also doesn't make a lik of sense when you compare his speed (flying) against Goku when he just recoverd from the healing tank and flew half way across Namek and interupted Frieza before he killed Vegeta and he did that in a split second (i will find the scan of that where it is shown/said and writen in books that Goku did just that, i remember seeing a scan on Comicvine so i look there)

You must have missed my EDIT at the end of my post, i made a mistake in the titel so ignore the strong part this was ment to be a speed only thing.

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This has been discussed many times on here. 
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@Sonata: Nevermind then. You can close this.

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