How Could they Even Censor DRAGON BALL...?

Topic started by No_name_here on June 16, 2014. Last post by takashichea 9 months, 1 week ago.
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This is just a bawdy comedy of errors, now, isn’t it? Mistaken identities. Sneaky pervs. Privates accidentally groped in the dark. I guess we’ve all been kidding ourselves when we’ve acted like non-stop ‘fan service’ is a new concern for anime. It feels like watching SHIN-CHAN, or something...

Speaking of which, I would’ve killed to be a fly in the recording studio when the dub crew was desperately trying to figure out how they could edit this into something suitable for Saturday morning programming in America. It’s not as easy as cutting out quick shots of Gohan’s pee-pee and changing lines so characters are ‘transported to another dimension’ when they’re obviously dying. This episode has a shower scene for Bulma that doesn’t hide anything, a gag about Yamcha’s accidentally feeling her up, another gag about Oolong slipping Goku a mickey so he can do some peepin’ and at least a half-dozen panty gags. They either had to cut this episode down to five minutes; or skip it altogether, with new narration recorded to hastily fill in the glaring gaps in the story (ala G-FORCE).

Actually, now that I’ve written that all out, it might explain why this is the first DRAGON BALL episode on Hulu that doesn’t have a dub available. The subs are pretty comprehensive after this, but the dubs conspicuously jump to episode #105 - - which is right in the middle of the ‘King Piccolo’ arc. It absolutely tickles me to think that FUNi had to just throw their arms up and declare all those in-between episodes simply unsalvageable for localization.

Anyway, this was actually a rather clever episode. Considering how many shape-shifters are in pop culture, I’m surprised I haven’t encountered a gag about ‘double-blind disguises’ before this. And the notion of the dashing bandit Yamcha having this crippling fear of women is a delightful. You just have to get past the… weirdness of all the Bulma jokes, though.

And maybe the dub team couldn’t even do that?

Watch "Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls” and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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This isn't even the worse of it. Dragonball has a raunchy episode every now and then. Heck, Master Roshi hasn't even arrived yet. I think the difference between Dragonball and other fanservice shows is the egregiousness of it. For some shows the plot exclusively revolves around the fanservice, but DBZ at least goes somewhere.

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I love Japan,
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When I introduce children at Church to Dragon Ball franchise, I thought it would be nice to start from the beginning of Dragon Ball instead of Dragon Ball Z. For me, I got in Dragon Ball Z first. I forgot how naughty this show was.

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