Goku vs.Gohan: Who's a better character?

Topic started by MarioRedfield on Oct. 28, 2012. Last post by Almighty_Anime 3 months ago.
Post by nishi99 (2,373 posts) See mini bio Level 11

I vote Future Gohan.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,990 posts) See mini bio Level 17

GT Gohan sucks!

Post by Supreme Marvel (5,296 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@DBZ_universe said:

GT sucks!


Post by Supreme Marvel (5,296 posts) See mini bio Level 12

The Dragon Ball version of Gohan was better than the GT version.

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@Supreme Marvel: Thank you for the correction!

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@nishi99 said:

I vote Future Gohan.

He was epic, he is the best version of Gohan.

Post by gokugx (563 posts) See mini bio Level 17

Goku is my favorite especially the Kid Goku. He was awesome in Dragon ball. He is cool in DBZ but not awesome. Respect to Gohan aswell as he is our hero's son. Don't forget about Goten too. :)

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Probably between teen gohan and future gohan, although I just like goku more since he consistently better unlike gohan who can be a badass one moment than a douche or annoying next.

Post by gokugx (563 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@Jgames: Dont say anything bad to my son :)

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@Supreme Marvel said:

@Sonata said:

Me personally I would go with Gohan, Goku not having the heart to kill the people that wrong him is a good quality for him. What gets me about Goku is the irresponsiblities he shows through out the series, I felt that Piccolo was the better father to Gohan than Goku was.

Strongly agree with this.

Goku is a bad father, yet Gohan always wants to impress him. I'm guessing daddy issues?

Like sending his son into battling Cell. He had a theory that Gohan would beat him. For a long time through that battle he thought he made a mistake. He got lucky!

Then letting Fat Buu go so that the kids could have their chance to beat him. Fat Buu leaving and eventually killing everyone when becoming Super Buu. Then instead of getting Gohan, Goten and the others he goes for Hercule and Dende. WTF? He could have gone to Namek and brought everyone back after Gohan beat the snot out of Kid Buu. I find him to be an idiot. But not the lovable one that he is in Dragon Ball.

All the stuff said about Goku is true, he's pretty much a fighting-Obsessed Idiot and sometimes makes incompetent decisions, mostly based on "good sportsmanship."

And don't forget about when he let frieza reach his full power and then let the fight drag on by holding back when he could have ended the fight quickly. And about getting Mr. Satan and Dende, He could have taken only dende to heal Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten to help fight Kid Buu, Which Gohan could have won and there would be no need for a spirit bomb in the first place.

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Gohan through the Cell arc is one of the best characters in animated entertainment. Afterwards? He's kinda dull and very frustrating. At least Goku is consistent. so if we're talking the entirety of Dragonball Z, I'd say Goku

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they're both awesome. i like gohan as an adult more then as a kid, he was funny when attending high school. Goku was awesome from the saiyan saga until the freeze saga. after that he got kinda dull, but still my favourite character

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Goku for me. The only time I really liked Gohan was during his fight with Super Buu.

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without filler ,goku.

with fillers , gohan .

Post by reiyo (1,408 posts) See mini bio Level 14
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Goku, but I like Gohan more.

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Goku, but mystic Gohan was the man!

Post by Almighty_Anime (26 posts) See mini bio Level 9

To be exact Goku, why easy of course he's a sayian who had heart for his family even his opponents for example he spared frieza knowing all the horrific things he's done like almost having to Complete extinction of his race.Even sacraficing himself When cell Was a bout to blow up earth.Lastley for having faith in his son when he couldn't win the blast battle against cell.He was always thier for his son no matter the cause I say goku even for sparing vegeta and wishing buu back as another life goku may defeat his opponents or kill them off but he always has heart in fighting and likes to keep it even that's shows the heart of a lion and mind of a professional warriorđź‘Ś

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