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Topic started by GMan on Oct. 25, 2010. Last post by TheSaiyanGod 3 years, 9 months ago.
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Some people love Dragon Ball and others despise it. Regardless, you cannot deny that the Dragon Ball franchise has been extremely successful. Not even the stellar live-action movie could destroy the love many have for the characters.  
Being that I read American comics along with some manga, one of the major differences is mangas tend to have an end. The stories of some comic book characters have gone on for over seventy years. While it's great having the continuing adventures of your favorite characters, sometimes getting an end to the story keeps it from getting stale or repetitive. 
As for Dragon Ball, the end may not be upon us just yet.  The latest word is we may be seeing the return of the franchise. Apparently creator Akira Toriyama may be coming back to "restart" the franchise. Toriyama has been working on other projects but it seems that the development of a Dragon Ball Online MMORG may be enough to get him to create new chapters of the beloved characters. 
No other information has been released. There's no word on when we could see new Dragon Ball adventures or what the length might be. I think this could be a good thing to give the manga industry another little boost. Let's just hope the characters' aren't compromised for the sake of promoting an online game. 
What are your thoughts on the return of Dragon Ball? Do you want to see more of have you had enough?
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OMG this has made my day.
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Given that DB was a pretty important franchise, it could be interesting to see how the reboot would turn out in light of some of the trends in anime since GT ended.
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ug as I consider dragonball to be incredibly stupid and along with pokemon a representation of what is bad in anime (ridiculously long fights, shows that require no thought, repetition of the same fight but with just different characters).  This does not at all make me happy...nor does the fact they are making a dragonball mmo...gah what a stupid idea...sigh. 
In trying to please the people who want more news (which really you can get that elsewhere) don't forget our watch and learn many of us come here mostly for that!
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Don't confuse Dragonball with Dragonball Z.  And don't confuse the DBZ anime with the DBZ manga (unless you count Dragonball Kai, which is super trimmed down).  They are all distinctly different.
Dragonball (not Z) is one of the most consistently humorous series there is, and the action manages to be both clever and funny.
BUT, I feel that there isn't really a need for more.  The somewhat recent special with Vegeta's younger brother was mildly amusing at best.  Does Toriyama still have it in him?  Last thing I read from him was Sandland which I didn't really care for.  And that is 10 years old.
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@SamJaz Ok, nice work, you made me chuckle.


As long as they don't try to cater to my childhood memories (I'm looking at you, Transformers, GI Joe, The Smurfs, etc), he can do whatever he wants.

I do wonder how much money he needs after helping out with Dragon Quest for twenty years.
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@Gaff: By the sounds of it, he's doing it for The Art. This time around.
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Dragon Ball, it's the Gregory Rasputin of anime. You could shoot it or feed it poison and it WONT DIE!
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Holy crap...

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Some people just don't know when to stop...XD
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Wait is this a reboot or simply starting up the story where it left off?
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Whaaaaat? More Berserk and now more Dragon Ball? Wow. I guess I'm excited.
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oh no, first APB and now dragonball? I gotta go get me a few spiked bats are prepare for the zombie apocalypse.
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I'd love to see a brand new DB series with all new characters and scenarios.
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As long as it's not too stupid and they bring it back to Cartoon Network as well.
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I've never bought any of the Dragon Ball animes. They were always releasing new versions. It seemed pointless. Why buy a whole series of something they are just going to release another version of the same thing a few years later? Now, there seems to be another series coming. Some series just need to end. I've already watched one Dragon Ball series. I really don't know if I want to watch another.
I'm getting too much of a George Lucas Straw Wars original remake vibe.
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If he decides to continue DBZ, then maybe DBZ characters would be as strong as some fans claim they are.
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If akira has some super idea how to continue DB, then DB should continue.
 But imo DB should have ended after Frieza saga.
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If this means they will pick up where they left off in Dragon Ball Z (therefore completely disowning GT) then I'm IMMENSELY HAPPY. 
However, I'd also be fine with following Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. (providing they don't retread old ground too much) or a story with new characters is cool too.
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