galaxies that exist infinitely (a break)

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galaxies that exist infinitely (The break down)

3. Galaxy
A gathering of local planets in the universe. Planets gather and form a nebula, and beyond that, a collection of gathered nebulae is called a galaxy. The four Kaiou who rule over the east, west, south, and north [sections] of the universe actually govern these galaxies. Because the Kami in the Heavenly Realm and the Kaiou supervise the galaxies that exist infinitely in all the universe, the sections known as the East, West, South, and North Galaxies are denominations that came into use through their duty.

The original says that the number of galaxies is 4, and also says that the reason of kaioshins and KAIOS have decided create only 4 galaxies, is for facilitate control.

in Chōzenshū was revealed that kaioshins are the gods of creation, which have to power create planets, stars and life forms.

The Kaiōshin possess the power of “creation”, which provides stars/planets and life-forms the impetus to be born. The one who possesses the opposing power, and authority, of “destruction”, is the God of Destruction. Through the repetition of destruction of stars/planets continually increasing in numbers, and the birth of new stars/planets, the balance of the entire universe is maintained.
The name of the God of Destruction who manages earth is “Birusu”. He has awakened from a long slumber of 39 years. The fact that he has awakened means that (a) planet(s) within his jurisdiction will be destroyed, so even Earth is in danger of being destroyed by Birusu.
Alongside a shot of Super Saiyan Goku and Freeza taken from the manga is a small caption that says the universe that the Earth is part of holds a past where hundreds of planets have been destroyed through Majin Buu, creation of the dark mage Babidi, apart from Planet Vegeta, which was destroyed by Freeza.

as many already know a collection of nebulae, stars and planets form one galaxy. what this means as well that besides kaioshins be the creators of the galaxies, the galaxies db were artificially created, not as a big bang in our universe.

Now the big question if the galaxies were not originated in a big bang, who created the kaioshins is the univeso? nothing less than Akira Toriyama the supreme god.

Toriyama Akira
The author
Born in the year 1955. A manga artist.
First Appears
Chapter 480
The ultimate ruler of the DB world, and a far, fa~ar greater person than even Kaioshin. His likes include cars, bikes, plastic models, movies, dogs, and women. His dislikes include having his ideas rejected by his editor, rats, and his job.
For over 10 years, he bravely battled against having his editor reject his ideas. You should be intensely grateful.
1. The Universe
The endless, expansive space wrapped around every celestial body that exists in the Living World. Along with the "Demon Realm," it is a single, large world in the Living World. In the world of Dragon Ball, the universe is located beneath the World Beyond, and it is hermetically sealed by a barrier that is engraved with a strange design. Within the universe, there are "nebulae" composed of innumerable stars, and there are "galaxies" composed of innumerable nebulae. There is a ruling Kami for each galaxy. Earth resides in the Solar System, a galactic nebula on the outskirts of the North Galaxy.

innumerable stars and innumerable nebulae. was never mentioned in the original.

2. Area
Means each region of the universe, which is divided into East, West, South, North. It is expressed as the "East Area" and the "West Area." The areas divided into East, West, South, North are governed by respective Kaiou.
[Par.] Like the universe, the Demon Realm is also divided into multiple areas.

the cardinal directions could have in space, but the map of the DB world shows what appear to be division lines between galaxies engraved into the living world’s outer walls, so that might have something to do with it.

It’s not until the Boo arc that Kaio’s line is expanded on. While Goku trains in the afterlife for the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, the South Kaio appears to observe his training. Rather than “galaxies”, the South Kaio talks about “Areas” (エリア/eria). Goku is said to be the first or second strongest warrior from the North Area, and South Kaio mentions his own South Area.

he Guidebooks

So basically, the series itself establishes the each Kaio rules the galaxy of a cardinal direction, and that there are also “Areas” corresponding to the cardinal directions involved somehow. A quadrant is 1/4 of the circumference of a circle. In this context, it literally means 1/4 of the universe, which is true.

in other words, quadrant and areas are synonymous, just because the dub Inglês says the word quadrant, inves of area does not mean that, the word quadrant is employing a new meaning to word, area, since both are just invisible lines that separate the juridiction of each kaio / Kaioshin in the case as boundaries between countries, should not be confused with the word galaxy cluster which is the used to collection of galaxies.

A quadrant is 1/4 of the circumference of a circle. In this context, it literally means 1/4 of the universe, which is true.

Conclusion: Vacuum the universe expands infinitely, there is only 4 galaxies in the universe, in 1/4 vacuum exists only a single galaxy, then what we have in dragon ball is a huge void that occupies 99% 1/4 of the universe.

as shown in the android saga where in fact, the northern galaxy that king kai and refers in fact shown as a galaxy that exists in a great void.

was reading dragon ball and realized that bulma says is the That is the coordinates to namek are SU83 by 9045XY. what this means??

that once again the characters are using invisible lines based in Quadrant plane geometry, for both the division of the universe or find planets

The axes of a two-dimensional Cartesian system divide the plane into four infinite regions, calledquadrants, each bounded by two half-axes.

These are often numbered from 1st to 4th and denoted by Roman numerals: I (where the signs of the two coordinates are (+,+)), II (−,+), III (−,−), and IV (+,−). When the axes are drawn according to the mathematical custom, the numbering goes counter-clockwise starting from the upper right ("northeast") quadrant.

Post by valfranx (202 posts) See mini bio Level 10

in guide Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game, says that in addition of exist only four galaxies says that the ssj, the first ssj attacked the three galaxies in the past and repeats the fact there is only 4 galaxies, and are normal galaxies like ours.

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