DRAGON BALL -- Was There Actually A Plan Behind It?

Topic started by No_name_here on June 19, 2014. Last post by Kino88 7 months, 1 week ago.
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Having grown up with DBZ, and not ‘regular’ DRAGON BALL, I’ve always wondered if the series was designed to be an epic. Obviously, Toriyama was making this up as he went along. There’s no way that the concept of Super-Saiyans was even a twinkle in his eye at this point. However, I did wonder about one thing specifically. Was it clear that Chi-Chi was intended to be Goku’s wife from the moment she was introduced; or was she just another wacky character in the cast, and Toriyama eventually decided it’d be cute to pair her off with the monkey boy?

(Really, if you watched this show without any prior knowledge of the franchise, you’d assume that Bulma was being set up as Goku’s eventual girlfriend. Doesn’t matter if she’s more of a platonic older sister figure, at this point - - there’s a literal sexual tension between them).

So, color me surprised when Chi-Chi’s fantasizing about marrying Goku here, mere moments after meeting him. And color me doubly-surprised when that big lovable Bluto, the Ox King, actually wants to set the two of them up.

There you go. Question answered. And I suppose it only fits. With the notable exception of JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, DBZ has been fairly unique amid major shonen series for the fact that it let its lead get a serious girlfriend, marry her and raise a family with her in the space of the actual show itself (no FMA-style post-credits family reveals). And that seems to be something Toriyama was clearly planning for, all along. Goku’s already been more… intimate with Chi-Chi in this one episode than most shonen heroes get in their hilariously-never-consummated, long-build romances.

For those of who you lunatics who’ve seen every single episode of DRAGON BALL - - are there any other cases of foreshadowing which are as amusing as this?

Watch "the Ox-King On Fire Mountain” and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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"literal sexual tension" made me lol.

I honestly wouldn't describe it as that though.

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I think a lot of manga writers make broad plotlines and then fill them in as the story progresses. Oda has done a good job calling attention to foreshadowing in the early parts of One Piece and Kubo did the same with Bleach.

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I started with Dragon Ball Z first then Dragon Ball. Chi Chi was wearing some scantily clad armor. I feel like Bulma is like Goku's mother or sister. There are some crazy things like Goku taking off Bulma's panties. Goku is just a kid with no perverted intentions like Momo from One Piece.

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I think that Chi Chi was more of an intended love interest and Vegeta and Bulma. What the hell was that? Vegeta and Bulma is a swerve like Yamcha not being able to handle females. In most stories, Yamcha would've overcome his nervousness and gotten more serious with Bulma.

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I'm pretty sure Toriyama had no clue how huge these characters would get In manga pop culture, Toriyama himself said that he never intended For the manga to go on for so long, but it's huge popularity took Him by surprise,
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