Does the new dbz movie really change anything?

Topic started by SSJjanemba on May 2, 2013. Last post by LelouchCommandsYou 1 year, 4 months ago.
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We all knew dbz characters were super powerful before this movie (some couldn't accept this) so i dont get what the whole fuss is about. i find this movie a good confirmation of the power of dbz, and i dont think dbz characters get any powerful (besides the SSG transformation) what do you guys think?

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vegeta did

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The movie has a significant power upgrade for Goku and two new characters that are now legitimately FTL and solar system level in destructive scope and durability. Still doesn't help the series out against characters with a good level of hax who are on their level or greater in stats.

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@Dream: I think that as gods they would have some special ability to resist hax. And these aren't gods like the Kai's. They seem to be even closer to the actual definition of a god. Unless we are talking about characters with hax like Mr.Mxyzptlk. But even then I am not sure Mr.Mxyzptlk always has an effect on even gods. I know he can pretty much reshape the universe in his image though. So Bills might be the one character out of the series alongside Whis (And the even stronger of the 12 gods of destruction) who match up. Oh and if SSG Goku is able to be on par with even 70% of Bills power then he may be one to. And he is considered a god in that form.

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