Does power levels really matter?

Topic started by Bruce246 on June 27, 2014. Last post by Dream 9 months ago.
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Seriously! Does power levels really matter in the DB/DBZ/DBGT????

Does power levels determine who would win in a fight in the DB universe(for the most part)?

Example would be Krillin's Distructo Disc cutting off Frieza's tail. Krillin's power level was way bellow Frieza's 2nd fourm power level. So his Ki attacks, and strength shouldn't really affect Frieza at all, and Frieza's durability should have prevent Krillin's Distructo Disk from cutting through him.(In fact, Krilln should be able to kill Frieza if he played his cards right)

Please explain power levels much more to me.

Power levels still confuse me to this day, and seem wrong sometimes in battle.

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This has been asked several times before. Just pull up one thread as an example of one. Next time, use the search option to make sure stuff like this hasn't been made prior.

Since this is a repeat topic, I'm locking this thread up.

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