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Anime Version? You mean this?


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Power level systems in DBZ are totally worthless for getting an accurate assessment of character capabilities due to plot holes and inconsistencies with their use. The best thing to go on with this is onscreen feats and powerscaling.
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@flashback180: Didnt Manga say the same thing - 300 killli is enough to destroy a planet ? BTW i dont have any manga, only the discs.

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@gokugx: no he just said ,no one had such a high power level ,when they check it the last time.

@EVA_01 said:

Anime Version? You mean this?


no more like this

that's a 5-10,000 ton pyramid that he tossed in the air with Psychokinesis and proceeded to destroy it from the inside.

and also this,

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plot holes exist in both anime and manga, sometimes the manga have bigger plotholes where the anime try's to cover it .

Power levels aside, most of the time the anime provide feats to support it. Vegita being a actual planet buster in sayien saga proves that a SSJ1/2 could bust 10 planets at 3000 killi.

Kid Buu generating a ki blast of the power 10 times to destroy the planet gives a valid reason for goku and vegeta to escape from the planet .

The anime versions were always more powerful even going to the extent of shaking universe/dimensions apart.But like always there is also a downside to this ,due to inconsistency .

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Here some more :

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bills can destroy galaxies.

this was said by the author in a recent interview.

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i find that it can't possibly be more than planetary power.

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@valfranx said:

bills can destroy galaxies.

this was said by the author in a recent interview.


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Character development.

Having a different storyline.

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it looks like Goku can rip the fabric of the universe. ki of goku to be felt had to cross the dimensional walls. by the visa gotenks and superbuu was not the only one who could cross dimensional walls.

"The Elder Kaioshin describes this planet as especially durable, but nevertheless it gets roughed-up pretty bad during the final battle with Boo. It is so far removed from the macrocosm that East Kaioshin and Kibito are astonished that they can sense Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 ki when he fights Boo on Earth. But despite this distance, the Kaioshins’ godly eyes still enable them to oversee conditions in the macrocosm; in particular, Elder Kaioshin likes to watch women as they change."
The Living World
Translation: this world (in contrast to “that world”, the afterlife)
AKA: 現世/gensei (“the present world”)
The living world is the lower half of the macrocosm. It’s perfectly sealed within opaque walls marked with strange patterns, in contrast to the transparent crystalline dome that covers the afterlife. The living world is split into two dimensions described as being like the two sides of a coin. The top half is the universe, overseen by the Kaio and Kaioshin, and run according to science (or what passes for it in the DB world). The bottom half is the Demon Realm, where magic has more sway than science, and where the evil Makaio and Makaioshin are gods. Despite the two dimensions being polar opposites like this, when beings from each one die, their spirit still travels to the afterlife with no distinction.

source: http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=11596

Beerus that was weaker than fatbuu in the past, could destroy the realm Kaioushin. which would imply that fatbuu could do the same. just remembering that current beerus is much more powerful than beerus in the past.

Kaioushin Realm
The world where the Kaioushin, the highest ranking beings among the Kaiou, live. Its scope is about one-tenth of the combined space of the World Beyond and the Living World. Endlessly revolving around the circumference of the World Beyond and the Living World, they watch over the entire world and take balance. Planet Kaioushin makes up the center of the Kaioushin Realm. Planet Kaioushin is a solitary planet in the Kaiou Realm, and around it, there are numerous tiny suns. The only people in the Kaioushin Realm are Kaioushin, and Kibito, who acts as support.
[Par.] All lifeforms, other than Kaioushin, and all souls, cannot enter the Kaioushin Realm. The only ways to visit the Kaioushin Realm are by borrowing Kibito's power, or by coming via Shunkan Idou. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 73)


At this time, they got into an argument over some trifling thing, and a certain short-tempered God of Destruction sealed Elder Kaioshin away inside a sword. Naturally, it wouldn’t have been proper for him to destroy the Kaiōshin Realm itself. By the way, that God of Destruction was Beerus.


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