DBZ Feats - How powerful are the DBZ CAST & Truth about Power Lvl

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In this section I will show you a couple of videos that will show you DBZ feats and also how powerful are characters like Kid Buu, Broly and SSJ3 Goku, This analysis will debunk some myth about Broly and Kid buu are they galaxy bustersor not?  Theses video will have analysis and evidence of the statements highlited on the following videos.
This video was my made by a friend of mine base on the analysis of some segments of DBZ/GT/MOVIES/FILLERS.  If you have problem with the movies and fillers or GT i suggest you stop here. Anyway for the rest of you I hope you'll enyoy theses videos, enjoy:   First thing the feats :  
                                                                                                                            DBZ FEATS
                                                                                                                 The power of Kid Buu
                                                That's not all check this video for topics like DB Destructive power, durability, durability against magic,etc.:  
                                                                                              DESTRUCTIVE CAPACITY: POWER LEVEL & POWER
                                                                                                            Ki resistance to temperature 
                                                                                                           KI AND PSYCHIC POWERS  
                                                                                                              TIME SPACE REALITY WARPING  

                                                                                                         SSJ3  GOKU STATS 
                                                       Unfortunately i couldnt upload but you can copy the link and watch it. Enjoy ;)    
                                                In this video it will be show the MINIMUM stats of goku at ssj3 or Pre-SSJG
you can download it  here : http://www.veoh.com/watch/v69708585Rdec78B9
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All the credits goes to SSJRyu1 (youtube account) for his awesome work!
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Feat and respect threads don't go in the Just Anime forum, they go into the wiki forum threads. Check the Facts and Feats project.

Unfortunately, I won't include this in the project since it's not a written article. Sorry about that.

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Canonly they are at Solar System+ in max DC.

Power levels are useless.

Also I have debated with SSJRyu1.

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Top tiers dwarf galaxy level+ max.

Power levels work at least half the time lol. Power scaling is way better.

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