Cooler/Broly/Gogeta powerlevels?

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As many of you all know V-Jump has released the official PL's of said characters, but i'm having trouble understanding the reason behind these numbers. I'm following the movie canon so maybe thats where i go wrong on this but here goes:

Lets look at Cooler and Broly. Cooler had an PL of around 470 Mil and Broly at 1,400,000,000. When Goku fought Cooler at SSJ (if you call it a fight) Cooler punched Goku in the gut and it did NOTHING. That shows us that Goku is much stronger than Cooler, why do i say he's much stronger? i don't believe that if Cooler has an PL of 470 that Goku has around 500 Mil, when Vegeta was fighting Recoome, Vegeta was outclassed but he was still strong enough to launch Recoome trough a freaking mountain and blast him with Ki attacks witch knocked Recoome teeth out. If Cooler and Goku where close in PL than Cooler should be at the very least able to send Goku flying with a punch right?

But it didn't so Goku should be alot stronger than Cooler lets say 600 Mil. Now we fast forward trough time all the way up to Broly. Look at how strong Goku was when he fought Cooler in the movie (first one) and that movie was BEFORE the Androids appeared, so Goku hasn't spend his 3 year training yet. Anybody who watches the show know how fast DBZ character level its just insane actually. Remember when Piccolo fought against Dr.Gero? you know when Dr.Gero absorbed an Big Bang Attack from Vegeta SSJ and then absorbed Piccolo's PL and then getting his ASS KICKED BY FREAKING PICCOLO AFTER ALL OFF THAT!?. Remember Piccolo's PL on Namek was around 1 Mil, so that means he turned on ZOMG mode on an was leveling like a beast, and this is Piccolo where talking about imagine Goku or Vegeta's PL who was already far stronger than him. Now if Goku at SSJ was around 400-600 Mil when he fought Cooler in the first movie imagine his PL after the 3 year training. Where not done yet, imagine Goku's PL after he spent training in the RoSaT (hyperbolic time chamber) for 1 year.

Goku's PL after the RoSaT was insane, Vegeta after 2 trips in the RoSaT still could't match Goku's PL. Now looking at Goku's PL during the fight with Cooler lets say around 500-600 mil...don't you think Goku could't up his PL to at the very least around 1,000,000,000? looking how fast Piccolo lvl'd up after only 3 years of training? or how Goku was still much stronger than Vegeta even tho Vegeta went into the RoSaT 2 times? So lets say for a moment that Goku managed to get to 1,000,000,000, thats pretty close to Broly's PL right? remember this is the minimum, now what i find ridiculous is, why in the world could't Goku damage or send Broly flying when he fired that Kamehameha right at Broly's face? If you look at the PL increases then Goku should be able to match or at the very least been very close to Broly's PL right?

Then we look at the Namek Saga, Kid Gohan had an PL of around 200.000, he fired an Ki Attack that was strong enough to hold of Frieza in his third form and Frieza's Second form was around 1 mil so his third form should be alot stronger, so Gohan's ki attack was increased 10 fold easily, witch DBZ characters totally can do, remember when Piccolo fought Raditz? his Special beam Cannon was around 1400 and Piccolo's PL was around 300. So if Goku's PL was around 1,000,000,000 then Goku's Kamehameha Wave should at the very LEAST been able to send Broly flying as Ki attacks can be increased by alot not always and not always that massive but an increase nonetheless.

Now we go a little further, Broly's PL was stated to be at 1,400,000,000 around when the FIRST movie appeared. Broly's PL after near death should be massive right? the reason i say massive... look at Cell, Cell recieved an massive boost in power he was able to somehwat match Gohan at SSJ2 witch before he could't even TOUCH Gohan. What i find funny is that Broly's PL should be MUCH higher than 1,400,000,000 right? We then look at Gogeta SSJ who had an PL of around 2.500.000.000. Now...incase some people didn't know, it was stated that an SSJ3 is x4 stronger than an SSJ2....

Broly after the Zenkai boost could be close at around 2,000,000,000 witch puts Broly closely around Gogeta SSJ, you know the guy who killed Super Janemba in 10 seconds flat, the same guy who toyed with Goku SSJ3. Now... how in the world could Broly lose to a bunch of beaten up sayians with THAT much power? Fat Buu DESTROYED Dabura/Gohan/Majin Vegeta and Fat Buu is around SSJ3 tier? how can an beaten up washed down bloodied SSJ2 Gohan and an 7 year old half dead kid with an broken arm (SSJ Goten) and an SSJ Goku (yes watch the movie again folks he was SSJ not SSJ2 as some believe) beat freaking Broly who is close to matching Gogeta who ROFLSTOMPED Janemba who is above an SSJ3 and an SSJ3 is x4 stronger than an SSJ2??. Your telling me that Super Buu could be beaten by Vegeta/Goku if they tried really really really hard? no no and no, Super Buu would solo both Vegeta and Goku like nothing. In fact Goku dind't want to fight Super Buu after he and Vegeta released all the people Buu had absorbed and was suggesting fusion to beat him (i have the scan if you need it)

Looking at Gogeta's PL for a minute comparing the other PL's in DBZ like Broly's and Coolers: Only 2.500.000.000? thats pretty low. I've already explained why i think Gogeta and Vegito have the same PL so i will not do so here but besided that: Look at Gotenks, Trunks and Goten would be lucky to be able to beat Android 18 but when they fused....they surved an encounter with Fat Buu at base form and at SSJ Gotenks could maybe finish of Fat Buu on his own... i don't know about you but to me that one GODLY boost in power. This is Trunks and Goten where talking imagine the fusion with freaking Goku and Vegeta... only 2.500.000.000? the hell.

I know this is supossed to be the official PL's and all that but i don't know if i'm overlooking things or maybe i'm delusional or flat out wrong but those PL's doesn't make sense to me. i would like people's opinions on this one, and please if its not to much trouble please provide more info rather than on liners.

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I agree with this post, V-Jump has some messed up powerlevel logic.

If Goku could beat Cooler as an Early SSJ, with a power level of 600millionish, then trained for 3 years he would then get trounced by the Androids( like Vegeta and Trunks). Then Semi-Perfect Cell got beaten by Super Vegeta (and as you stated) and his PL was no where near Post- Rosat Goku.

But Post- Rosat Goku couldn't even hurt Broly or even move him. This implies that Post-ROSAT Goku is way below 1 400 000 000, but that doesn't make sense since Goku Early SSJ had to of had a PL of 600 000 000 to beat Cooler.

Broly PL should of been 140 000 000 000 at least.

And I 100000% agree that is MAJOR BS. Gogeta couldn't of had a PL of 2 500 000 000 he doesn't even double Broly's PL , yet he killed Janemba in seconds who demolished an SSJ3 Goku Post-Fight with Kid Buu.

V-Jump you disappoint.

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@XImpossibruX: Amen! To think that Goku could't go from 500-600 millionish to Broly's PL in 4 years (including RoSaT training) is outlandish as anybody who watches the show know that DBZ Characters can go from top to super top in an blink. And like i said even if IF Goku wasn't the exact same PL as Broly he should be still in the same league and a Kamehameha Wave at point blank range should have at least done something. Lets say Goku at FSSJ is close to Broly's PL so around 100 000 000 000 - 140 000 000 000....thats...FSSJ... imagine the power increase from SSJ2 and THEN SSJ3 witch is stated to be x4 that of an SSJ2, if you add those numbers up.... SSJ2 Goku should be close to Gogeta SSJ... the same guy who beat Janemba who was bitchslapping Goku at freaking SSJ3, so an SSJ3 Goku could beat up Gogeta? I must be missing something hear.

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@niBBit: I don't agree with this either. But if we use this logic then fusion isn't as hax as we thought and Goten and Trunks are in fact stronger than people gave them credit. But Since power levels after Frieza Saga were non-existant, We can't take them as creditable. And Gogeta's power level is too close to Broly's for one. Gogeta should be worlds apart from him fusion hax or not. Because they are stronger incarnates of Goku and Vegeta than from Movie 8 or 10.

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Broly's power level should be unknown since his power keeps rising with out having limits... I guess we can say Broly's power level is infinite... lol

but am kidding about the infinity part... but I still believe that Broly should not have a confirmed power level...

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The only power level that seems right is Cooler. The other two should have a few more zeroes. Otherwise, even if Goku didn't improve at all since Cooler wouldn't he still have a higher power level than Gogeta when he went ssj3?
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you expect us to read all that?

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@SSJjanemba: Why comment.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Yeah Broly and Gogeta are way to close in power. Lets say this: Cooler PL was at 470 mil right? Goku's PL should be well above that during his 4 years of training (RoSaT included) then add the SSJ2 mulitplier to it. SSJ2 has no official multiplier but if we consider that Goku's PL could be around lets say 100 000 000 000 at FSSJ... and for the sake of conversation lets put the multiplier of an SSJ2 at x2.. that mean Goku SSJ2 has an PL around Gogeta's... witch ofcourse is ridiculous. Heck if Goku during hte fight with Cooler goes SSJ2 he should be above or around Broly's PL then you look at offical sources and find out that an SSJ3 is x4 than of an SSJ2 then Goku at SSJ3 easily supasses Gogeta in power :S. These so called offical V-Jump scan PLs are a joke.

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I'll give you some advice, do not mix powerscaling of games with powerscaling of animes. the same thing with the energy scale of films.

reason and because of this power struggle is for a version of broly a game that was created to be the most powerful unfused character, so broly has these energy levels compared to gogeta ssj1.

by the way as showed the game he kills ssj1 goten, ssj trunks, gohan SSJ2 and SSJ3 goku in movie 10, and then destroys the universe.

if SSJ2 power increases by 2x.

ssj1 freeza saga goku would have 300 millions.

with training in ROSAT, goku would fpssj 300 millions with SSJ2, his power would be around 600 millions.

coller with 470 millions exceeds a goku ssj1, then this tells us that coller in games is much more powerful than the coller movies, it would have 140 millions.

SSJ3 increases at 4x the ssj1.

goku would have 1.2 billion.

I saw a game where the ultimate gohan and comparable with Janemba then say, that their power of 2 are in billions, with 500 millions of difference, gogeta ssj1 is enough to win of one buugotenks, buuhan, broly and Janemba casually.

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@valfranx: I don't think ssj1 Gogeta can beat Buuhan maybe ssj2

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