Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball is a franchise comprised of 32 movies, 5 anime series, 8 manga series
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Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy

Leader of the Luud Cult and one of Dr. Myuu's Machine Mutants

Carey Fuller

Carey Fuller is a character who only appears in the movie DragonBall Evolution. He picks on Goku at school.


Dende's little brother.


Cell dubbed The Perfect Warrior is an Android of great power who possesses all the cells of the greatest fighters of all time

Cell Jr.

Childlike version of Cell.


A girl Goku meets on his journey.

Chapa King


Chi-Chi is a skilled martial artist, the wife of Goku, and the protective mother of their two children; Gohan and Goten.


Chaozu (or Chiaotzu) is a small human with pale white skin, red cheeks and one red hair under his hat.

Chii Shenron

One of the seven evil dragons that Goku must beat in order to restore the Dragon Balls and the earth to normal.


A little orphan Gohan encounters.


Chilled was a space pirate who was a part of Frieza's unnamed species. He is an ancestor of Frieza and his family. Chilled, according to the Manga "Episode of Bardock" was the person who started the legend of the "Super Saiyan".


Chomei the Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle is one of the Bijuu Spirits. It was previously hosted by Fuu of the Hidden Waterfall Village.

Colonel Violet

Commander Nezi

Commander of the Machine-Mutant Sigma Force

Commander Red

The leader of the Red Ribbon army, Red seeks the Dragonballs for his own selfish desires.


Cooler is the older and more powerful brother of Frieza.

Crane Hermit

Master of the Crane School.


Henchman of Frieza.


A mutated Namekian and the spawn of King Piccolo.


Piccolo's driving instructor.


Known as the king of the Demon Realm, Dabura was a slave to Babidi's mind control, making him his most powerful subordinate before Majin Buu is resurrected. In his realm, he is by far the strongest fighter alive, and his strength is still frightening in our realm.

Dai Kaio

Dai Kaioshin

Unknown Character but has shown to be a kami of a galaxy

Daigoro Kurigashira

A man with a Chestnut shaped head. He is the teacher at Penguin Village High School.

Demon Lord Yao

The master of Mt. Paouz and the final enemy Son Goku Jr has to fight in Dragonball GT: Hero's Legacy.


A Namekian who takes over as Earth's guardian. He recreated the Dragon Balls to the model of the Namekian Dragon Balls.


One of Freeza's top two henchmen along with Zarbon.


An agent of Dr. Myuu who uses the Luud Cult as a means to gather KI energy for Baby through Luud.

Don Para

One of the Para Para brothers


a fox who can shape shift. He usually plays tricks on the people of Penguin Village.

Dr Kouchin

Dr Wheelo

Mad Scientist of Dragon Ball Z.

Dr. Brief

Founder of the Capsule Corporation and father of Bulma.

Dr. Gero

Dr. Gero used his knowledge and expertise to create androids to destroy Goku. All the while he himself became an immortal cyborg and nothing more then a brain in a jar attached to one of his machines.

Dr. Myu

A scientist who desires nothing more than total control of the galaxy. He was programmed by Baby in order to recreate himself as the ultimate machine mutant.


A tuffle scinetist turned into a ghost warrior by the computer and later on fighter Hatchyack to get revenge on the surviving saiyans



One of Piccolo Daimao's offspring. He was born to fight Tenshinhan. He is a mutant Namekian.

East Kaio

The East Kai is one of the regular Kai's in Dragon Ball, she is in charge of ruling over the eastern section of the mainstream galaxy.

Eiji NÄ«zuma

Genius creator of the popular battle manga, Crow.

Eis Shenron

He is the three star dragon and his powers are ice he is the dirtiest amoung the shadow dragons as nova is the honorable dragon

Elder Kai

Elder Kai is a Supreme Kai that was sealed in the Z Sword for generations



A resident/Guardian of Hell who dwells in the torture level. She assisted Frieza and Cell in a plan to defeat Goku.



A woman from Master Roshi's past that was his former love interest.

Farmer (Dragon Ball)

A farmer who unfortunately meets Raditz after seeing him land on Earth. Often mistakenly referred to as "Farmer with shotgun" when in fact he carries a lever-action rifle.


The only female member of Bardock's crew.

Fighter #97

a giant bear competitor of the preliminary rounds of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. In the english dub he has an english accent.

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