Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball is a franchise comprised of 32 movies, 5 anime series, 8 manga series
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Adjudant Black

Adolf Hitler

Appears in several anime.. Including DBZ movie "Fusion Reborn"


Akane Kimidori

Arale's best friend she met on her first day of school. She is a rebel unlike her older sister Aoi.



One of Turles' henchmen.

Android 13

Android 13 is the main villain of movie 7 "Super android 13". Can the Z Fighters put this Android to rest or will Dr.Gero's legacy be fulfilled after death.

Android 14

One of the Original Androids created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku.

Android 15

One of the original androids created by Dr. Gero in order to kill Goku.

Android 16

One of Dr Gero's creations. He is also one of the last victims of Cell's killing streak.

Android 17

The brother of Android 18 and one of the two cyborgs that Doctor Gero created by combining a human with cybernetics.

Android 18

Android 18 is one of the androids created by Dr. Gero designed to kill Goku. Eventually she sided with the good guys and married Krillin.

Android 19

One of many Androids created by Dr. Gero

Android 8


Gohan went on a date with Angela after he thought she knew his identity as the Great Saiyaman. They're potential relationship didn't work out.


Annin is the protector of the Furnace of Eight Divinations. In order to save Gyumao, Goku has to fight her.


A disembodied voice that guides the viewer through events. Used in various anime series mainly to open and close episodes including but not limited to: Dragonball Z, Voltron, Transformers and many more.

Aoi Kimidori

The older sister of Akane and owner of Penguin Village's cafe the Coffee Pot. She is very nice and polite which is the opposite of her sister.



Goku has to fight Aqua in the afterlife budoukai.

Arale Norimaki

She is a little android girl. Designed to be the perfect humanoid robot, Doctor Norimake didn't expect this.


Baba Uranai

Baba Uranai or Fortuneteller Baba is a witch who first appears in the sixty- ninth episode on the Dragon Ball series.


Babidi is a character introduced during the Majin Buu saga. He is a warlock who possesses magic/psychic abilities. He is the son of Bibidi, and the brief master of Majin Buu.


A parasite who desires nothing more than to see the destruction of all Saiyans


Bacterian was a minor character in the Dragonball series, and one of the contestants in the 21st world tournament.


Bardock is Goku's father in the Dragon Ball Franchise. His son is sent to destroy Earth. He wants revenge on Freiza for killing his men. Freiza destroys him and planet Vegeta.


Bee is a dog that is owned by Hercules, that he and Buu found injured. Buu was able to heal it back to safety, and the dog remained friends with Hercule.


Father of Babidi.


Appears in DBGT episode 51.


Member of the Sigma Force

Black Smoke Dragon

An evil dragon that is summoned by the cracked Dragon Balls.

Blind boy

Befriends Majin Buu. He is blind but Majin Buu restores his eyesight.


Main villain of dragon ball movie 9

Bon Para

Largest Para Para Brother


Villain from DB movie 1.


Bora is the father of Upa, and he was killed by Tao Pai Pai in Dragonball Movie 3 Mystical Adventure


The daughter and second child of Vegeta and Bulma, she prefers going shopping than fighting.

Bruce Lee

He is a character who resembles the real life Bruce Lee. He is seen many times in the Elimination Round at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.


The pet monkey of King Kai.


A fly superhero from another planet. Also rivals with Suppaman.


Bulma is a genius inventor at the Capsule Corporation and inventor of the Dragon Radar. She met Goku and together they began the journey for the Dragon Balls.

Bulma's Mom

Bulma's mother. She was never officially given a name.



Burter, aka. Blue Hurricane is self-proclaimed as the fastest in the universe.



Captain Chicken

Captain Dark

Member of the Red Ribbon Army

Captain Yellow

Humanoid tiger member of the Red Ribbon Army

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