Are the Z fighters super heroes?

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Whether DBZ was a super hero anime is pretty debatable.It's not like a Japanese superhero show or cartoon like Ultraman,Super Sentia or the Tatsunoko company cartoons.The only ones who like embraced the idea of being superheroes were Gohan and Videl as Siayaman and Saiyawoman and it seemed for the most part that they were'nt viewed as vigilantes to be hounded by the public despite any good they've done but were happily embraced and trusted by people.I mean superficially even though the Z fighters dont like wear individual costumes they apparently have superpowers in the form of their flight,strength,speed,stamina and ki based abilities.What's critical to note however is the fact that any human can have those abilities it's just that there not very common and obtaining them is very physically intensive.There mostly martial artists with a common sense of self-righteousness and a call to duty to any enemies that cant be stopped by conventional means.Does this mean DBZ is'nt a superhero cartoon though even if only from the Western perspective?

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Most of them save lives, save the world and even on occasion save the universe. If that's not a hero, I don't know what is. If a person in real life pulls a person out of the road of on coming traffic, that person would be a hero. Theses guys save much more people.

It's not about the power they have, it's what they do with that power.

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Yes they are, in a way. They don't fight crime like Gohan and Videl did as Saiyaman and Saiyawoman however, they do save the Earth and the universe from powerful threats. They possess super-powers and save innocent people from danger. The only thing they don't do is wear costumes. But if anything, they're martial artists first and superheroes second.


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They're definitely super heroes, they've saved the world multiple times. They just aren't super heroes in the traditional (western) sense; they don't often fly around putting out fired and saving kittens.

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But Goku killed King Kai & Bubbles. 
Goku also let his sons, piccolo & trunks die in favour of Hercule/Mr.Satan 
not very superhero like IMO :-/
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Sure, they protect the innocent, fight evil and are the cause of massive property damage just like all good superheroes.

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Yes. Undeniably so imo. Most of them are undeniable heroes and all of them have super powers.

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@MisterShin: LOL Goku's a moron


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@MisterShin: Not to mention he left Earth's population to be slaughtered by Fat/ Majin Buu and wanted to "leave it" to the younger fighters to off Buu while he was at efficient enough power where he could have done the job himself when Buu was still in Fat form.
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I say yes... they are heroes. They save the Earth numerous times and also the Universe

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According to the Western conception of one, they arent, since most of the time Goku fights for his own personal motives, as a friend getting killed or just wanting to fight. At best Goku is barely a Chaotic Good character.

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No. They are warriors. And don't ever forget it! Super heroes are lame , like Superman and the Green Lantern...

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No. They are warriors. And don't ever forget it! Super heroes are lame , like Superman and the Green Lantern...

Warriors are lame

As see with this guy

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I think that the Z fighters are super heroes because super heroes usually have a strong sense of justice and they would protect the innocent at all costs. Yeah, the Z fighters fight because they love to fight, but they would also protect their loved ones at any cost. I think the best example of how the Z fighters are willing to protect the ones they love, even while they are fighting is when Vegeta explains that Goku was trying to get stronger because he wanted to protect his friends and family from the various threats that come at them.

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I think the classical super hero is who have super powers/got super powers and decided to use it for saving people, fight against criminals...

The only super hero in dbz is Gohan as saiyaman, and Videl. The others are also care for innocents and saved the Earth, fight against villains, so these are super hero feats, but they are actually not super heros, imo.

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