A Match for DBZ?

Topic started by IndridCold on March 2, 2014. Last post by DBZ_universe 10 months, 2 weeks ago.
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Surprisingly, I have found out that it is incredibly hard to find an anime/manga/lite novel/mahnwa series that can match DBZ's power. In the battles section and in other areas, I have seen various series being put up against DBZ in order to challenge it. I will list them here and which of these series will have their chance to match DBZ characters?

Here is what I have seen so far (this does not count series that could defeat DBZ, so no Bastard!! or Saint Seiya):

  • JJBA (yes I know there are characters that stomp DBZ here,but still) vs DBZ
  • Toriko vs DBZ
  • Medaka Box vs DBZ
  • Highschool DxD vs DBZ
  • To-Aru vs DBZ
  • Shaman King vs DBZ
  • Any others?

This seems to be like a trend lately in AV to match these characters against DBZ characters.

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this should be moved to the DBZ forums

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Some of them are reenacting a test method similar to OBD's feature unless I'm wrong.



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I feel like DBZ is in a weird spot power wise, as none of them are above solar system busting, and they don't have the hax to deal with top tier comic characters like Superman and Thanos. Perhaps later they can bridge this gap, but for now they seem to be in the weird position between the HST and upper tier comic characters.

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Agreed. DBZ is in a bit of an odd spot power-wise. It can plow through a decent chunk of anime-verses stat-wise, but are lacking in terms of overall diversity of abilities to be capable of competing with other anime titles in areas beyond fighting power and attributes.

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666 Satan, mainly because of the overall reaction + dimensional hax that Jio has.

Houshin Engi could match Saiyan/Namek saga variations.

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are you kidding me? cell was a solar system buster and you said none of them was above solar system ? Doesn't mean he doesn't blow the SS that he can't,there is areason why he couldn't : Gohan. Is sad how many people try to low-ball the DB universe.

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The franchise is known for its inconsistency, so folks have differing opinions. In one heated DBZ battle forum thread, most users agree that Cell boasting that he can destroy the solar system was a hyperbole while others argue he is one. You always have folks debating on these feats. They're not low balling the series. It's all different opinions that won't ever get resolve.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,990 posts) See mini bio Level 17

Kekkaishi can also match or solo DBZ.

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