Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a franchise comprised of 32 movies, 5 anime series, 8 manga series
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Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball franchise is about the adventures of Goku and his friends from his early childhood to his death and beyond. It begins with a young Saiyan boy named Goku after falling of a cliff and losing his memory, and leads on to an adventure of a lifetime!

Dragon Ball

Goku and Bulma
Goku and Bulma

A unifying component of the plot accompanying Goku's progression as a martial artist is his search for the eponymous Dragon Balls. They are one component of the universe, but are not the focus of most of the plot lines of the title. The Dragon Balls themselves are seven magical orbs which are scattered across the world. When assembled, they can be used to summon Shenron, the dragon who will grant one wish within its limit. After the wish is granted, the Dragon Balls are scattered again across the world and become inert for one year. In times past, it would take generations to search the world and gather the Dragon Balls. At the beginning of the story, however, a 16 year old genius girl named Bulma invents a Dragon Radar to detect the Dragon Balls and makes the process far easier than it was originally intended to be.

The story of Dragon Ball unfolds gradually over 11 years of publication. The tone and the style of the stories gradually changes to reflect the tastes of the readers and the editors of Shōnen Jump in Japan. The early volumes of the manga (chapters 1-134) are primarily humorous fantasy stories, but they contain some minor sci-fi elements, much like Dr. Slump. Notable fantasy elements include not only the monkey boy Goku and the Dragon Balls themselves, but also many talking animal characters, unlikely martial art techniques, and identifying characters as gods and demons. Despite the fantasy elements, the world does contain highly advanced technology including hoi-poi capsules, space-saving capsules which are pocket sized but can store almost any object (including cars, planes and even houses) and other "near future" objects. The overall mood of the earlier volumes is light with few deaths and an emphasis on adventure and humor.

A subtle but significant change in mood begins after Goku's best friend Kuririn is killed (the first of many deaths in this arc). This begins the Piccolo Daimaou arc (chapters 135-194) in which the manga enters a darker tone compared to its earlier volumes.

Emperor Pilaf Saga

There was a mysterious little boy named Goku who lived in a mountainside alone and trained martial arts. One day a young girl named Bulma arrived there to search for Dragon Balls. Goku had the 4 star dragon ball and Bulma's radar detected it. As Goku was never seen a girl before in his life, the meeting of those two wasn't good at all. Goku didn't know the legends of Dragon Balls, so Bulma explained - there are 7 magical dragon balls scattered around the world, when the 7 balls are gathered a Dragon arises and grants any single wish. Bulma asked Goku to give his 4 star ball but Goku didn't agree cause the ball is given by his Grandpa Gohan, as his grandpa is dead he keeps it to remember him. Bulma persuades Goku to go in an adventure with her to hunt the remaining dragon balls. Goku agreed and the two begun the mystical adventure. Meanwhile, Emperor Pilaf manages to get a dragon ball and ordered his agents Mai and Shu to get the remaining balls in a hope of dark dream to rule the world.

Bulma released a Dino-house to stay in night. At the next morning a talking Turtle arrived there who was on his way to sea but unfortunately lost his way. Goku helped by carrying him to the sea and as a token for this help the Turtle brought the legendary Master Roshi. For helping the Turtle, Roshi gifted Goku a Nimbus cloud what can carry pure hearted person to anywhere they wants. Luckily Master Roshi had a dragon ball and Bulma took it by persuading him. Goku and Bulma then arrived in an abandoned Village and found that a terrible shape shifter monster named Oolong is terrorizing the village by taking the young girls and threatened to take the village chief's daughter tomorrow. One of the villager had a dragon ball and Bulma made an agreement that if Goku can stop the monster, the villager will give the dragon ball. By the plan of Bulma, Goku tricked Oolong by dressing like a girl and overpowered him by the martial arts skills. Oolong scared and ran way but Goku caught him with Oolong's true form. Bulma took Oolong with the team to hunt the dragon balls to use his shape shifting helps. During their long journey and losing the Dino-caps Bulma, Oolong and Goku were passing through a desert.

A bandit named Yamcha and his partner Puar attacked Goku and Oolong to rob the goods they carrying. Goku defeated Yamcha effortlessly and built a campfire into a bus by a sparing Dino-cap of Oolong to pass the nighttime. Yamcha and Puar sneaked into the bus and learned about the dragon balls. Meantime agent Mai and Shu located Bulma's dragon balls and stacked a time-bomb with the bus. Next day Yamcha attacked again to rob the dragon balls but failed again and the bus was damaged in the process. As Yamcha's weakness was girl, when he saw Bulma, he quit the fight with Goku and ran way by giving a Dino-cap of a car. Goku, Bulma and Oolong begun to travel again by the car and this time the Dragon radar located the ball in Ox king's castle who was rumored to be a very cruel person and whoever enters his castle can never comeback alive.

For some reason the castle was ruined with fire, Goku and others encountered Ox king there. Ox King charged on Goku but stopped seeing the Nimbus cloud and after a short meeting between those two, it was revealed that Ox king was a student of Master Roshi once and also is a friend of Gohan, they both were trained under Roshi. Yamcha and Puar followed them here and watched the whole thing. Ox king asked Goku to bring Master Roshi to put out the fire from the castle and requested to find his daughter Chichi. Goku found Chichi on the way and together they went to Roshi's island by Nimbus cloud. After hearing the events Roshi agreed to come. Roshi arrived there and did the legendary Kamehameha to put out the fire but the castle was destroyed completely for the intensity of the wave. This attack influenced Goku and wanted to learn from Roshi but Roshi declared that it will take 50 years a person to master the Kamehameha technique. But Goku performed the Kamehameha anyway and amazed everyone by crashing a car by the wave. Roshi learned about Goku from Ox King and offered Goku to take him as a student.

Later Bulma, Goku and Oolong were arrived on another village and encountered a Rabbit with magical powers. The rabbit turned Bulma into a carrot and in order to bring back Bulma from the carrot, he have to defeat the rabbit. Yamcha and Puar were still following them and as Goku was in trouble, Yamcha jumped in and helped him to defeat the Rabbit. Bulma backed to human form again and started the journey to hunt the last dragon ball. Yamcha disappeared again and begun to following them from behind.

Only one more ball to go. On the way Bulma and others were attacked by agent Mai and Shoe and they stole the 5 dragon balls and destroyed the car in process (Goku had his 4 star ball with him). Yamcha saw the whole thing and arrived to help by letting them ride on his car. Following the dragon radar Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar arrived on Emperor Pilaf's castle. Pilaf imprisoned them in a room inside the castle and took the 4 star ball from Goku and went outside to summon the Dragon to grant his wish. Pilaf gathered the 7 balls and summoned the Dragon. Goku made a hole into the wall by Kamehameha, Puar and Oolong transformed into small birds and flew away through the hole to stop Pilaf from the evil wish of controlling the world. Oolong succeeded to wish of "World's most comfortable underwear" before Pilaf's wish. Frustrated Pilaf captured them again and imprisoned in a metal-glass room. At that night a Full-Moon appeared and as a result, Goku transformed into a Giant ape, breaking the room and the others were ran away to save themselves. Goku has no memory in ape form and started to destroy the castle. Pilaf and his agents persuaded the ape by firing guns and missiles from an air plane but failed to stop him. Yamcha then remembered Goku's weak point is tail by thinking the event of Chichi pulling Goku's tail, when Chichi struggled to ride on the Nimbus cloud after their first meeting. Yamcha grabbed Ape Goku's tail, Puar transformed into a giant scissor and cut his tail. Goku turned to his normal self. In the morning Goku woke up and found that his tail is missing. For the ape form's horrible manners especially when Bulma and others learned that the ape form of Goku was killed his grandpa, they kept it secret from Goku. Bulma and Yamcha settled down as a couple and backed to the city with Oolong and Puar. Goku became excited to have new friends and adventures and went on the way to meet Master Roshi for training.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball fully transforms into an action based shōnen manga at the onset of the Saiyan arc (chapters 195-241). Starting with introduction of Goku's first child, things begin to take a much more serious and harder sci-fi approach. Many characters which previously had fantasy origins (including Goku and Piccolo) are recast as aliens from other planets. Advanced space travel, alien threats, and powerful cyborgs and androids take center stage instead of more fantastic villains.

After the defeat of Vegeta, and the conclusion of the Saiyan arc, the survivors of the vicious Saiyan attack head off to the Planet Namek to resurrect their friends. This begins the Freeza arc (chapters 242-329). The Freeza arc is noteworthy for introducing the first Super Saiyan, now a staple of the series. It also sets the tone for more awesomely powerful characters. For example, the antagonist Freeza is first said to have a "power level" (the series' futuristic measure of a fighter's speed and strength, i.e., one average human is listed as 5) of 530,000.[7] He then transforms into a more powerful form, at which point his power level is over 1,000,000.[8] After two subsequent transformations, he reveals that he is still only using a fraction of his full power.[9]

The Android arc (chapters 330-420) introduces Future Trunks, a mysterious Half-Saiyan Half-Human from a destroyed future world where all of the Z-Fighters are killed by evil, seemingly unstoppable war machines called jinzōningen, and the enigmatic and villainous Cell who is made from the cells from most of the heroes as well as some of the villains. This arc is notable for being the only arc in which Goku does not defeat the main villain, but instead Son Gohan defeats Cell. In this arc, Gohan surpasses the level of Super Saiyan and reaches the stage of Super Saiyan 2 in order to defeat Cell.

Majin Buu
Majin Buu

After these arcs and Goku's death and decision to remain in heaven is the Majin Boo arc (chapters 421-519) which is the very last arc of the manga. The beginning of this final arc concentrates on a teenaged Gohan. Goku makes his return after being dead for seven years. All the male Saiyans manage to reach the level of Super Saiyan at least (including fusions). Super Saiyan 2 is reached by Gohan, Goku and Vegeta. And the ultimate level of the Saiyans, Super Saiyan 3, is reached by Goku and Gotenks. A considerable number of fusions also take place to add to the series, allowing Son Goten and Kid Trunks to merge to form Gotenks, and Goku and Vegeta fuse to create the incredibly powerful, invincible Vegetto. During this series, Majin Boo manages to kill everyone on Earth including central characters like Vegeta and increases his own power by absorbing Gotenks, Piccolo and Gohan. Majin Boo also succeeds where the villains Vegeta, Freeza and Cell had previously failed and destroys Earth. Earth and everyone that was on it when it was destroyed are restored using the Dragon Balls, and Majin Buu's evil side is destroyed by Goku's Genki Dama.

Kid Boo is reincarnated into a being of pure good called Oob. Goku and Oob fight at the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai, Oob enters to get money (zeni) for his village. Goku decides to train Oob to become even stronger than himself, the strongest fighter in the entire universe. Oob's village will get money from Mr. Satan. To say goodbye every hero character to ever appear in the entire manga (except minors), all wave to the readers and a huge "THE END" sign floats above them.

After completing this series, Toriyama had a rest and then made a gag manga called Neko Majin. This story features many elements and characters from Dragon Ball, including Majin Boo, Vegeta, and Goku.

Recently, Toriyama and his studio have begun developing Dragon Ball Online, an MMORPG follow-up to the manga, with Bandai Namco Games and NTL for release in South Korea and Japan. The game will act as a direct sequel to the manga, and Toriyama will be supervising all aspects of the game, from storyline and setting to character and location designs.[10] In a press conference in South Korea on February 14, 2008, Kazuhiko Torishima, the director of Shueisha (and Toriyama's original editor), stated that Toriyama had immersed himself in creating character designs and providing editorial supervision for the game for the past five years.

More about Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is the long-running sequel to the anime Dragon Ball. The series is a close adaptation of the second (and far longer) portion of the Dragon Ball manga written and drawn by Akira Toriyama. (in the United States, the manga's second portion is also titled Dragon Ball Z to prevent confusion). The anime features characters, situations and back-stories not present in the original manga. These portions may be considered cannon or non-canon by many fans.

Son Gohan
Son Gohan

The series follows the adventures of the adult Son Goku who, along with his companions, defends the earth against assorted villains. While the original Dragon Ball anime followed Goku through childhood into adulthood, Dragon Ball Z is a continuation of his adulthood life, but at the same time parallels the maturation of his son, Gohan. The separation between the series is also significant as the latter series takes on a more dramatic and serious tone.

The anime first premiered in Japan on April 18, 1989 (on Fuji TV) at 7:00 p.m. and ended on January 31, 1996. In the U.S., the series ran between 1996 and 2003, though not always on the same networks or with continuity of dubbing. It aired in the UK, albeit with the same dubbing problem, on Cartoon Network, premiering on March 6, 2000 and running until 2002, with the Majin Buu Saga being shown on CNX with the Fusions and Kid Buu Sagas being broadcast on the network, with the channels name changed to "Toonami", with the show ending on February 28 2003. After the finished run it was repeated daily until the Toonami merge with Cartoon Network Too, where it was unsaved and remains unbroadcast in the UK since.

Pan, Goku's granddaughter
Pan, Goku's granddaughter

After Dragon Ball Z, the story of Son Goku and friends continues in the anime-only series Dragon Ball GT. This series is not based on a manga by Akira Toriyama.

Toriyama's humor/parody manga Neko Majin Z features several concepts introduced in Dragon Ball Z (several Dragon Ball Z characters even make various appearances), but that manga is designed as a parody and not a true continuation of the series.

In April 2009, a new 'refresh' of Dragon Ball Z began airing on Japanese television, Dragon Ball Kai.


The impact of Dragon Ball Z is enormous. For more than 15 years, the series has stood the test of time and has reached out to many children and adults alike across the globe. This is mainly due to the series' very clear representations of good overpowering evil, love overpowering hate, the importance of family and friends, and an unyielding passion toward achieving goals. The series also featured heavy sci-fi overtones, and a greater emphasis on fighting - making it extremely popular among adolescent boys who had grown up alongside the original series.

Dragon Ball Z has also played a large part in contributing to the popularity of anime in western culture. Though the first two seasons of the series were played on various networks in the U.S. in 1996, it would not take off for two more years until August 31, 1998, when Cartoon Network featured the show in its action-oriented Toonami lineup. Toonami heralded the show as "The Greatest Action Cartoon Ever Made," and it greatly boosted the popularity of Toonami, but unknowingly did so much more. Dragon Ball Z's new-found popularity helped to bring about a greater interest in Japanese cartoons in the eyes of western youth, which in turn fueled the western anime industry to new heights.

Censorship issues

Dragon Ball Z was marketed to appeal to a wide range of viewers from all ages, and contains crude humor and occasional excesses of violence which are commonly seen as inappropriate for younger audiences by American standards. When it was marketed in the US, the distribution company FUNimation alongside with Saban decided to initially focus exclusively on the young children's market, because the anime market was still small compared to the much larger children's cartoon market. This censorship often had unintentionally humorous results, such as changing all references to death so the dead characters were merely going to "another dimension", and digitally altering two ogres' shirts to read "HFIL" instead of "HELL".

Starting with the Ginyu Saga (3rd US season) on Cartoon Network, censorship was reduced due to fewer restrictions on cable programming. FUNimation did the dubbing on their own this time around with their own voice actors. In 2003, FUNimation began to redub the first two sagas of Dragon Ball Z, to remove the problems that were caused from their previous partnership with Saban. They also re-dubbed the first three movies.


The company behind the anime, Toei Animation, would occasionally make up their own side stories to either further explain things, or simply to extend the series. Filler doesn't come only in the form of side stories, though; sometimes it's as simple as adding some extra attacks into a fight.

As the anime series was forced to expand 12 pages of manga text into 25 minutes of animation footage, these changes were introduced to kill time or to allow the (anime) writers to explore some other aspect of the series' universe. The Anoyo-ichi Budōkai (Afterlife Tournament) between the Cell Games Saga and the Majin Buu Saga, and the Garlic Junior Saga (Garlic Jr.'s return from the Return my Gohan!! movie) between the Freeza Saga and Trunks Saga are both good examples of this. They have also been known to contradict the manga and often create new plot holes.


Japanese releases

Originally, only the Dragon Ball Z movies, and the Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans OVA were available for home viewing in Japan. The movies were released on both VHS and Laserdisc format. The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans OVA was released both on VHS and on the PlayDia, as an interactive FMV.

Dragon Box releases

In 2003, all of the Dragon Ball Z TV series was finally released under the " Dragon Box" label for home viewing in Japan, on two large DVD boxed sets, following the release of a similar set for Dragon Ball. Each Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box had a large amount of DVD extras, as well as an action figure and a book.

The video and audio transfers of the show used on these DVDs came off of the Fuji TV master tapes of the show, as this allowed Toei to put out a far superior and completely accurate version of the show on DVD, which was helpful since the entire plot of a season could be summed up in about ten minutes. This allowed all episodes to have their original openings, endings, eyecatches, next episode previews, etc., compared to what was available in the US.

In late 2005 the Dragon Box Z DVDs were re-released in single volumes with six episodes per disc. While the packaging and DVD menus are different from the 2003 release, and so far no plans have been announced for the two TV specials and the Playdia footage released with the 2003 versions, the Audio and Visual quality is the exact same as those discs found in the 2003 Dragon Box release.

In April 14, 2006, a "Dragon Box: The Movies" DVD box was released. This release contained all 17 Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z theatrical features, containing 8 DVDs in total, along with a book, and two scouters in the form of walkie-talkies. The video and audio are remastered; however, the video is cropped to 16:9 (widescreen) and contains less picture than the full-screen versions. This is a common occurrence for films from Toei based on long-running and popular TV series (See Saint Seiya, Fist of the North Star, and One Piece).

All Dragon Box releases contain Japanese language audio only (with exceptions to foreign-language bonus clips), and no subtitles.

Pioneer DVDs

During the late 90's/early 00's, the first 53 (Saban/ FUNimation version numbers, originally uncut as 67) TV episodes were released on to DVD by Pioneer Entertainment (now Geneon Entertainment USA). These contained only the edited, US-TV broadcast versions (dubbed by the Ocean group), and total 17 volumes, comprising the ' Saiyan Saga' and the ' Namek Saga'.

Along with these episodes, Pioneer also produced bilingual, uncut DVDs of the first three Dragon Ball Z theatrical features. These DVDs retained the original Ocean cast for the English track, as well as being one of the first uncut and bilingual releases in the U.S. The English versions of these films were also subject to a different treatment than the series; rather than replacing the original music, the original OP and ED themes, as well as background music, were retained. The only noticeable differences besides languages are the inclusion of a few different sound effects which are not present on the original Japanese version. These films were released as a three-disc boxset by Pioneer.

As of August the 31st, 2004, Pioneer's license for video distribution of the first 53 episodes ended, allowing FUNimation to re-release them. At the moment, the rights for these episodes and for the first three Dragon Ball Z movies belong to FUNimation.

FUNimation DVDs

As of 2000, FUNimation had released uncut versions of their Texas-based English dub on to DVD, with Japanese language track, and English-translation subtitles. This release doesn't include the first two sagas, as the rights for the distribution of that episodes were still held by Pioneer Entertainment. These DVDs begin with the Captain Ginyu saga, and contain every episode covering (Japanese numbers) 68 till 291. Boxsets were release for the Garlic Jr., Androids, Imperfect Cell, Perfect Cell, World Tournament, Majin Buu, Fusion, and Kid Buu U.S. sagas. However, in order to maximize profits, the DVDs were released out of continuity (certain amounts of one section of the series were released, and then FUNimation would go back and release others). With no noticeable numbering visible, this caused frustration to those trying to follow the series from start to finish.

FUNimation also released Dragon Ball Z movies 4-13, finishing the release of the movies with ' Wrath of the Dragon', the 13th movie. These are all bilingual and subtitled, but do not follow the trend set by Ocean's first three movies. Music has been changed and altered, including the insertion of songs from rock bands such as Pantera and Deftones. The movies utilize FUNimation's TV series Texas cast, though they also include the original Japanese version with subtitling by Steve Simmons.

FUNimation Ultimate Uncut DVDs

After acquiring the video rights to the first 53 (67 uncut) episodes from Pioneer in 2004, FUNimation announced that they would release these episodes uncut, with a new 5.1 English language track and uncut footage. The Ultimate Uncut Special Edition line was born. The release would be 22 volumes, bilingual, and with extras. The Saiyan Saga was renamed the 'Vegeta' Saga (Parts I and II, covering 12 DVDs), probably to avoid confusion with the Pioneer volumes. However, after DVD volume 9, FUNimation cancelled these box sets and planned to re-re-release them in the new DVD season boxsets they are currently working on. This upset fans who had purchased the expensive Ultimate Uncut DVDs, as the Vegeta Saga Part II will never be completed, and the Ultimate Uncut Namek Saga DVDs will not be created.

FUNimation had also acquired the rights for the first three movies from Pioneer in 2004, and re-released them. Even though the three had same cover style, only the first movie was released under the Ultimate Uncut line. All of these movies had a 5.1 English track, new subtitles, different DVD extras and come in a boxset titled 'First Strike'. However, they do not retain the original Ocean dub, and contain a new English dub produced by FUNimation's Texas cast. This version contains different music than the original dub and than the Japanese version.

FUNimation has officially dropped the 'Ultimate Uncut' line and is working on their season boxsets.

FUNimation Remastered Box Sets

In November 2005, FUNimation announced they would release a remastered form of Dragon Ball Z on DVD beginning in 2007. All DBZ episodes are to be remastered and released in boxset form.

The first season set (the entire Vegeta Saga) was re-released on February 6, 2007. The first 39 episodes of this season are spread across 6 discs, and cost $30-$50 USD (the original intention was for 5 discs, but there was a risk of quality reduction). FUNimation released a trailer for the new set on the Dragon Ball Z official website.

FUNimation released the second season set, containing both the Namek and Captain Ginyu sagas, on May 22, 2007. Voice actor Kyle Hebert re-dubbed the voice acting for Captain Ginyu, to keep consistency with the remainder of the dub. The third season set, containing the Frieza Saga, was released later that year. The fourth season, containing both the Garlic Jr., Trunks and Android sagas, was released in February of 2008. Season five, containing both the Imperfect and Perfect Cell sagas, was released May 27, 2008. Season six, containing the Cell Games Saga, was released September 16, 2008. Season seven, containing both the Great Saiyaman and World Tournament sagas, was released November 11, 2008. Season eight, containing both the Babidi and Majin Buu sagas, was released February 10, 2009. Season nine, containing both the Fusion and Kid Buu sagas, was released on May 19, 2009.

The series has been re-transferred at 1080p resolution with digital restoration technology removing all grain and scratches from FUNimation's original prints of the series. It is important to note however, that like many late 80's-early 90's Toei productions (for example, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon, Marmalade Boy, Ghost Sweeper Mikami and Slam Dunk), the series was produced on 16 millimeter film which tends to be fairly grainy and soft. The new restoration was supervised by colorist Steve Franko.

The series is presented in widescreen format (1.78:1, cropped from the original full frame) for the first time. Comparison images from the new set show that while there is missing footage on the top and bottom, there is at least additional footage on the right and left that has not appeared in any prior release, having been taken straight from the original Japanese film master recording.

This format change was highly controversial among fans, as this is not how the T.V. episodes were intended to be seen and this substantially alters them. Many fans lauched a letter-writing campaign against the release. In response to the negative fan outcry regarding the release's apparent cropping of the source video, a FUNimation representative has released a document from the team remastering the video, which explains the logistics of the new release. This document details how certain areas of the original film are damaged, and admits that though the video is cropped, this release will eliminate the grain that would be present on prior 4:3 releases. It has also been theorized that it is ultimately more inexpensive to transfer the series in 16:9 and thereby remove the damaged portions of the frame than to repair 291 episodes' worth of damaged film.

The boxset contains a revised English track in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound (it contains the original Japanese score by Shunsuke Kikuchi, although it is unknown just how the English dialogue is revised). For the first time ever, there is a choice between having the Japanese dialogue with Toei's original Japanese music, or English dialogue with either FUNimation's dub music or Toei's original Japanese music.

Special features include a featurette on the remastering of the original Japanese print and a 24-page booklet with episode summaries, character descriptions and a DBZ timeline.

Differences from the manga

Besides having filler scenes and episodes, there are many changes from the original manga. Among them are the following:

  • When Tien loses his arm when fighting Nappa, his arm becomes a stump with only a small amount of blood seen. In the manga the scene is much more gory.
  • In the manga Frieza kills Cargo, but in the anime Dodoria kills him.
  • In the original manga Appule kills all the Namekians in a village and tells Frieza, who is annoyed that he didn't ask them where Vegeta was. However, Frieza just tells him to call the Ginyu Force. In the anime the soldier is changed to another unnamed orange soldier [referred to as "Orlen" in the closed captioning for the Ocean Dub VHS tapes - it is unclear if this is canonical however], who is killed by Frieza when he tells of his mistake.
  • In the manga, Frieza's full power is never a match for Goku's Super Saiyan form, but in the anime, Frieza appears to have the upper hand for a short time before he begins to tire.
  • Though the flashback of Future Trunks and Future Gohan fighting Androids 17 and 18 is present in both the anime and the manga, there are notable discrepancies between the flashback and the scene depicted in the TV special, The History of Trunks. In the special, Gohan had lost his arm, Trunks had not yet achieved his Super Saiyan form, and there was no rain in the scene in question.
  • When Vegito fights Super Buu (with Gohan absorbed) in the manga, Vegito immediately fights in his Super Saiyan form. In the anime, Vegito fought (rather successfully) in his base form for a while before becoming a Super Saiyan.
  • The anime has two significant filler portions: the Garlic Jr. Saga and the Other World Tournament segment of the Great Saiyaman Saga.

Saiyan Saga

The Vegeta Saga begins five years after the events depicted at the end of Dragon Ball. A reunion at the Kame House reunites Goku with his old master, Master Roshi, and his friends Krillin and Bulma, who all haven't seen each other in five years. Goku surprises everyone by bringing along his four-year old son, Gohan. Unfortunately, the reunion is interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious being, who identifies himself as a Saiyan by the name of Raditz. Raditz identifies Goku as Kakarot and berates him for not completing his "mission". Further complicating matters, Raditz also claims that Goku is from the same Saiyan race as he is, and that he and Goku are in fact brothers. Goku and Krillin understandably think that Raditz is nuts, however Roshi reveals that there may be some truth to the Saiyan's words. In a major turning point in the series, Master Roshi reveals that Goku's adopted grandfather, Grandpa Gohan, found a strange space capsule in the woods containing a baby Goku. As a baby, Goku was violent and ill-tempered, however an accident caused him to fall and bump his head, which in turn changed Goku into the happy, amicable child that everyone came to know and love.

This new revelation shocks Goku, who refuses to believe its validity. Raditz then goes on to state that Goku's original purpose was to destroy all life on Earth, which he should have done in a matter of years after his arrival. Raditz also reveals that the Saiyans' original home planet, Planet Vegeta, was destroyed by an asteroid some twenty years earlier, and that there are only four Saiyans left, including Goku. Finally, Raditz mentions that he needs his brother's help in destroying all life on a distant planet. Goku refuses, which prompts Raditz to notice Gohan (who still retains his Saiyan tail), which leads Raditz to threaten the fate of the child. Goku tries to attack, but is quickly stopped by Raditz, who then kidnaps Gohan, and tells Goku to kill 100 humans or else he'll never see his son again. With that, Raditz flies off. Goku is clearly distressed at his situation, and vows to rescue his son. Before he can depart, however, he is confronted by his nemesis Piccolo. Piccolo encountered Raditz after Raditz had first arrived on Earth, and was terrified by his raw power. Aware that they now have a common enemy, Piccolo suggests that he and Goku join forces to confront Raditz, which Goku hesitatingly agrees to. Bulma offers up her Dragon Radar so that Piccolo and Goku can track the 4-star Dragon Ball in Gohan's hat, thus finding his location.

Meanwhile, Raditz arrives at his spaceship and locks the crying Gohan inside. Through the use of his scouter Raditz discovers that two fighters are approaching; as they get closer it is revealed that they are Piccolo and Goku. The duo face-off against Raditz, however they find that there is little they can do against the more powerful Saiyan. Raditz gains the upperhand and soars into the air, firing dual ki blasts out of his hands at Goku and Piccolo. Goku is able to dodge his, however Piccolo loses his arm. Piccolo, unhindered, reveals that he has been holding back a new technique that he designed to kill Goku, however he decides that he'll use it against Raditz. In order to give Piccolo time to charge the attack, Goku distracts Raditz with his own Kamehameha. Raditz is astonished that the two fighters can concentrate their power into single attacks, however he manages to neutralize the Kamehameha with ease, and then takes care of Goku with a blast of his own. Fortunately, this was all the time Piccolo needed, and he fires his new attack, the Special Beam Cannon. Despite the power of the blast, however, Raditz side-steps it. Goku takes advantage of the distracted Raditz and grabs his tail, which Goku remembers as being one of his own weaknesses as a child. Raditz is rendered helpless, however he appeals to his brother to let him go if he promises to leave the planet, which Goku does, much to Piccolo's chagrin. Raditz predictably double-crosses his brother, and pins him down, breaking bones and causing Goku much pain. At that moment, Raditz's spacepod explodes.

Gohan, who had been watching helplessly from inside Raditz's pod, manages to blow the thing apart upon hearing his father's screams. Raditz's scouter detects the child's power level to be 1,307, substantially higher than that of his father and Piccolo. The infuriated Gohan charges at Raditz, who is unable to react in time, and receives a swift head-butt to the chest, breaking his Saiyan Armor. Gohan's power level soon drops back to 1; and Raditz realizes that Gohan's power is affected by his emotions. Raditz quickly smacks Gohan aside, but is still physically hurt by the previous attack. Goku, using what little strength he has left, leaps up and locks Raditz in a full nelson. Raditz is unable to break free, and Goku tells Piccolo to try his attack again. Piccolo does not hesitate to comply, knowing that the beam will kill Goku as well. He fires off another Special Beam Cannon, and Raditz, held by Goku, is unable to dodge it again, and the beam penetrates through both Raditz and Goku, mortally wounding both of them. Raditz curses Piccolo, but commends his brother's spirit. Piccolo informs Raditz that Goku will be wished back to life using the Dragon Balls. Raditz, with his dying breath, retorts by saying that the scouter on his head acts as a transmitter as well, and that the other two Saiyans will come to Earth and avenge his death. Piccolo, upset at Raditz's cockiness, delivers the final deathblow to him.

In space, the remaining two Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta, get word of Raditz's death by the message transmitted to their scouters. Vegeta is intrigued by the Dragon Balls, and they decide to head to Earth to use them to wish for immortality (rather than wishing Raditz back to life, as Raditz had hoped).

Back on Earth, Krillin, Master Roshi, and Bulma arrive at the scene, and Krillin mourns the death of his friend. Just as Goku dies, however, his body vanishes. Piccolo takes that to mean that the Guardian of Earth, Kami, has plans for Goku in the Other World. Piccolo then surprisingly regenerates his arm, tells the others of the impending arrival of two more powerful Saiyans, and picks up the unconscious Gohan, with the intention of training the child to fight the Saiyans. The others protest, but can do nothing to stop Piccolo.

Saiyan Training

In the Other World, Kami brings Goku to King Yemma, to ask permission for Goku to travel down the Snake Way with the intention of training with the Lord of Worlds, King Kai. Goku asks if Raditz came here as well, and is surprised when Yemma sent him to hell without too much trouble. Yemma also grants this request, and Goku begins his long and perilous journey down the hundred-thousand kilometer Snake Way.

Kami also makes a startling revelation; that the previous viciousness of Piccolo is beginning to recede. Because he had noticed that Raditz had been sent to hell instead of spending eternity in wandering sorrow as what happens when one gets killed by a demon, he begins to believe that Piccolo's fear of the Sayians is making him grow a conscience.

On Earth, Gohan wakes up, but to his dismay he is with Piccolo and his father is nowhere to be found. Piccolo informs the child of his father's death and says that he intends to train Gohan for the impending battle with the Saiyans. Gohan objects, but Piccolo quickly shows him that he does have a great power inside him; but only for brief moments. Piccolo then abandons him, claiming that if Gohan manages to survive for six months alone in the wilderness; the real training would begin. Gohan struggles with being on his own, and after being chased by a dinosaur, manages to get trapped on a cliff by using his hidden strength. With no way of getting down, Gohan settles down for the night after eating apples secretly brought by Piccolo. He awakens in the middle of the night to find a large full moon awaiting him. Gohan remarks about how he's never seen the moon so big, however upon this revelation he begins transforming into a Great Ape, the Saiyan equivalent of a giant ape (Kami had revived the moon again after permanently removing Goku's tail in Dragon Ball). Piccolo, who had been watching nearby, is shocked at this new form, and desperately tries to discover the source of the transformation. Needless to say, Great Ape Gohan destroys the mountain he was on and begins rampaging the countryside. Piccolo recalls something Raditz has said about the power of the moon on Saiyans with tails, and realizing that the moon would act as an advantage to the Sayiajins, he destroys the moon, instantly causing Gohan to revert to his normal state. Seeing the tail as a weakness, Piccolo removes it from the passed-out Gohan, and gives him a new set of clothes and a sword, before disappearing.

Meanwhile, Kami calls together the strongest fighters on Earth - Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Yajirobe - in order to train them for the arrival of the Saiyans. Six months pass. Gohan is surviving in the desert, and Goku is still running down Snake Way. Piccolo decides that Gohan's survival training is finished, and begins to personally train him. Also, in the anime, the Saiyans destroy Planet Arlia on their way to Earth.

Goku finally reaches the end of the Snake Way, and discovers a small planet "in orbit" above him. He leaps to the planet but immediately discovers that due to its diminutive size, the planet has heavy gravity. After struggling to walk around the planet, Goku meets King Kai and his pet monkey, Bubbles. With only 88 days left before the Saiyans arrive, King Kai instructs Goku to chase and ultimately catch Bubbles, in order for Goku to become adjusted to the gravity. It takes Goku some time to accomplish this feat, but he does so in about two months. Also, in the Anime, Goku must hit a cricket named Gregory on the head with a hammer.King Kai then begins to instruct Goku on his two signature techniques: the Kaio-ken and the Spirit Bomb. Goku masters these techniques within a day of the Saiyan's arrival on Earth. Unfortunately, King Kai realizes that even though Goku's friends can wish Goku back to life, Goku still has to run all the way down Snake Way to get back to Earth. Goku, in a panic, telepathically instructs Master Roshi back on Earth to resurrect him. Master Roshi complies, having gathered the Dragon Balls over the past year, and summons Shenron, the Eternal Dragon of the Dragon Balls, and asks the Dragon to bring Goku back to life. The Dragon complies, Goku returns to life in the Other World, and immediately flies at top speed down the Snake Way. Then, one day later, the Saiyans arrive.

The Battle Against The Saiyans

Upon their arrival, the Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta immediately destroy the city they landed in. Vegeta, wanting to find the Dragon Balls, uses his scouter to determine the location of the strongest warrior on the planet, whom he presumes to be the one who killed Raditz. They head off towards Piccolo and Gohan. Piccolo and Gohan sense the incoming powers, as well as several smaller ones, who turn out to be Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. The Saiyans arrive. When Krillin arrives, Nappa recognizes Piccolo as being a Namekian. Nappa and Vegeta also reveal that they came to Earth to use the Dragon Balls for immortality, not to avenge Raditz's death. This revelation about his true origin shocks Piccolo for a while, with Kami also realizing that his creating the Dragon Balls was some kind of racial memory from his Namekian heritage. Nappa decides to let Saibamen beat up the fighters first, and plants seeds in the ground, which sprout and become six small green aliens. Tien fights one first, and easily bests it. Upon seeing this, Vegeta deduces that the fighters are concealing their power and easily destroys the defenseless Saibaman for its incompetence. Yamcha goes after another Saibaman, and seemingly defeats it with a Kamehameha, however it instantly stands up again and latches on to him and self-destructs, killing both of them. An enraged Krillin snaps and launches a devastating Expanding Energy Wave blast that splits off into six separate blasts, one for each remaining Saibaman and one for each of the two Saiyans.

The blast manages to kill three Saibamen immediately, Piccolo destroys one that hid from the blast and tried to attack Gohan. Vegeta and Nappa also survive the blast unscathed. In the anime, Vegeta tells Nappa not to kill Piccolo, as that would probably cease the Namek from revealing the location of the Dragon Balls as well (they are under the belief that he is the only one who knows of the Dragon Balls). Nappa goes on the offensive, powering up a great deal and choosing Tien at random to attack. He actually knocks off Tien's arm, causing him extreme pain. Krillin tries to rescue his friend, but Nappa stops him by firing at powerful attack staght in front of him. Nappa, distracted, fails to notice Chiaotzu coming up behind him. Chiaotzu attaches onto Nappa and self-destructs, much to Tien's dismay. When the smoke clears, Nappa remains, with no harm to him. Chiaotzu died for nothing.

Tien, enraged, goes into an all-out attack against Nappa, who blocks all his attacks like nothing. Piccolo tells the others that once Nappa goes to the offensive, he'll be unguarded, and they'll sneak up and attack. The plan goes well until Gohan cowards out at the last second and runs away. Piccolo and Krillin, pretty much the only ones left, continue to fight Nappa, but are no match, even together. Tien, who is only alive through pure willpower, however, puts all of his energy into a final attack, a one-handed Tri-beam. Unfortunately, this fails, and Nappa survives with only his armor damaged. Tien, who literally put his life into the attack, dies.

Nappa prepares to to make the kill on all three, however Vegeta, who had remained on the sidelines, halts him. Vegeta has deduced that "Goku" is Kakarot, and wants Nappa to wait three hours for Goku to arrive to provide punishment for the "traitor". Nappa reluctantly agrees, much to the puzzlement of the remaining fighters, as Nappa is much larger in stature that the diminutive Vegeta. Goku, who had been flying down Snake Way for two straight days, finally reaches the end of the road. Kami appears to transport Goku back to Earth, and on his way to the battlefield, he receives two Senzu Beans from Korin, eats one of them himself to regain his strength, and rides the Flying Nimbus towards the action to conserve energy. Unfortunately, the three hours are up.

The remaining fighters formulate a plan to weaken Nappa by grabbing his tail, as Goku had done with Raditz. This ultimately fails, however, when Nappa reveals that elite Sayians have learned to overcome the weakness of the tail. He then hits Piccolo on the head when Piccolo learns that it is hopeless. Piccolo is rendered unconscious, and Nappa attacks Gohan and Krillin for a while. Piccolo regains consciousness, and exclaims that Goku is coming. Vegeta's scouter picks up Goku's power level to be 5000, which shock the two Saiyans. Vegeta knows that since the Fighters have the ability to change their power as they see fit, 5000 is most likely the lowest power that Goku is exerting. Vegeta then orders Nappa to kill everyone before Goku arrives, as a team attack might prove to be a disadvantage. When Nappa argues about the Dragon Balls, Vegeta tells Nappa about the existence of Dragon Balls on Piccolo's home planet, Namek. Gohan urges Piccolo to escape as his death would mean the end of the Dragon Balls on Earth and subsequently kicks Nappa in the head, sending him crashing into a cliff wall. However he only succeeds in making Nappa angrier. The enraged Nappa launches his powerful Bomber DX blast at Gohan, but before it hits, Piccolo jumps in the way and takes the blast full force, killing him. Before his death Piccolo admits with tears in his eyes how he had enjoyed training with Gohan and how his innocence made him soft, leading up to the events of him eventually sacrificing his life for the boy. Up above Earth, Kami vanishes as well, as his being is linked with Piccolo's due to their history. Gohan's rage explodes and he fires his Masenko attack at Nappa, who blocks it. This surprises Vegeta, considering that Gohan's power level upped from a low 981 to 2,800. However, finishing the attack leaves Gohan helpless. Fortunately, Goku arrives just in time.

Goku splits up the remaining Senzu Bean and gives a piece each to Krillin and Gohan. Nappa asks Vegeta what his scouter says about Goku's power level. Vegeta responds that "IT'S OVER 9,000!!!" (which has become a popular internet joke, despite being a mistranslation of the original 8,000), destroying his scouter in a fit of rage. After quickly realizing that everyone else is dead, Goku gets very angry and begins fighting Nappa. Nappa is no match for Goku, and Vegeta orders him to back down. Nappa complies, but decides to take out Krillin and Gohan with his Kapa. Goku cannot catch up to Nappa, so he uses the Kaiō-ken technique to ram into Nappa, breaking his back, and rendering him useless. Goku throws Nappa at Vegeta's feet. When Krillin asks him what he did Goku replies that Kaio-ken utilizes all the potential energy within him and multiplies his reflexes, speed and power. However, Goku then comments that Kaio-ken's weakness is that it damages his body if multiplied to an extent he can't handle and this might even kill him by causing him to explode with the pressure. Nappa begs for mercy, but Vegeta throws him up into the air, and destroys him with a single concentrated blast. Vegeta then sets his sights on Goku.

Goku tells Vegeta that he wants to fight elsewhere so as to not destroy the bodies of his friends. They head off to a desert, while Gohan and Krillin fly back towards the Kame House. Goku and Vegeta begin to fight, and appear to be evenly matched. Vegeta tells Goku to release his hidden power, to which Goku complies. He engages the Kaio-ken, however Vegeta manages to defend against it. Vegeta powers up a great deal himself, and Goku uses the Kaio-ken x2, however he still is not a match for Vegeta. Finally, Goku concentrates all of his energy into a Kaio-ken x3, raising his power level to 24,000, which worries King Kai. In this form, Goku gains the upperhand, and forces Vegeta to use one of his signature attacks. Flying straight up into the air, Vegeta powers up and unleashes his Galick Gun at Goku and the earth. Unable to move for fear of letting the blast hit the earth, Goku charges up to Kaio-ken x3 again and launches his own Kamehameha at Vegeta. The two blasts collide intensely, and Goku finally gains the upper hand by stepping up his Kaio-ken to x4. The Kamehameha overpowers Vegeta, who goes flying into the air. However, this leaves Goku's body devastated.

Yajirobe, who had been hiding nearby the entire time, comes out to congratulate Goku, however when Goku says Vegeta isn't defeated, he quickly hides again. Up in the air, Vegeta is enraged that Goku was able to surpass him and decides to transform into an Great Ape, however he discovers that the moon is gone. He flies back down to the ground and creates a Power Ball, that simulates a small moon at the cost of a significant amount of Ki. Vegeta then transforms into a Great Ape, however, unlike Goku or Gohan, he is able to remain in control of his body. Vegeta states that when a Saiyan transforms into a Great Ape, it multiplies their power ten-fold, and thus attacks Goku mercilessly. Goku manages to blind Vegeta with a Solar Flare and then attempts to create a Spirit Bomb, however Vegeta discovers it and shoots a Mouth Blast at him, causing him to lose most of the Spirit Bomb energy. Then he crushes Goku's legs, leaving him paralyzed and unable to fight, and proceeds to crush him in his gigantic hands. Gohan and Krillin notice the strange power ball and rush back to aid Goku. Upon arriving, Gohan distracts Vegeta while Krillin uses his Destructo Disk attack to try and cut off Vegeta's tail. Vegeta senses the attack, however, and dodges it. Yajirobe, however, proves himself to be useful by cutting off Vegeta's tail himself. Vegeta reverts to normal, and is obviously upset. Vegeta decides to attack Gohan, however Krillin intervenes, but is quickly disposed of. Goku calls Krillin over to him, and tells Gohan to fight Vegeta. Gohan holds his own, but is clearly outclassed. Goku hands off the remaining energy he gathered in forming the Spirit Bomb to Krillin, and King Kai tells him telepathically to throw the Spirit Bomb at Vegeta when the moment is right. Vegeta backs Gohan into a corner, and Krillin is about to throw it, however Yajirobe yells at Krillin for waiting so long. Vegeta hears this and manages to avoid the Spirit Bomb, and it heads right towards Gohan. Goku telepathically yells for Gohan to bounce it off, since the ball can't hurt those who are pure of heart. Gohan succeeds, and sends the ball hurling back at Vegeta, who, having just evaded it once, has no time to react a second time. The ball hits him squarely and he goes flying up into the air yet again

Gohan and Krillin gather around the paralyzed Goku. Suddenly, Vegeta's body falls from the sky. Krillin comments that he's dead, however Vegeta is indeed still alive, albeit with power greatly diminished. Vegeta attempts to defeat everyone with a giant energy explosion, but it does little and only leaves him drained. He goes after Gohan when he realizes to his horror that Gohan's tail has grown back. Fearing what would happen if Gohan were to look at the Power Ball he created, Vegeta attempts to chop off Gohan's tail. Yajirobe attacks the Saiyan with his sword, but this only distracts Vegeta for a moment, and Vegeta lashes out at the cowardly Yajirobe, knocking him into some mountains. Goku, telepathically, tells Gohan to look at the sky, which Gohan does, much to Vegeta's dismay. Gohan transforms into a Great Ape, and, while initially attacking everything, begins to concentrate only on Vegeta with this father's voice. After a beating from Great Ape Gohan, Vegeta manages to cut off Gohan's tail with a Destructo Disk, however he has no energy left to move out of the way of the de-transforming ape, and is crushed by Gohan. When the dust clears, Krillin is the only one left capable of moving and grabs Yajirobe's sword that he dropped earlier and staggers over to Vegeta. Vegeta, barely alive, calls for his ship using a hidden remote, however Krillin gets to him before it arrives. Krillin is just about to kill Vegeta, when Goku telepathically tells Krillin to spare him. In an emotional scene, Goku convinces Krillin to let Vegeta live because he had never fought someone so strong and this made him more excited than scared. Because of this Goku wanted to rematch with him someday. Although Krillin protested that Vegeta would never be reformed like Piccolo, Goku tells him that he would definitely protect the Earth from future attacks, and that the next time they meet, he will surely defeat him. Krillin begrudgingly agrees with the request and allows Vegeta to crawl into his spaceship. Vegeta comments on the stupidity of letting him go and swears to kill them all later, falls unconscious, and the ship takes off towards space. As Krillin limps back towards Goku, another ship arrives with Chi-Chi, Master Roshi, and others. Chi-Chi, unconcerned about the fate of her paralyzed husband, only cares about Gohan, who in comparison is faring much better. Goku is carried into the ship, and the group somberly heads off the gather the bodies of those who died. After doing so, Krillin comments on it being possible to revive everyone with another set of Dragon Balls on the Planet Namek, Piccolo's home planet. Bulma determines that it's possible to use engines from one of the Saiyan spacecrafts to travel to the planet, but in an attempt to bring the space pod to them, she blew it up. It seemed as if all hope was lost, until Mr Popo appeared and said Kami had told him of a ship that might be able to take them to Namek. Mr. Popo and Bulma go and check it out, and they realize that it is, indeed, capable of the trip. They make their way back to the hospital and find that Krillin and Gohan are willing to go. So after a short trip to Kame Island, Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin set off to a trip to Namek. Around day ten on the trip, they get caught in a dilemma when they somehow warp into some ship. The season ends as they are shown surrounded by several small soldiers.

Frieza Saga

With the fate of Namek at stake, Guru sends the young Namekian Dende to give the important password to Krillin and Gohan that will summon Porunga, the Namekian Dragon.

Meanwhile, Frieza arrives at Guru's where he is met by some Namekian warriors, all of whom he kills except Nail, and fails at getting Guru to tell him the password. Just as Frieza is about to kill him as well, Nail warns Frieza that if Guru dies, the Dragon Balls will become useless. As a distraction to buy Dende more time, Nail takes Frieza to a field to do battle. Frieza is impressed that Nail's maximum battle power is 42,000, but he surprises Nail by claiming that his battle power is 530,000, but he tells him he doesn't plan to use his full power against him. He then easily overtakes and brutally injures Nail with no problem but rushes off to his ship when he realizes that the fight is a ruse to stall him so he won't summon the Dragon Balls before Gohan and Krillin, leaving Nail for dead.

As Dende finally reaches Krillin with the important message, they take the Dragon Balls from a sleeping Vegeta and head off to Frieza's ship. Dende uses the password to summon the Dragon, Porunga. Meanwhile, back on Frieza's ship, Vegeta awakens, suddenly sensing Frieza's approaching power level and to see that the Dragon has already been summoned.

Gohan, Krillin, and Dende set out to make their wish, which is to revive Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. The Dragon informs them that he can only wish back one person at a time. Piccolo, with King Kai's help, communicates telepathically to Gohan and asks him to restore his life. His reasoning is that if he is resurrected, Kami will return to Earth and that will also bring back Earth's Dragon Balls, in effect allowing for the others to also be revived with a wish. Piccolo asks for the second wish to teleport him to Namek, wanting to exact revenge on Frieza for killing his people. Gohan, Krillin, and Dende agree to this, and make the wishes.

Vegeta arrives at the scene after the second wish is made. Since the first two wishes had already been used to bring Piccolo back to life and then to Namek, Vegeta wants to save the last wish for eternal life for himself. Just as Dende asks the Dragon, Guru dies and the Dragon Balls turn to stone. Vegeta's wish isn't granted, but worse yet, Frieza has arrived and is extremely angry that the Dragon Balls have already been used. Vegeta fights his former boss, gloating that he has become a Super Saiyan, but as Frieza shockingly realizes they are somewhat evenly matched, Vegeta abruptly tells him to transform and reveal his true strength. Frieza amusingly wonders how Vegeta knows this, and Vegeta tells him Zarbon spilled it out before. Frieza transforms into his second form, one that is even stronger than before, claiming that his power level has risen over a million. Frieza tells them that while most transform to increase their battle power, he does it to decrease his power because it is so enormous it's hard to control himself. Vegeta, realizing that he underestimated Frieza's strength, is shocked.

Meanwhile Piccolo, who was just teleported to Namek by a wish, senses the fighting and heads to the battlefield. Along the way he sees the dying Nail, who informs him on what has been happening. He also requests that Piccolo fuse with him to be more of a challenge to Frieza. At first, Piccolo is reluctant, but after Nail assures him that his personality won't change by fusing, Piccolo decides to accept, increasing his strength and speed tremendously. Back on the battlefield Frieza's new power level is said by him to be over one million. He also tells Vegeta about the destruction of the planet Vegeta and his father. Vegeta simply scoffs at this, saying that he surpassed his father when he was a child. After fully transforming he impales Krillin with his horns, who was trying to protect Dende, and tosses him to the sea. Gohan tries to save him but when Frieza stops him, an incredibly angry Gohan easily beats down Frieza and pummels him with many chi blasts. Despite Vegeta's shocked reaction, the attack isn't enough and Frieza recovers with little damage done. Luckily, Dende rescued Krillin out of the sea, telling Gohan that he is still alive. Angry that he was actually was hurt by the attack, Frieza then easily pounds Gohan, hurting him severely. Vegeta tries to attack when Frieza's back is turned, but it is completely ineffective and Gohan is left almost dead. Gohan is saved when Krillin launches a Destructo Disk at Frieza and cuts off his tail. Dende then uses this time to heal Gohan as Vegeta watches. It was revealed that Dende was the one who plucked Krillin out of the sea and healed him. Krillin continues to distract Frieza using many evasive maneuvers, such as Solar Flare. Soon Gohan is healed and now stronger than ever due to his Saiyan genes.

Just then Piccolo arrives, claiming that he can beat Frieza. Vegeta scoffs at Piccolo, claiming that reviving him was a waste of a wish. However this turns to shock for Vegeta that the Namekian who was easily killed by Nappa had now become powerful enough to challenge Frieza. The fight begins as Piccolo remains confident that he can take Frieza down. Thanks to his fusion with Nail his power is slightly higher than that of Frieza's. Through much of the battle Piccolo has the upper hand, but Frieza transforms again into his third stage, earning yet another power increase. Piccolo, still confident that his speed is greater than Frieza's, is proved wrong when Frieza grossly outstrips him in both power and speed, and subsequently launches finger blasts at him that are too fast for him to dodge at all. Soon Piccolo is severely wounded. Gohan is furious at Piccolo's defeat and explodes in a bout of rage, revealing his hidden powers as he once again takes on Frieza. Gohan then launches a giant ki wave that proves to be challenging for Frieza, until he deflects it back. Luckily Piccolo saves Gohan in the nick of time with a blast. Frieza realizes that Gohan is a Saiyan and that he and Vegeta are constantly getting stronger. He then decides to transform into his final and strongest form, his original being. Vegeta comes up with the idea for Krillin to blast him to near death and for Dende to heal him afterwards, increasing his power enough to become a Super Saiyan. Although Krillin is highly reluctant at first, he blasts Vegeta in the stomach, piercing him through. Because of Saiyan heritage, recovery from a near-death experience causes Vegeta to increase in strength significantly. While Frieza transforms, Dende heals Piccolo and reluctantly heals Vegeta. Vegeta becomes confident that he has become a Super Saiyan.

Frieza sees how everyone was defying death using Dende's healing, so he takes to the root of the problem. After transforming, he quickly kills Dende with a Death Beam, meaning the fighters will have no more chances to be healed. He tries to blast Gohan as well but Vegeta quickly saves him. A confident Vegeta decides to commence battle with Frieza and his newfound power. To his horror, no matter what Vegeta does he is no match and Frieza still has the upper hand throughout the whole battle. Vegeta actually sheds a tear in frustration when he realizes that the situation is hopeless. Because he drops all his defenses in desperation, Frieza hurts him mercilessly to the brink of death. Goku, still in the rejuvenation tank, awakens and realizes what is taking place and quickly rushes off to save his fellow comrades. As Goku arrives, Vegeta swallows his pride and tells Frieza that Goku is the legendary Super Saiyan that will kill him. Frieza gets angry and blasts a hole through Vegeta's heart. Before his death, with tears in his eyes, he tells Goku the truth of Planet Vegeta's destruction, how every Saiyan was forced to serve Frieza before most of them were killed, and Goku's history as a Saiyan, and he asks Goku to take vengeance for all Saiyans. Goku buries Vegeta and, fueled with rage at Vegeta's death, begins to fight Frieza.

The battle between Frieza and Goku begins. They seem perfectly equivalent for some time in terms of strength and speed. During the match, Goku seems to have more clever ideas on how to fight and tricks Frieza several times. Goku used to his advantage the fact that Frieza needs to see his opponent and is unable to feel their energy. While Goku was under water during one attack, he used the Kamehameha wave as torpedoes to trick Frieza. Frieza then revealed that he was only using about a fraction of his power, and that he'll power up to 50%, which turns the tables in Frieza's favour. At Kaio-ken x10 Goku was being brutally beaten. Frieza claimed he allowed Goku to think he had a chance, and even offered for Goku to replace Ginyu as his bodyguard. Goku refused, but after one rigorous attack after another, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, and even King Kai began to see the situation as hopeless. Goku tries to raise his power using the Kaio-ken x20 and shoot a Kamehameha wave at Frieza, but it only leaves Frieza's hands burnt, while the attack left Goku completely drained. Having no choice, Goku prepares the Spirit Bomb in desperation. Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin step in to try and hold off Frieza while Goku gathers energy for the attack. Once the Spirit Bomb is finally finished and unleashed upon Frieza, it does significant damage to him, causing the Z Warriors to believe Frieza was finished off. Krillin and Gohan take Goku and Piccolo away from the damage. A few minutes of celebration was soon turned into a horrid sight once Krillin saw Frieza furiously standing on the top of a rock.

Final battle

Enraged and surprised that Goku had such ability for a Saiyan, Frieza lashes out against the other warriors. He first decides to kill Goku. As he fires a Death Beam at the exhausted Saiyan, Piccolo jumps in the way of the blast and saves his life (however, in the manga, Frieza simply blasts at Piccolo with a Death Beam). Though it doesn't kill him, Piccolo is hurt very badly and falls to the ground unconscious, enraging Goku. Next, Frieza kills Krillin by making his whole body explode in the air. Seeing his best friend killed causes Goku to erupt with even more rage. In a display of gathering energy, the angry Goku pulls out his strongest emotions ever before reached. His hair turns golden and his eyes turn green. He is now a Super Saiyan, with his power tremendously increased. He yells at Gohan to take Piccolo and retrieve Bulma and take them to the ship that he traveled in and use it to head back to Earth.

Fight against Frieza
Fight against Frieza

Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza begin to fight, and Goku toys with him and starts treating him as if he was a rag doll. With no other options, Frieza decides that if he can't beat Goku, then he'll blow up Namek instead. He throws a ball of energy towards the planet's core, hoping to destroy the planet. However, Frieza realizes he held back too much power, and the planet only begins to crumble. Frieza then claims it will explode in five minutes and reveals that he can breathe in space. As the battle rages on, Frieza decides to use 100% of his full power. Though this significantly increases his power level and allows Frieza to gain the upper-hand on Goku for a time, the damaged incurred in this previous levels causes him to lose that power radically after a short bout. Goku realizes this, and uses it to his advantage to take down the mighty tyrant.

Back on Earth, Kami and Mr. Popo have gathered all of the Dragon Balls and with King Kai's help they devise a plan to bring back all who were killed by Frieza.

Since the wish brings back Guru, who was killed by the grief of Frieza's killings, King Kai telepathically asks him to wish all of those on Namek, except for Frieza, back to Earth with the Namek Dragon, which still has one wish remaining. However, Goku intercepts their telepathic communication and requests that he be left behind on Namek as well and King Kai reluctantly gives in. King Kai notices that Super Saiyan Goku is no longer the Goku they used to know, he is now only acting on blind Saiyan instincts. Vegeta, who was also resurrected as well by the wish, is surprised to see that Goku had become a Super Saiyan just before he is teleported off of Namek.

With the entire planet empty except Goku and Frieza, they take the battle around the crumbling planet. Soon, Goku notices that Frieza is losing stamina too much to be a match for him. He then stops that fight and begins to leave, telling Frieza to train and comeback for a rematch. Enraged, Frieza decides to release a Death Saucer that he can direct to attack Goku with. Goku easily outmaneuvers this attack. Frieza realizes that one is not enough and releases another Death Disc, attempting to outsmart Goku. Goku maneuvers at the last minute, blasting into the ground creating a blinding blanket of dust. Frieza is unable to detect energy without physically seeing it, so one makes its way to cut Frieza in half. Goku tries to warn him, but he is chopped into three pieces by the disc. As he is dying, Frieza begs Goku not to leave him like this. Goku can't stand seeing a life, even one as evil as Frieza's, suffer in such a painful and humiliating manner. Eventually Goku takes pity on the pathetic tyrant, and gave him some of his energy. Frieza then explains that there is no way Goku is going to live, as the planet is about to explode and his ship is in no working condition. As Goku leaves, Frieza makes one final attempt to kill him, using the energy given to him to throw a wave of energy at him. Goku pushes the blast back at Frieza with his own energy blast and flies away. Knowing he will not reach his own ship in time, he searches for Frieza's and finds it in a crater. Goku, frustrated and desperate, realizes that he will not make it off of Namek as he watches its wreckage plummet into a lava filled chasm. Seconds later, Planet Namek disappears from the Universe in a colossal, blinding explosion.


On Earth, Dende heals Piccolo and realizes that he has merged with Nail. The Namekian Dragon Balls follows Guru to Earth, evading the explosion. As Guru is dying once more, he transfers his role as Senior Elder to Moori, a trusted Namekian village leader, so the Dragon Balls won't die with him. Dende also informs Gohan that the Namekian Dragon Balls can also resurrect a deceased person more than once. This is good news since it would mean that they could resurrect Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Goku, who had been killed before. Everyone is thrilled until King Kai reminds them that Krillin and Goku can't be resurrected because Namek was destroyed, and they would only appear in empty space and immediately die again. However, Vegeta suggests that they use a wish to transport their remains to Earth first.

Transferred to a new caretaker, the Namekian Dragon Balls are re-energized early. They are first used to transport Goku and Krillin's remains to Earth. However, Porunga reveals that he is unable to transport Goku's remains because he isn't actually dead. After the second wish is used to bring back Krillin, the final wish is made to bring Goku to Earth, Porunga then informs them that Goku refuses to come back. This leaves our heroes greatly perplexed, but arrive at the conclusion that Goku is coming home either way, and they accept his absence. All, that is, except Vegeta, who leaves in a space ship to search the universe for Goku and the key to becoming a Super Saiyan. With one wish remaining, it is used to resurrect Yamcha.

Four months (one Namek year) later, the Namekian Dragon Balls are ready again. The first two wishes are to resurrect Tien and Chiaotzu, and the final wish is to transport the Nameks to a new Planet Namek that would have similar living conditions to their old planet. Gohan and Dende share a tearful goodbye as the Nameks disappear to their new home, and life on Earth returns to normal...for now.

Android SagaIntroduction

The plot of the Androids Saga is closely tied to that of Dragon Ball, the anime series that preceded Dragon Ball Z. A small organization known as the Red Ribbon Army sought to obtain the Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls being the magical orbs used to summon the Dragon Shenron, who will grant his summoner one wish. In Dragon Ball the main hero of the series Goku was still a child and had embarked upon a quest to find the Dragon Balls himself. This led to conflict between the Red Ribbon Army and Goku. As part of their plan to collect the Dragon Balls the Red Ribbon Army employed Dr. Gero as their head scientist. Dr. Gero then proceeded to construct a series of powerful Androids. Although in the original Dragon Ball anime Dr. Flappe was presented as the Androids creator. He is considered non-cannon as the manga did not indicate who created the Androids. Goku was eventually forced to destroy the Red Ribbon organization and the Androids in order to protect the Dragon Balls causing Dr. Gero to seek revenge upon Goku.

Dr. Gero goes unmentioned in Dragon Ball Z until the Trunks Saga in which the titular character Future Trunks warns Goku that Dr. Gero survived the attacks to Red Ribbon when Goku was a child and has created a new set of Androids intent upon destroying the Earth. Future Trunks also reveals that Goku will die from an incurable heart disease before he has the chance to confront the Androids. Future Trunks then presents Goku with medicine from the future that will cure his otherwise fatal disease. He also mentions that Vegeta and Bulma were his parents, which shocks Goku and Piccolo (who hears the conversation between Goku and Future Trunks due to his exceptional ears and decides to keep it a secret). After delivering his doomsday warnings, Future Trunks returns to his own future in a time-machine.

Battle with Android 19 and Android 20

The Z Fighters go to the city where Future Trunks told them the Androids would appear. Being a few minutes later than Future Trunks had said and a different location, the Z Warriors were suspicious. They went down into the city to find them.

Yamcha made his way to one of the lower cities where he encountered the Androids. The Androids resembled that of a person, so they went undetected by Yamcha. Android 20 made himself clear as an Android by grabbing Yamcha by the mouth, and draining the majority of his energy. There are two of them, Android 19 and Android 20. As Yamcha struggled, Android 20 punched through his chest, greatly wounding him.

Goku and the others, whom Yamcha yelled for before being subdued, arrived shortly after, finding the Androids and Yamcha, who laid dying. Goku asked Krillin to evacuate Yamcha and get him a Senzu Bean before it was too late. They are eager to fight, however, Goku tells them that there are too many innocent people around. The Androids rationalize the problem by using eye lasers to destroy every living thing within a set radius. This infuriates Goku, who then throws a punch at the gray-haired Android 20. Android 20 seemed unaffected by the impact. Goku and the others convince the Androids to come and lead the Androids away from the city, to fight without harming anymore innocent bystanders. Yamcha, who was saved in time, leads Krillin and Bulma to follow the others to the new battlefield.

They come to a deserted, rocky area and Goku offers to go first, but he starts at a loss. Goku is already experiencing some mild effects from his heart disease, but he fights Android 19 regardless. Goku had to turn into a Super Saiyan, which is one of Goku's transformations Android 20 was unaware of since he didn't observe the battles in Namek. Android 20 claims it was just a "Minor Setback" but that seems to be proven wrong when Goku engages in battle with Android 19, making Androids 19 unable to defend himself. Punch after punch, and kick after kick, Goku seemed to have the upper hand, but his condition continued to deteriorate and soon his attacks were having no effect.

The fight goes on for a while until the Z Fighters notice that Goku was tiring out faster than he should. It was then they realized that it was his heart condition. Android 19 saw the advantage and took it, nearly draining Goku dead. Goku was nearly down for the count due to his illness until Vegeta interfered by blindsiding Android 19. Then eventually introducing himself and scolded Goku for fighting in with a handicap, and kicked him towards Piccolo. The Z Warriors decide that Yamcha should take Goku home, while Vegeta takes over the fight.

Vegeta surprises everyone when he revealed his new found ability. Like Goku, Vegeta's eyes turned green and his hair was golden yellow. He was now a Super Saiyan. However, confident after defeating Super Saiyan Goku, Android 19 thought Vegeta would be a walk in the park. He was sadly mistaking as Vegeta toyed with him, allowing Android 19 to drain a substantial amount of energy until ripping off his arms and then blasting him with a Big Bang Attack which destroyed him easily. Piccolo then assumed that Vegeta was even stronger than Goku. After the destruction of Android 19, Vegeta was naturally quite drained, but bluffed Android 20 into thinking he was still capable of taking him out. Android 20, seeing the death of Android 19 as proof, easily takes the bait and is scared.

Search for Dr. Gero

Android 20 distracts Vegeta, and promptly flees the battle. Hiding out in various canyons and behind rock faces, Android 20 is stalked by the relentlessly pursuing Z Warriors at a range of canyons. He hides, while Vegeta, becoming more and more frustrated, can't manage to find the evasive Android. Android 20 only reveals himself after Vegeta throws a ki blast into the canyon, hoping to clear it away. Android 20 absorbs this and runs off into the distance again. Then Android 20 plans to absorb the energy of all the weaker fighters to power himself up and beat Vegeta. He reveals himself to Piccolo, holding him at his grasp and sucking out his energy until Gohan saves him. Piccolo then proposes to fight Android 20, and it is not long until Android 20 realizes, even with his newly absorbed energy, that he isn't even strong enough to defeat Piccolo, someone who should be nothing to him. Piccolo tells him that they have been training for their arrival, which shocks Android 20. The boy from the future then arrives, and is shocked, because the Androids that everyone has been fighting currently, are not the same ones he warned them about. Naturally, this surprises everyone. Vegeta realizes the future boy is his son because Piccolo had called his name before which is the same name as his own son (Trunks). He also realizes how Future Trunks was able to become a Super Saiyan last time. Bulma promptly comes in an aircraft, but notices Android 20. While everyone's attention is diverted to Bulma, Android 20 takes the opportunity to escape but not before blowing the landscape with a powerful ki wave, which further distracts everyone. Bulma's aircraft is blown up but she and the baby are saved by Future Trunks. Future Trunks is angry and shaken up that Vegeta, the one closest to them did not even try to go and save his own family. Bulma reveals that Android 20 is actually Dr. Gero, who must have rebuilt himself as a robot since his human body had become weak and frail. Future Trunks confronts Vegeta about before, but Vegeta tells him that his family means nothing to him. Future Trunks persists, but Vegeta yells him to get out of the way, and promptly flies off. The Z Fighters pursue him to his lab, but arrive too late and watch as Android 20 activates his most recent yet unstable creations, the siblings Android 17 and Android 18. Future Trunks wants to destroy them before they are activated, as Android 17 and Android 18 are the ones ravaging his own timeline. However, much to his dismay, Vegeta wants to fight them, as they might be a good challenge to him. Dr. Gero knows of their inability to follow orders directly and built an emergency stop control to shut them down whenever they become out of control. However, since the Androids were so powerful, they were capable of easily relinquishing the remote from him. They make their way to another one of Dr. Gero's creations, and decide to unleash this incomplete monster going by the name, Android 16. Android 20 is furious, and yells at them with increasing intensity to not activate Android 16, as its awakening might kill them all. Android 17 and Android 18 naturally do not listen to him and Android 17 effortlessly kills Android 20. Future Trunks at this point snaps and launches a full power ki blast in his Super Saiyan form at the Androids, destroying the whole lab and the surrounding mountainside. This does not faze them a bit and Android 17 and Android 18 awaken Android 16, who states that his main purpose is to kill Goku.

Battle with Android 17 and Android 18

The Z Warriors are aware of these new enemies, and begin to confront them, most of all Vegeta. Android 16 takes no part in the fight and opts to enjoy the sight of his surroundings wildlife creatures. Vegeta, eager to fully try out his new Super Saiyan abilities, challenges Android 18 to a fight. At first, it seems that Android 18 was no match, which shocks Future Trunks and the Z Fighters, but it soon becomes apparent that Android 18 is only toying with him. However, Vegeta doesn't know when to give up, and continues to fight and get beaten, thinking that he could tire them out. It becomes evident, that these two Androids, in fact, don't tire out or run out of energy, as they were built with almost unlimited internal power sources. Eventually Android 18 ends the battle by breaking Vegeta's arm with a kick. Android 17 comes and tells the Z Fighters that no one should interfere in the match, or he'll fight them as well. Regardless, Future Trunks jumps in to help his beaten father, but is taken out with one hit from Android 17. The others, having no choice, rush them as well only to be all taken out without effort. Vegeta's determination doesn't pull through when Android 18 breaks his other arm finally rendering him unconscious. This leaves only Krillin, who did not fight due to fear, unscathed. Krillin tries to reason with the Androids that Goku had done nothing to them and that going after him would be morally wrong. Android 17 then explains to Krillin that finding Goku is a game. Android 16 also said that he was programmed to kill Goku. Then Android 16 and Android 17 go off to find Goku but not before telling Krillin that if anyone else wants to face them again, they would gladly accept a rematch. Android 18 then kisses Krillin and they fly off. Krillin wonders if the Androids are as evil as Future Trunks warned but puts that aside and quickly heals the others, with the remaining Senzu Beans. Vegeta gets back to his feet and dusts himself off. His pride keeping him from admitting his inferior power, he flies off angrily. Future Trunks realizes that the Androids in the time period are far stronger than their counterparts in his own time, as he was able to fight them evenly for a time there. Piccolo comes to a realization that they don't have enough time to train, the only way for him to get strong enough is to become one being with Kami. He doesn't admit any of this to the others though, and tries to fool them into thinking he is still the evil King Piccolo by making idle threats and then flying off. Krillin is not fooled though, and instantly makes the realization that Piccolo is going to Kami's Lookout to fuse with him. He would then become one with Kami as they used to be long ago. A fusion of the two beings, where they become one being. Piccolo arrives and Kami already knows what he came for. Kami's unsure of the fusion for awhile but then agrees, but not because of the Androids, there was another, more vile threat to Earth that has been there for 4 years already. Piccolo also insists they are not uniting the way that they split into, that Kami is only to serve as a power boost for him. Nevertheless, they rejoin, and regain the identity that they had lost long ago as well as Kami's vast wisdom and knowledge, becoming a Super Namek. Piccolo heads for the area where the evil disturbance he sensed came from. When Kami disappeared, the Dragon Balls and Shenron ceased to exist. This is a problem that is later solved. With the knowledge of the new creature, Piccolo goes to investigate the threat.

Cell Saga

A New Threat

Krillin calls Capsule Corp. to tell Bulma that they are moving Goku to Kame House and Bulma tells them of a shocking discovery, another time machine that looks like the same one Future Trunks came in. Future Trunks is shocked because there is only one time machine in existence which is the one he has in his pocket as a capsule. She faxes over a picture of the other time machine and Future Trunks and Gohan go meet her to examine it. When they get to the place where the picture was taken, Future Trunks confirms that it was his machine. However, it looked aged with moss and had damage to the dome, damage showing that someone or something blasted its way out. Soon Gohan discovers an exoskeleton of some disgusting looking creature, and Bulma find eggshells. Soon, all the Z Fighters sense strange and familiar power levels from far away. Also there is a news report depicting that a local suburban district, Gingertown's population of 15,000 that completely vanished. All that was revealed was scattered clothing about everywhere and signs of a struggle. The source of the power levels, Future Trunks' aged time machine and the disappearances finally reveals himself as a hideous humanoid creature with insect qualities. The creature explains how the people of Gingertown all disappeared; by sucking the bio matter of a human with his unique tail, reducing him to nothing in front of Piccolo's eyes. Piccolo instantly confronts him, and they fight. Meanwhile, Android 16 detects two enormous powers fighting with his power radar, and tells the other two that one of the powers is equal to Android 17 himself. Android 17 bluffs this and believes that Android 16's power radar is broken and they drive off, foreshadowing things to come. Piccolo's strength is clear in this fight, he completely dominates the creature but is stunned with surprise when it shoots a Kamehameha wave at him. Distracted, Piccolo's arm is absorbed into a sagging mound of flesh, and he admits defeat while asking it who it is and how it made it here. The monster then goes on to reveal that its name was Cell, and how it was created by Dr. Gero as the perfect fighting android made up of the cells of the universe's strongest warriors. However, Dr. Gero saw the plan to create the ultimate bio soldier was taking too long so he abandoned the project. Instead, the supercomputer in charge of the project continued the project secretly. A special robot was created to capture the gene samples of Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo when they were fighting on Earth; Frieza and King Cold's genes were captured when they came to Earth and were killed by Future Trunks. Many others fell into that category too and that he had learned many of their strongest techniques and abilities. Future Trunks's genes were not collected though, as enough Sayian samples were collected. However, Imperfect Cell reveals his most disturbing fact, that his true purpose was to absorb the unique Infinite power cores of Android 17 and Android 18, reaching his Perfect Form. With the Earth's population low in his future, and Android 17 and Android 18 destroyed, Imperfect Cell decided to steal Future Trunks' Time Machine by killing Future Trunks himself and come back to this time, to a fresher planet with more victims. Piccolo at this point thinks he has enough information and reveals that he was bluffing the whole time by regenerating his arm back. Despite Imperfect Cell absorbing a lot of energy from Piccolo's arm, it realizes that it is no match for Piccolo at all and it is only made worse when Future Trunks, Krillin and Tien arrive as well. Imperfect Cell recognizes Future Trunks as the boy he killed in his own time line, and realizes that Future Trunks must be from another alternate time line. He then uses his Solar Flare technique to blind everyone and runs away, masking his power to be as undetectable by the others. Just then Vegeta, sensing a great ki, came over and is shocked when it comes from Piccolo. Piccolo explains the situation to Vegeta and the others, and Vegeta is angry that everything is surpassing him, the Legendary Super Sayian. He then vows to surpass the limits of Super Sayian and flies off. Future Trunks and Krillin, too leave to destroy the Imperfect Cell that is probably growing in this timeline to prevent another Imperfect Cell later. Meanwhile, Piccolo and Tien search desperately for Imperfect Cell, knowing that he has hidden his ki and is ever getting stronger by absorbing more victims.

Piccolo vs. Android 17

Back in the mountain region, Goku has to be moved because the Androids are joyriding their way up there. Goku is moved to Master Roshi's house. The Androids reach Goku's home and find that it is completely empty, so they proceed the next likely place for him to be, Kame House.

Back near Dr. Gero's laboratory, Future Trunks and Krillin discover a secret laboratory hidden underground, where Cell is presumed to be growing still infantile and weak. However, in the laboratory, they discover blueprints, which are the design specs of Android 17. Future Trunks eager to take the opportunity to find the weakness of the androids, takes it and he and Krillin both incinerate the baby Cell and the master computer with a ki blast. Krillin then destroys the laboratory they were in. However, on the way to Capsule Corporation, Future Trunks asks for Krillin to go alone, saying that he will try and train with his father to surpass Super Sayian as well. Krillin wishes him luck, and both part ways.

Meanwhile, Chi-Chi goes to check up on Goku when she finds him awake, looking out the window. Goku and the others (Chi-Chi and Master Roshi) exchange heartfelt greetings that he is fully awake again, and Goku explains that he overheard everyone talking about the situation while he was asleep. He then says his goodbyes and uses Instant Transmission to teleport to where the Z Fighters were (an aircraft which to find Imperfect Cell because he always knows the Z Fighters are coming by their ki and hides himself.) After everyone is happy that Goku's well again, Goku himself states that in his current state, he is no match for either the Androids or Imperfect Cell. This is why he plans to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Gohan, to train a whole year in one day and surpass Super Sayian. He leaves with Gohan, and also approaches Vegeta and Future Trunks to tell them about it. Future Trunks tells Goku that Vegeta has been standing on a rock cliff for three days straight without moving whatsoever. Goku is impressed that Vegeta already knows a little about how to surpass the Super Sayian, and tells him about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegeta is surprised and wants to go first, and Goku tells him to go with Trunks, since the Hyperbolic Time Chamber only supports up to 2 people at once. At Kami's Lookout, Vegeta and Future Trunks both enter the Room and Goku and Gohan begin to wait a day.

Almost a full day has passed. Piccolo is at the Kame House, watching the news and cursing Imperfect Cell and his evil while the others are taking a nap. However, suddenly Android 16, Android 17 and Android 18 arrive in front of Kame House. The shocked Piccolo is left wondering whether this is bad timing or a blessing from heaven. He then wakes up the others to confront the androids. Eventually both android and Piccolo alone decide to fight on one of the abandoned islands nearby. Android 17, thinking that Piccolo was the same power as last time, clearly underestimates him and is knocked down easily. Then both get serious and go all out, becoming evenly matched in power with Piccolo gaining a slight advantage with his new techniques. Meanwhile, Imperfect Cell notices Piccolo's huge ki and deduces that he must be fighting the Androids to be exerting so much power. He then rushes full speed to them, finally seeing a chance to become his perfect form. After intense fighting, Android 17 states that Piccolo won't be able to keep this up forever, as he doesn't have infinite stamina. Piccolo states that before that happens, Android 17 will make a mistake. They are about to continue fighting when suddenly Piccolo notices and looks in horror at a nearby rock with Imperfect Cell on top of it. The other Androids look in confusion to what is happening and Piccolo and Android 16 notices Imperfect Cell's new incredible power from absorbing many thousands of people.

Imperfect Cell's Arrival

Immediately after Imperfect Cell interrupted the battle between Android 17 and Piccolo, he began to inspect the other Androids. He recognizes Android 17 and Android 18, but stops short when he sees Android 16. However he just shrugs it off and thinks it is an old model. Android 17, however, does not recognize Imperfect Cell, and asks it to stop interrupting the battle. Piccolo is shocked that the Androids do not even know who Imperfect Cell is, and yells at Android 17 and Android 18 about how Imperfect Cell's purpose is to absorb them. Imperfect Cell takes this patiently and asks them to be merged with him to be the most powerful being that Dr. Gero dreamed of. Android 17 does not take the offer though, and Imperfect Cell begins to power up to an unparalleled power, showing how many lives he absorbed. He then beat Android 17 to a pulp to weaken him and then absorb him by force. Piccolo eventually interferes, and launches his Light Grenade attack at Imperfect Cell, but he is not fazed by it. Imperfect Cell then breaks Piccolo's neck with a strong punch and launches a ki wave through Piccolo's stomach. He then throws him into the sea. Gohan, sensing that Piccolo's ki had disappeared, goes on a rage and has to be held down by Goku. Also Tien comes to the island, watching the events but powerless to stop it. Android 16 at this point decides to finally fight. Android 18 asks what he can possibly do but Android 16 reveals that his power is even with Imperfect Cell's which shocks her. Android 16 tells them that he enjoyed traveling with them because they never killed or hurt humans or animals for pleasure. He then interrupts Imperfect Cell and begins to fight with him. At first Imperfect Cell seems to land many blows to Android 16, and even tries to absorb him, but he fails because Android 16 is completely mechanical. Android 16 then reveals his secret techniques, which overtakes Imperfect Cell. Android 16 then throws him to the ground and launches a Hell's Flash attack directly at Imperfect Cell, which hurts Imperfect Cell badly but fails to kill him. Android 17, seeing Android 16's power, gets incredibly cocky and plans to finish off Imperfect Cell despite Android 16 repeatedly telling both Android 17 and Android 18 to run away. He gets caught off guard and is absorbed by Imperfect Cell, who was hiding underground behind him. As Android 17 is sucked through Imperfect Cell's body, he begins a hideous transformation.

This saga continues from the previous saga. Cell is now in his Semi-Perfect Form. His first act is to test out his power. He does this by attacking Android 16 with a blast that severely damages the android. By doing this, he gets a taste of what his power can do and he has taken out the only thing preventing him from absorbing Android 18. After Android 18 refuses to join him, he tries to persuade her by using Android 17's voice, saying that he enjoys being a part of Semi-Perfect Cell. She doesn't fall for his trick and finally threatens to detonate her self destructing bomb, but Semi-Perfect Cell quickly informs her that while she's charging the blast, Semi-Perfect Cell will have enough time to stop and absorb her.

Finally, Tien has had enough of just watching Semi-Perfect Cell torment others and decides to step in and try to stop Semi-Perfect Cell. He manages to stall Semi-Perfect Cell with his new technique, the Neo Tri-beam, while the Androids find a place to hide. As he keeps firing the blast, his strength is decreasing until he finally collapses. Meanwhile at Kami's Lookout, Goku and Gohan sense what's going on below on Earth. Just as Semi-Perfect Cell is about to deliver the final blow to Tien, Goku appears using Instant Transmission. He manages to astonish Semi-Perfect Cell while he grabs Tien and Piccolo, who is barely alive, and teleports back to Kami's Lookout before Cell can attack him. He then gives them a Senzu Bean while Semi-Perfect Cell searches for Android 18 to complete his perfection.

The Saiyans Emerge

Just as Tien and Piccolo recover, they, along with Goku and Gohan, learn that Vegeta and Future Trunks have completed their training and are ready to emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Meanwhile, Bulma and Trunks are flying and meet up Krillin. She gives him a device that is capable of shutting down Android 18 within a 10 meter range. She then flies up to Kami's Lookout.

At the Lookout, Future Trunks and Vegeta emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with new power that will be more than enough to stand up to Semi-Perfect Cell. Bulma is shocked to see that Future Trunks has gained long hair (due to the 1 year=1 day rule). Vegeta quickly informs her that a pure blooded Saiyan's hair does not grow or change once it's fully grown. Just before Vegeta and Future Trunks leaves, Bulma provides to everyone, Saiyan armor that is identical to Vegeta's. All except Piccolo, who is proud of his Namekian heritage, and Tien, who refuses to dress like Vegeta, accepts the offer. Vegeta then rushes off to test his new power against Semi-Perfect Cell. Just before Future Trunks follows him, Goku gives him two Senzu Beans in case something goes wrong. As Future Trunks goes off to follow Vegeta, Goku prepares to start his mission in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber: to make Gohan a Super Saiyan and to push themselves to their very limit.

Super Vegeta

While Vegeta and Future Trunks go off to find Semi-Perfect Cell, Semi-Perfect Cell is getting tired of searching for Android 18 and decides to blow her and Android 16 out of hiding by blowing up the chain of islands nearby. He is stopped by Vegeta and Future Trunks. He is not impressed, as he does not know of their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegeta then shows his new strength by transforming into an Ascended Super Saiyan. Semi-Perfect Cell is still not impressed as he believes he is superior to Vegeta no matter what transformation he goes through. He soon learns that he is no match for the Saiyan Prince.

The battle starts with Vegeta completely dominating. Every attack that Semi-Perfect Cell would throw at him, he would counter and take advantage. While Vegeta is taking care of Semi-Perfect Cell, Krillin arrives on the battlefield with the remote controller that Bulma gave him. He soon finds the Androids but is conflicted from completing his mission with his feelings towards her.

Back at the Lookout, Piccolo and Tien watch the fight. Piccolo mentions that Vegeta is toying with Semi-Perfect Cell and he had the strength to defeat him a long time ago. He believes that that decision may come back to haunt him. In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan's chances of becoming Super Saiyan looks bleak. Goku then informs him that the transformation to Super Saiyan comes in response to a need, not a desire.

Perfect Cell

In the mist of the battle, Vegeta tells Semi-Perfect Cell he's tired of his whining and complaining. He then tells him that he had no chance of winning and that even by some miracle that he defeated Vegeta, Future Trunks would've finished him off. Semi-Perfect Cell then breaks down for he thinks his chance of becoming Perfect is shattered. However he came up with a plan to become perfect by manipulating Vegeta's pride into letting him become perfect. Vegeta falls for the trap and decides to let him become Perfect. However Future Trunks will not fall for it and decides to step in. Meanwhile, Krillin lets his personal feelings get in the way of his job, and he crushes the remote that could've destroyed Android 18. Semi-Perfect Cell soon finds the Androids but Future Trunks easily stops him before he can act. Vegeta eventually steps in after admiring his son's determination to the point that he even compares Trunks to himself. Everytime Future Trunks tries to stop Semi-Perfect Cell, Vegeta stops Future Trunks. However Future Trunks began to fight back, for he blasted Vegeta far away because he is too determined to save this timeline that he'd do it at all costs, a move that actually gained respect from Vegeta. Trunks then goes to stopping Cell. In an all-out attack, Trunks, Krillin, 18, and 16 try to stop Cell. However, Cell eventually uses the Solar Flare again. By blinding everyone he is finally able to absorb Android 18. To prevent any interference, Semi-Perfect Cell even puts up a barrier around himself, and a huge one around the entire island.

Meanwhile as Semi-Perfect Cell is transforming, in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan has realized that the only way for him to become a Super Saiyan is for his father to fight him at full power. The reluctant Goku then flies up, turns Super Saiyan, and prepares to fire a Kamehameha wave at Gohan. He does so and Gohan is able to hold it off. While blocking it, Gohan is sick of not being able to achieve his goals. He then remembers every time he was in danger and his friends helped him, but he wasn't able to help them when it's the other way around. This rage proves to be what Gohan needed, for he fed off of the rage and finally transformed into a Super Saiyan and fires the blast back at Goku.

Back at the battle field, an enraged Krillin attacks Perfect Cell along with Future Trunks but the attack has no absolute effect. Perfect Cell then with a mere kick, knocks Krillin unconscious. Future Trunks then gives him a Senzu Bean. Perfect Cell then resumes his fight with an unimpressed Vegeta.

Battle of the Futures

In the battle Perfect Cell only toys with Vegeta, only allowing Vegeta to believe he had a chance to win, just as Vegeta did with him. Perfect Cell hides his true power and makes it appears that he only gained speed by dodging his attacks. This frustrates Vegeta and he is finally able to land a kick to Perfect Cell's neck, but it doesn't even phase Perfect Cell. Vegeta is in utter shock as he mentions that he put all of his energy into that kick. Cell then, with only one kick, sends Vegeta flying across the island and into the water. Outraged, Vegeta flies into the sky and makes a challenge to Cell to take his next attack head-on. He then begins to charge a blast that he puts nearly every ounce of his energy in. Perfect Cell senses the energy Vegeta puts in his Final Flash attack and attempts to dodge it at the last minute but it destroys his right arm. However he regenerates and then, with a short series of attacks, knocks Vegeta unconscious.

Future Trunks finally comes in to save his father since he is unconscious (he didn't want to show his power in front of him because he feared Vegeta would hate him). He then transforms into an Ultra Super Saiyan. He amazingly fights on equal terms as Perfect Cell but then pretends to start to lose so Krillin can take Vegeta away from the battlefield but Perfect Cell knew of this plot. He then resumes his fight. Perfect Cell eventually finds the flaw in Future Trunks' transformation and taunts him to charge up his strength even more.

Back in the Hyperbolic Tiime Chamber Goku has discovered the Ascended and Ultra Super Saiyan forms and immediately discovers its weakness. He then comes up with a plan to stay in Super Saiyan form for so long that it feels natural so they won't have to waste the energy of transforming in a battle.

Future Trunks resumes his fight with Perfect Cell. Perfect Cell decides to exploit Future Trunks' weakness. He uses his speed advantage to defeat Future Trunks who is still wondering why he can't touch Perfect Cell. Cell tells him why and that he could've done the same if he wanted to. Realizing his foolish mistake, he quits the battle, he then tells Perfect Cell that he can kill him. However, Perfect Cell lets him live and is curious of how Future Trunks and Vegeta gained so much power in so little time. This leads him to come up with an idea of having a tournament called, the Cell Games, which will occur in ten days.

The Cell Games

After Perfect Cell announces the Cell Games, he announces that it will be held in 10 days. In those days, Perfect Cell makes his international announcement, Goku and Gohan return from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, mastering Complete Super Saiyan, Goku pays Perfect Cell a visit to see his new strength, the Z Warriors take a break and relax, Gohan and Goku encounter Mercenary Tao twice and beat him, Gohan turns 11, Dende takes the position as the new Guardian of Earth and creates a new 2-wish giving Shenron, the Royal Army attacks Perfect Cell but dies, and Hercule announces that he will defeat Perfect Cell at the Cell Games.

In the nine days remaining, most of the Z Fighters use the time to train, though Goku and Gohan spend six days of which resting. When the tournament commenced, Goku decided he would be the first one to fight Perfect Cell. Goku was the first actual fighter, for the "World Champion" Hercule attempted to fight Perfect Cell first, though he was easily knocked away and disqualified. Throughout the entire tournament he runs from the media covering the story, claiming that he is suffering from intense stomach pains and and calls the techniques in the ring "Tricks or Illusions". Goku and Perfect Cell began to battle and in a heated display of power, technique and ability, Goku seems to be able to keep up against the mechanically engineered monster. Perfect Cell pulled out all kinds of tricks, performing various moves such as the Death Beam and the Kamehameha wave.

Goku and Perfect Cell battled for a while until Perfect Cell grew tired of being confined to the small ring. So Perfect Cell destroyed the ring and made the battle an all-out fight, just to make things more interesting for him, with no rules applied. Goku threw everything he could at Perfect Cell and even tricked Perfect Cell into believing he would destroy the Earth with a Kamehameha wave. This is where the Warp Kamehameha wave was introduced. Perfect Cell was noticeably afraid as Goku powered up the energy blast, but Goku tricked him by performing Instant Transmission to teleport directly in front of Perfect Cell, and unleashed the blast on him. The entire top half of Perfect Cell was disintegrated. The Z Warriors seemed content until the remains of Perfect Cell jumped to its feet and regenerated. Goku knew that if he continued the Earth would be destroyed, or Perfect Cell and himself would die fighting each other. Goku suddenly forfeited the match to Perfect Cell and surrendered. He reasoned that only one person could defeat Perfect Cell. When Goku revealed his son Gohan as his pick to fight, the Z Fighters were furious (noticeably Vegeta and Piccolo) and Perfect Cell was amused.

Gohan versus Perfect Cell

It took awhile for the battle to commence between Gohan and Perfect Cell, and even longer for Gohan to get serious. As a Full Power Super Saiyan, he did no better than his father, and the Z Fighters were noticeably worried (except Goku). As the battle continued Gohan told Perfect Cell to stop fighting, and he told him that the power he could harness when he became enraged would destroy everything. However, this only fueled Perfect Cell's desire to push Gohan to the limit much to Gohan's horror. Finally, Android 16 decided to destroy Perfect Cell himself with the self destruct device in his body. He wrapped his arms around Perfect Cell's torso (similar to how Chiaotzu tried to kill Nappa by self destructing), with the purpose of killing them both. To Android 16's surprise, Krillin informs that the bomb had been removed by Bulma when she re-programmed him earlier during repairs. Perfect Cell then gained the upper hand and destroyed all of Android 16 but his head, which rolled over the battlefield. Perfect Cell even claimed that even if the bomb did blow up, he would most likely not be affected too much, despite his fearful look when he found out what Android 16 was intending to do. Perfect Cell then created 7 smaller blue versions of himself from his tail, christened the Cell Jr.'s. After they were born he ordered them to attack the Z Fighters, but not kill them. Each Cell Jr. were close to the power of Perfect Cell himself. Only Piccolo, Vegeta and Future Trunks in their Super Saiyan 2nd Grade forms managed to hold them off for a while, but eventually all of them were brutally beaten up (even Goku, who was weakened from his fight with Perfect Cell). As Gohan watched these maniacal minions heartlessly beat his friends and family, he became angry, but it was still not enough. Perfect Cell, noticing Gohan's anger, ordered the Cell Jr.s to kill everyone. At this point, Hercule discovered the head of Android 16 which, surprisingly, could still talk. Android 16 pleaded with Hercule to take him near Gohan (throw him if he had to), for the sake of the world. Hercule complied despite his fear and the Android's head landed between Gohan and Cell. Android 16 gave some advice and words of encouragement to Gohan, saying it was okay to fight sometimes to defend loved ones, and to protect the nature he loved. Perfect Cell, overhearing this, claimed that this was good advice and promptly crushed Android 16's head beneath his foot. This was the breaking point, and Gohan snapped. This enraged Gohan to the very limits and pushed him to a new level, Super Saiyan 2, the Super Saiyan level ascended beyond a Super Saiyan. (Although it was not named at this point in the series) Perfect Cell was pleased when Gohan reached this form but Gohan's first action was mercilessly killing off the smaller Cell Jr.s, which he defeated in a single hit each. The already astounded Z Warriors, with the exception of Goku, were amazed as Gohan and Perfect Cell began to battle, with Gohan dominating the powerful Android. Even after Cell powered up to maximum (which surprised everyone, who all thought Cell was at full power when he fought Goku) and punched Gohan hard in the face, Gohan was barely phased at all. With just 2 punches, Gohan almost incapacitated Cell completely. Perfect Cell truly learned fear when Gohan began dodging his all his attacks, taunting him, and overpowering even his strongest Kamehameha at point blank range. This almost destroyed Cell, but Gohan decided to let Cell suffer for a while, which made Goku order Gohan to kill Cell. But it was too late. Cell regenerated using Piccolo's Cells. Making the same mistake Future Trunks made earlier, he began a USS-like transformation that reduced his speed drastically, making him unable to hit Gohan. After Gohan had had enough of dodging Cell's punches, he kicked Cell in the face and then in the stomach. The kick to the stomach was hard enough to make Cell regurgitate Android 18, which made him go back to his Semi-Perfect form.

Enraged, Semi-Perfect Cell threatened to destroy the whole planet and began to self destruct. Goku decided to step in because if he didn't, Semi-Perfect Cell would have killed himself, destroying the planet with him. Goku used the Instant Transmission to reach Semi-Perfect Cell and then transmitted them both to King Kai's Planet, which was subsequently destroyed along with Goku, Semi-Perfect Cell, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory. The Z Warriors were in anguish over what had transpired and knew Goku took his life for the rest of the planet. But to their surprise, a strong wind began to blow and a tremendously powerful force came upon them. Cell was back! A single Death Beam by Cell impaled Future Trunks and killed him. He came back in his "Perfect" Form due to the fact that his cells stored the memory of his perfect form away, and he was exponentially stronger than before because his core remained unharmed, and from it he had regenerated. He had become a lot stronger thanks to the Saiyan cells inside him, which after a near-death experience, increased his power dramatically. This power increase brought Cell up to a form he calls "Ultimate Perfection" (known by many as Super Perfect Cell). The once distraught Gohan was in fact pleased to see Super Perfect Cell had returned, and hoped to avenge his father. Vegeta, seeing his own son get killed by Super Perfect Cell, became stunned, but this soon turned into anger as he went into a berserk rage against Super Perfect Cell. Despite everyone telling him that Future Trunks could be revived by the Dragon Balls, Vegeta, who was now a Super Saiyan, attacked Super Perfect Cell mercilessly and attacked him with an array of energy blasts. It was absolutely hopeless, however, as Super Perfect Cell gave one hit to Vegeta that knocked him out and almost killed him. He was about to kill Vegeta off with a Ki blast, but Gohan intercepted the blast with his own arm. It became badly damaged, and hung limply at his side. Vegeta, in a rare moment, actually apologised to Gohan. Super Perfect Cell jumped back and prepared for an attack. Super Perfect Cell fired a Kamehameha wave at Gohan that he claimed was powerful enough to destroy the entire solar system. After losing use of one of his arms and seeing how much stronger Cell was now, Gohan seemingly lost all hope of destroying Super Perfect Cell and gave up, until he heard Goku communciating to him from the Other World via King Kai. Goku encouraged Gohan to believe in his power, and with new-found hope, Gohan prepared a one-handed Kamehameha. Since Gohan had used up a lot of energy and only used one arm, which had been injured by Super Perfect Cell's blast, for a Kamehameha, he was at a disadvantage. This coupled with the fact that Super Perfect Cell was equal to or greater than Gohan (when he first turned into a Super Saiyan 2) in power seemed to bring Gohan down all the more. The battle between the Kamehameha waves proved intense. As Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin, and Yamcha watched, they begun to doubt Gohan's power. In a heated battle between Gohan and Super Perfect Cell, the Kamehameha wave grew and grew. Even though Cell nearly overtook Gohan several times, Gohan was aided by his father during the battle, who encouraged him and supported him against Super Perfect Cell. With this encouragement, Gohan was finally in the right state of mind to put forth his full power, which seemingly brought the Kamehameha duel to a standstill. Everyone but Vegeta also assisted him, in a four-sided attack. The distraction helped Gohan push his power even further. But it still wasn't enough. Vegeta, caught in his pride, ponders over whether to go help Gohan or stay on the sidelines. Finally, Vegeta's better side brought him to power up to maximum and go help Gohan.

Peace At Last

Even though Gohan was giving it all of his power, Super Perfect Cell begins to take a huge upper hand in the struggle once again, which leaves everyone, even Goku and Gohan, very worried. Cell was about to fully overtake Gohan and the Earth and everything on it was about to be destroyed, when suddenly a surprise Final Flash from Vegeta leaves Super Perfect Cell a bit stunned and very distracted. Gohan seizes the opportunity, encouraged by Goku in Heaven, and unleashes all the rest of his strength into the Kamehameha wave, which overwhelms Super Perfect Cell's Kamehameha and envelops him in the enormous energy. As Super Perfect Cell's body disintegrates it is obvious Super Perfect Cell cannot understand that he has been defeated. His core is the last thing to burn up in the Kamehameha, and its destruction marks the moment of Super Perfect Cell's death. Everyone was exhausted, especially Gohan, who had used up nearly all his energy to defeat Super Perfect Cell. Of course, despite his extreme fatigue and injuries, Gohan could only smile as the Z fighters looked upon him with pride and as Goku told him how proud he was of him.

After the battle ends, the heroes made their way to Kami's Lookout, renamed Dende's Lookout because Dende became the Earth's Guardian after Piccolo had fused with the Earth's previous Guardian, Kami. Super Perfect Cell was gone but so was Goku, and after the Z Warriors attempted to wish him back after wishing all of Cell's victims back (this included Future Trunks), but failed because Goku had already been wished back to life once before and Shenron cannot revive a person more than once, and of Goku's decision to stay in Other World. Goku explained that he seems to attract evil people, so it would be better for the Earth to live in peace without him. He also said that Gohan surpassed him greatly now, so there would be no worries if another threat came. With the second wish, Krillin wanted the Androids to be wished into people due to his crush on Android 18. But Shenron could not grant the wish, as both Androids were stronger than him and he could not change anything about their persons. So Krillin instead wished that the bombs inside both of them were removed. This Shenron could do with ease. Android 18, who had been hiding revealed herself and got angry at Krillin for thinking that would soften her feeling for any of them. She then flew off, but not before saying "See you later." Piccolo planned to stay at Kami's Lookout to train Dende to become a good Guardian of Earth, and Gohan promised to visit him every once in a while. Future Trunks planned to stay for the night and leave for the future the next day after a good sleep. Tien told them he would probably never see them again, and after saying goodbye, left to see Chiaotzu. As everyone said their goodbyes and parted ways, Yamcha told Future Trunks what Vegeta did for him. After hearing this Future Trunks became for the first time, proud of his father. Meanwhile, Hercule lies to the whole world by claiming credit for Super Perfect Cell's defeat. As Super Perfect Cell has been destroyed and Shenron has revived Cell's victims, the people of Earth believe that this is proof that Hercule defeated Super Perfect Cell and can magically revive the dead, despite seeing him lose pathetically to Perfect Cell on TV.

At the end of this saga, Future Trunks returns to his own time via his time machine after heartfelt goodbyes from the present (Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, Bulma, her parents, and even Vegeta), and, thanks to his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, destroys both Android 17 and Android 18 with ease. 3 years later, when Future Trunks was planning a trip to the present to tell them about the destruction of the Androids, Cell in his Imperfect Form would plan to kill him and take his time machine. However, he was quickly killed, due to Future Trunks' greatly increased power. His future is then restored to peaceful times as long as Future Trunks, the last Z Fighter is alive.

Great Saiyaman Saga

After the events of the Cell Games, a deceased Goku is summoned with the top student of the West Kai, Pikkon, to solve a disturbance in Hell, where Frieza, his father King Cold, Super Perfect Cell and the Ginyu Force are terrorizing the guards to tell them the way out. While Pikkon takes care of a guard who had almost been killed by some spikes, Goku takes on the Ginyu Force and easily dispatches of them. However, when Super Perfect Cell heads straight for Goku, Pikkon intervenes, taking him out with ease, and also Frieza and King Cold.

After peace in the Other World is returned, Goku is informed by King Kai of an Other World Tournament that is taking place. During the tournament, Goku & Pikkon easily defeat their opponents, but then face each other in the final. At first, both seem equal in strength, but then Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and Pikkon starts fighting at his full power. As the battle gets more intense, Pikkon seems to have the upper hand, taking down Goku with his Hyper Tornado and Thunder Flash techniques. But at the last moment, when Pikkon decides to use his Thunder Flash for the third time, Goku utilizes his Instant Transmission and counters with his Kamehameha, blasting Pikkon out of the arena, seemingly giving Goku a victory until the Grand Kai disqualifies them both because they touched the ceiling, which is not allowed, thus ending the match in a draw. However, for giving him such a great match, he agrees to train them both for 100 years. However, Goku refuses the proposal, saying that 100 years is far too long.

Meanwhile, seven years later on Earth, Gohan is an 18-year-old teenager and spends his days studying at Orange Star High School, trying not to reveal his hidden powers, as that would attract unwanted attention to himself. On his first day to high school, he witnesses a bank robbery. To hide his identity, he transforms into a Super Saiyan and takes out the robbers, becoming the talk of the city, with the nickname "Gold Fighter". Videl, Hercule's daughter and classmate of Gohan's, who generally fights trouble in the city and gets assistance from the police as well, is suspicious that Gohan may be the "Gold Fighter". Afraid of being caught out, Gohan asks Bulma to make him a costume that will conceal his identity while fighting.

He becomes the " Great Saiyaman", a hero of justice, but Videl is suspicious of the new superhero, and later finds out his secret, keeping it a promise in exchange for flying lessons and on the condition that Gohan enters in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. And this leads up to all the events of the Buu arc.

World Tournament Saga

The story continues on from the Great Saiyaman Saga. The World Tournament Saga follows many of the Z Fighters along with minor characters competing in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Goten and Trunks also enter the tournament even though they must resort to disguising as one person known in the tournament as Mighty Mask since they fall under 16 year of age or older requirement for the junior division. Goku who is still technically dead from the previous saga is granted permission to spend one day on Earth in order to compete in the tournament. The Z Fighters easily make it to the main tournament matches which are as follows:

  • 1. Krillin versus Pintar
  • 2. Piccolo (under the alias " Ma Junior") versus the Supreme Kai (under the alias "Shin")
  • 3. Videl versus Spopovich
  • 4. Gohan versus Kibito
  • 5. Hercule versus Android 18
  • 6. Goku versus Vegeta
  • 7. Mighty Mask versus Kilah
  • 8. Jewel versus Yamu.

Krillin comes out victorious from his match with Pintar. Piccolo is matched against the mysterious Shin. Seemingly terrified Piccolo withdraws from the match telling Goku and the others that he believes Shin is actually the Supreme Kai. Videl steps up to fight the muscle bound Spopovich next who brutally beats her, nearly to death. After rushing her to the hospital Gohan steps into the ring against Kibito who demands that he transform into a Super Saiyan. Gohan then informs him that he will rather "take it to the next level" and turns into a super saiyan 2. Upon doing this Gohan is assaulted by Spopovich and Yamu who drain his energy and then fly off. Shin reveals himself as the Supreme Kai (although he is now the only Supreme Kai due to the deaths of all the others) and tells them of the wizard Babidi's plan to resurrect the evil Majin Buu. Yamu and Spopovich were two of his minions and in order to restore Majin Buu they must collect large amounts of energy. Supreme Kai intended to give them just that so that they would lead him to Babidi's ship. Kibito heals Gohan and they (along with Piccolo, Vegeta, Goku, Supreme Kai, and Krillin) fly off after Yamu and Spopovich.

Babidi Saga

The story continues from the World Tournament Saga. The Z Fighters are still searching for Spopovich and Yamu. They come across a spaceship and watch secretly as Spopovich and Yamu meet with Pui Pui followed by Dabura and Babidi. Babidi takes the energy the two fighters have brought to him and kills them. After sensing the hidden Z Fighters, Dabura and Babidi plan to lure the Z Fighters to drain them of their energy needed to revive a powerful foe shown sealed in a pink ball. Dabura engages the Z Fighters and easily kills Kibito in the process. After brief fighting Dabura manages to turn Krillin and Piccolo into stone with his spit. Dabura finally retreats back to the spaceship leaving the remaining Z Fighters questioning what to do next.

Supreme Kai explains that in order to return Krillin and Piccolo back to their normal state they must defeat Dabura. Supreme Kai, Gohan, Goku and Vegeta enter the ship in order to stop Babidi's plans and avenge their friends. Inside the spaceship Pui Pui explains that they must defeat 3 fighters to get to Babidi of which he is the first. The Z Fighters agree and use the Rock, Paper, Scissors method to see who will fight Pui Pui, from which Vegeta is the winner. Babidi teleports Pui Pui and Vegeta to Pui Pui's home planet (since the planet has a gravity of ten times the level on Earth), to give Pui Pui the advantage. However, Vegeta, being accustomed to training at at least 450 times normal gravity, easily kills Pui Pui with little effort. On the next level of the ship it is Goku's turn to fight a monster called Yakon. Babidi teleports them to Yakon's completely dark planet. Yakon is able to eat light energy, so when Goku turns Super Saiyan in order to see, Yakon eats his energy and becomes even more powerful. Goku uses this to his advantage, generating more power than Yakon can handle by transforming into his Super Saiyan 2 form, causing him to explode.

Back at the World Tournament, over half the fighters are eliminated. Hercule suggests a Battle Royale, so all 5 remaining fighters: Hercule, Android 18, Mighty Mask, Kilah and Jewel get in the ring at once. Kilah and Jewel are defeated instantly, and the main struggle is between Mighty Mask and Android 18. However, Android 18 soon discovers that Mighty Mask is Goten and Trunks in disguise, and after Android 18 exposes the duo with an energy attack, they are disqualified. Goten and Trunks quickly leave. Now only Android 18 and Hercule are left, so Android 18 proposes Hercule give her 20 million zenni (double the tournament prize money) and she will let him win, as she doesn't want all the fame. He agrees, and using his Hercule Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch he pretends to knock her out of the ring.

Meanwhile, on the third level of the ship it is Gohan's turn to fight Dabura as he is the third remaining warrior protecting Babidi. They are transported to a mountainous range and engage in battle. At first Gohan is a little rusty with his fighting skills, allowing Dabura to best him for a while until he transforms into a Super Saiyan and becomes roughly equal with Dabura. Vegeta doubtful of Gohan's ability to beat Dabura and argues with Goku that he wishes to fight Dabura himself. Dabura notices the argument and asks Babidi to teleport them back. Back at the ship Dabura and Babidi discuss that Vegeta does not have a pure heart and could be used to their advantage. Babidi uses his magic to try to take control of Vegeta and quite easily does transforming him into Majin Vegeta, improving his power and turning him against his friends.

Babidi transports the Z Warriors including Majin Vegeta back to the World Tournament arena where there is still a celebration over hercule's apparent victory of the tournament. Majin Vegeta destroys portions of the stadium, killing people in the process to convince Goku to fight him. Majin Vegeta reveals that Goku has surpassed Vegeta's ability and strength on many occasions and that he wants to regain his pride by beating Goku. The two are then teleported to a desert plane where they engage in battle. The battle lasts for a good while, they seem evenly matched at first, but Goku truly hides his ultimate power. Majin Vegeta and Goku continue to battle while Gohan and Supreme Kai go off to fight Babidi. Majin Vegeta announces that he has not completely succumbed to Babidi's control but only allowed Babidi to turn him evil by his own desire to return to his old ways. Back at the space ship, Gohan and Supreme Kai are about to fight Dabura and Babidi, but before they can, it is revealed that the machine has reached full power which in turn will open up the spell casted egg. The story continues into the Majin Buu Saga.

Majin Buu Saga

Majin Buu was created thousands of years ago by the evil wizard Bibidi. Following Bibidi's orders Majin Buu destroyed countless worlds and murdered billions but as time went by Majin Buu became more and more difficult for Bibidi to control. Because of this Bibidi began to seal Majin Buu up in a magic ball as they moved between worlds. Once they arrived Bibidi would cast a spell that would unleash Majin Buu upon the planet, and when Majin Buu was finished another spell would lock him up again. Majin Buu was only stopped from destroying the Earth because Supreme Kai confronted and defeated Bibidi before he could release Majin Buu. With nobody to cast the spell to unlock the ball Majin Buu was sealed forever. The Supreme Kai considered attempting to destroy Majin Buu while he was in the ball, but considered it too risky as there was a good chance all he would achieve would be to release Majin Buu.

Bibidi had a son, the evil wizard Babidi who knew all of his father's spells except the spell that could release Majin Buu. But many years after Majin Buu's containment, Babidi through clever scheming was able to release his father's creation ( Babidi Saga).


Majin Buu is bright pink in colour and his body seems to have the consistency of chewing gum. He wears billowy white trousers held up with a black belt with a gold buckle bearing the 'M' Majin symbol. He wears bright yellow boots and gloves. He also wears a black vest and a purple cape. He is constantly grinning, his eyes seem shut all the time, and his head has a small tentacle attached to it that can be used as a magical ray to transform people into food, such as chocolate and milk.

When Majin Buu comes out of the egg, Goku and Majin Vegeta sense his energy and put the battle on hold. They realize the true danger and go to fight him, but Majin Vegeta tricks Goku into letting down his guard and attacks him from the back. He then takes a Senzu Bean and flies off to fight Majin Buu without Goku's interference.

Initially the most surprising thing about Majin Buu is his childlike manner. This villain is unlike his predecessors Frieza and Cell, who were ruthless killers that seemed to only care about pain and suffering to others. This creature dances around the place, making unfunny jokes which only he finds amusing and speaks in a high-pitched voice. Many of the Z Fighters underestimate Majin Buu because of his actions. The evil king of the demon world Dabura makes this mistake and attacks Majin Buu and in this conflict we begin to understand the creature's powers. Majin Buu has amazing regenerative capabilities. Any damage done to his body can be almost instantly repaired. When a hole is blown in Majin Buu's stomach it is repaired quickly and it seems nothing ever happened to him. Dabura is dispatched quickly with Majin Buu's favourite technique, a beam of pink energy that shoots out of his head tentacle. This beam has the ability to convert anything it touches into anything Majin Buu wants, usually food. Dabura is turned into a cookie and gobbled up.

Majin Vegeta finally makes his way to the location of Majin Buu and Babidi's ship but his entrance does not go unnoticed. He completely destroys Babidi's ship. Majin Buu goes up against Majin Vegeta, who manages to violently pummel Majin Buu. Majin Vegeta, whose abilities are equivalent to a Super Saiyan 2, continues to best Majin Buu in hand to hand combat, but Majin Buu keeps regenerating. Majin Buu, enraged, powers up and injures Majin Vegeta badly. Majin Buu then attacks the injured Saiyan and angrily beats him to a pulp. After Majin Vegeta comes to the conclusion that he must do everything he can to safeguard his family and adoptive home. Realizing that Trunks is nearby, he hugs his son for a final goodbye and knocks out both him and Goten as they try to help whilst Piccolo slices Babidi in half. Piccolo and Krillin fly them away and Majin Vegeta commits suicide in a massive blast that blows Majin Buu to pieces. Despite this sacrifice, Majin Buu simply reforms and regenerates Babidi from Piccolo's attack.

Bulma and the other supporting characters go around collecting the Dragon Balls. They summon Shenron and make the first wish that everyone who died since the morning of the World Martial Arts Tournament can come back to life. All the people killed by Majin Vegeta and Dabura come back to life. Goku teleports there and stops them from making the next wish, and Shenron goes away for 6 months instead of a whole year. He teleports them all to Kami's Lookout.

Supreme Kai has wandered around trying to find Gohan, and the wished-back Kibito finds both and heals them. Supreme Kai then teleports them all to his own planet. The first mortal to actually step foot on the Kai Planet, Gohan begins training with the Z Sword after pulling it from the stone.

Goku subsequently begins to teach the boys Goten and Trunks how to do the Fusion Dance. Goku has learned this technique from an alien race called the Metamori, during the seven years after Super Perfect Cell's defeat in the Other World. They will take a long time to learn this, more time than Goku has. Since Goku is pressed for time, he ends up showing Piccolo the dance so that he can continue the training. Meanwhile, Babidi desperately threatens to return Majin Buu to his ball unless Majin Buu complies with his orders. Babidi is on a mission to find Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks because of their earlier interference. To help speed this process, Babidi telepathically communicates with the people of Earth, forcing them to watch Majin Buu as he attacks a city. Majin Buu converts the entire population into jawbreakers which he sucks up in one mighty gasp and eats. He then levels the city much to Babidi's delight. The next city suffers the same fate, as he turns the population into chocolate bars.

In order to buy time for Trunks to get the Dragon Radar, Goku approaches Majin Buu and Babidi, and starts giving them a show of his strength. He figures this will be enough to impress Babidi, stall him, and keep Majin Buu occupied, also stalling him. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, then a Super Saiyan 2, and finally transforms into the long-haired Super Saiyan 3. The energy unleashed in this form startles everyone across the planet. Even Tien and Chiaotzu feel the power of the Super Saiyan 3. Babidi doesn't seem too impressed with the first two forms since he has already witnessed them in Vegeta and Gohan, but the third one has a different effect. This still doesn't give Goten and Trunks enough time, so Goku decides to battle against Majin Buu. The battle starts off at a quick pace as Goku demonstrates his new powers. Goku once again holds back his efforts, because he knows that it isn't his job to save the Earth anymore and he wants to let the new generation, Goten and Trunks, take over for the planet's protection. During this battle, Goku is able to obtain the upper hand, but cannot cause any permanent damage to Majin Buu, who regenerates from his every attack and even shocks Goku by performing one of Vegeta's techniques. After a while, Goku feels that enough time has passed and decides to return to the lookout. Goku thus succeeds in giving Goten and Trunks the sufficient time for their training.

Majin Buu grows tired of Babidi and, through simple trickery, is able to dispose of the wizard by punching his head off and then disintegrating his body. In between bouts of mass destruction and his childish-like acts, Majin Buu builds a house and meets Hercule.

The Super Saiyan 3 transformation has decreased Goku's time on Earth, so when he arrives at the lookout, it is already too late. He must go back to the Other World. Piccolo continues to teach the boys the Fusion Dance and, after two mishaps where they fail miserably, they successfully fuse and fly off to fight Majin Buu, who still proves stronger and subsequently beats them.

In Other World, Goku finds Gohan alive and, during training, the Z Sword breaks due to a training-related accident with the strongest metal in the universe, Klangite. Elder Kai comes out and begins to unlock Gohan's inner latent potential, called the "Mystic" powers.

Hercule lies about destroying Super Perfect Cell several years ago and now that the Earth is in danger again, the people turn to him for help. Arriving at Majin Buu's house, Hercule befriends the pink monster and even convinces him to give up killing. Majin Buu adopts a puppy called 'Bee' and things seem to be going well. Then, two men arrive and shoot the puppy along with Hercule.

Fusion Saga


The second Majin Buu we see is Evil Buu, who looks like a grey and desiccated version of Majin Buu at first. Evil Buu kills Van Zant who shot Hercule and the puppy and then confronts and fights Majin Buu. Majin Buu attempts his conversion attack on Evil Buu, but Evil Buu simply reflects it back at him. Good Majin Buu is turned into chocolate and is eaten by Evil Buu. This throws the two back together but creates a whole new, "Super" Buu. Super Buu is now muscular, wearing just the billowing white pants and black boots. He is also considerably more powerful. He then displays an attack on Smitty that was involved in shooting Hercule and Bee by turning himself into liquid form and goes into the man's mouth and down his windpipe. The man is overloaded and explodes. Super Buu then sees Hercule and Bee cowering from him, and goes to attack the two of them, but holds back and flies away.

With the ability to sense life energy now, Buu journeys to Kami's Lookout where the Z Fighters and their loved ones are waiting for Goten and Trunks to master the fusion technique so that they can fight Super Buu. However, Super Buu is a day early and the boys aren't ready. In an act of desperation, Piccolo pleads with Super Buu to return to the surface and wait an extra day, saying there are plenty of people for Super Buu to have fun with. Piccolo knows that Super Buu's victims can be resurrected with the Dragon Balls. In response, Super Buu launches his Human Extinction Attack, an assault that quickly kills every human on Earth with the exception of Tien, Chiaotzu, and Hercule.

Super Buu agrees to wait one more hour before facing Goten and Trunks. During this period, Goku's wife, Chi-Chi, slaps Super Buu and verbally remonstrates him for killing her son, Gohan (who is actually not dead, but is training on Supreme Kai's Planet). Super Buu's response is turning Chi-Chi into an egg with his tentacle and then stepping on her. Before the hour is up, Super Buu becomes very impatient, so Piccolo tricks Super Buu into following him along a very long route to reach the boys, buying them additional time.

Super Buu enters the HyperBolic Time Chamber and begins his battle with Gotenks (Goten and Trunks fused). He fights Gotenks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Gotenks puts up a relatively good battle with clever new tricks in addition to older ones. But when it appears that Gotenks is losing the battle, Piccolo destroys the entrance, thus trapping them inside forever. Super Buu is shocked that Piccolo would sacrifice himself and the boys, just to keep him in the room. After a few hours of being trapped, Super Buu decides to take measures into his own hands. He realizes that he will never eat chocolate again and, in his rage, screams a hole between dimensions, returning to the lookout through the portal. Piccolo and Gotenks are too late to go through the portal. Super Buu makes his way outside and turns everyone he can find into chocolate, devouring them. Gotenks and Piccolo copy Super Buu and escape when Gotenks transforms into a Super Saiyan 3, shocking Piccolo. Unfortunately, they are too late to help their friends and family.

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Super Buu do battle on the lookout, completely destroying it. The battle wages on in the skies, with SS3 Gotenks being on a par with Super Buu. Near the end of the fight, a beaten and battered Gotenks gains control and leaves Super Buu on the verge of death. As he moves in to finish him off, the power of the Super Saiyan 3 fades, as he reverts to his base form. Without being a Super Saiyan 3, Gotenks realises he is no match for Super Buu, who manages to regenerate, completely refreshing his life energy. Soon after, Gotenks defuses and becomes Trunks and Goten again. Piccolo realises all hope is lost, but still demands to take one last stand.

But not all hope was lost. After some time on the Kai World and impressive training from the Elder Kai, Gohan becomes very strong. After awakening his potential, he heads back to Earth. He makes his way back to find out what happened to Earth and encounters Super Buu. Gohan demands a battle, in an attempt to save the world. Gohan starts off strong and completely overpowers Super Buu. Suddenly, Super Buu realizes Gohan is too much for him and will surely be killed. He powers up and tells Gohan he will self destruct, taking everyone with him. As Gohan grabs the others and flies away, Super Buu explodes. However, Super Buu was not completely destroyed and regenerated. He understood that Goten and Trunks would have to wait to fuse and hid in the meantime. When the warriors returned, Super Buu inexplicablly challenged the boys as their fused self Gotenks. Gohan and Piccolo saw no reason not to allow this as Gohan could have finished Super Buu off at any time. But Super Buu was very clever, and as soon as the boys fused, he absorbed them, and Piccolo, thus becoming stronger, and more intelligent than ever before.

Super Buu is the most intelligent form of Majin Buu. He has the face of Piccolo along with the powers of Piccolo and Gotenks combined with his own. His head tentacle is now huge, stretching down past his waist. His assault on Gohan is devastating and it compels Elder Kai to give his life to Goku, so Goku can return from Other World with a plan to fuse with his son and defeat Super Buu. Back on Earth, Tien arrives to back Gohan up, but after a short battle, Super Buu easily disposes of him. That's when Goku arrives and throws the fusing earring to the badly injured Gohan, who drops it and is left searching desperately through the rocks. Goku, in order to bide time for Gohan, power up to a Super Saiyan 3 and tries to go up againt Super Buu. He is easily outclassed, but manages to do fairly well, not getting too badly hurt. Gohan eventually finds the earring but by that time, Super Buu manages to quickly absorb him, skyrocketing his powers to unimaginable heights. Goku seems to be out of luck until the Other World allows Vegeta to go back. Luckily Vegeta does arrive from Other World with special dispensation to fight Super Buu. Goku and Vegeta fight Buu as Super Saiyan 2's for a while, but are easily defeated. With Piccolo, Trunks, Goten and Gohan within him, they realize he's too much. Goku then suggests the fusion earrings that Elder Kai gave to him. The only difference from the dance is that the earrings are more powerful and they're permanent. It takes Vegeta some time to agree to fuse with Goku, but the want to restore the world and return the safety of his family finally gets to Vegeta and he decides to go through with it. Goku and Vegeta fuse using the Potara fusion earrings to form Vegito and they proceed to fight Super Buu. Super Buu has difficulty fighting the fused being, throwing everything he has and finding it insufficient. Whatever Super Buu tries to do to Vegito, Vegito counters twice as hard. After the fight begins, Vegito decides to turn it up a notch and transforms into a Super Saiyan. This proves to be another brick wall for Super Buu as Vegito is 3x as strong as he was before. Super Buu is nearly defeated, but eventually manages to turn Vegito into a coffee-flavoured jawbreaker. But this piece of candy still possesses intelligence and all of Vegito's powers. Unable to damage the candy, Super Buu is compelled to restore Vegito. He then manages to absorb them. Delighted with his seeming victory, Super Buu goes on a rampage, wishing only that he'd kept some humans around for more entertainment. However, when Vegito was absorbed, he had a power field around him, and his powers weren't given to Super Buu like Gohan's, Piccolo's and Gotenks' were. Instead, Vegito separated inside of Super Buu creating Vegeta and Goku again. For the whole time they are there, they have all kinds of elements to go against. After fighting Super Buu's mind and a giant worm, they find Majin Buu, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo all covered in some sort of material from the neck down inside Super Buu's brain. They rip out their friends from these pods. Goku and Vegeta also take Majin Buu from the pod. They find a way out, causing Super Buu to power up and then revert into Kid Buu. The action Continues in the Kid Buu Saga.

Kid Buu Saga


Kid Buu's first target is the Earth, which, in a psychotic episode, he completely annihilates in a single energy blast as soon as his transformation is complete. Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks all die in the blast. This creates the first death for Gohan, Goten, and Trunks, respectively. Vegeta, Goku, Hercule, Dende, and the puppy Bee are the only survivors. Kibito Kai saves them by using the instant transmission and they make it to The Sacred Kai Planet. Vegeta berates Goku for the needless deaths of their sons. However, Kid Buu reforms from the chaos of the remains of Earth and tracks them to Other World, on the planet of the Kai's, and engages in one last climactic battle with Goku and Vegeta. Goku starts off in the Super Saiyan form then Super Saiyan 2. He tries to conserve energy and actually holds up pretty well. Realizing a few minutes into the battle that Kid Buu is tougher than he looks, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3. He then fights Kid Buu but can't defeat him due to Kid Buu's regeneration technique and perpetual strength. Goku launches a Kamehameha wave at Kid Buu, exhausting himself and not even finishing Kid Buu. Vegeta steps in, but is no match for the likes of Kid Buu. Just before he is killed, Goku resumes fighting at Super Saiyan 3. As they battle, Vegeta comes to accept that Goku is stronger than him. Goku curses, having wasted too much energy in the fight. Vegeta decides to step in, allowing the worn out Goku to rest and gather his energy for a final attack. Kid Buu engages in battle with Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 2. Kid Buu rejuvenates himself too many times for Vegeta's energy. Vegeta does his best to give Goku the time he needs, but for some reason it's taking longer than expected. Eventually Vegeta falls, so Hercule steps in and challenges Kid Buu, but Kid Buu finds himself unable to attack. He spits out something that turns out to be Good Majin Buu. Hercule overcomes his cowardice to fight for his unconscious friend. When Good Majin Buu wakes up, he saves Hercule and begins fighting Kid Buu. Meanwhile, Vegeta tells Dende, Kibito Kai, and Elder Kai to travel to New Namek where they summon Porunga, the Namekian Dragon. Vegeta has them wish for the restoration of Earth and the resurrection of everyone killed since the morning of the World Martial Arts Tournament, except for the most evil. The Dragon complies and Vegeta then explains his plan to defeat Kid Buu: a Spirit Bomb made from the freely given energy of the people of Earth, transferred through Goku.

He communicates to the entire planet via King Kai, asking the people of Earth to give their energy to power the attack, but only their friends and family believe him. Meanwhile, Good Majin Buu is defeated by Kid Buu. Vegeta, who just regained his life from Porunga, attempts to hold off Kid Buu again so that the Spirit Bomb can be completed. Goku asks the people of Earth to help but only a few people Goku helped in the past actually give up their energy. Things look hopeless until Hercule proceeds to tell the people to give up their energy so that he can defeat Kid Buu. The Spirit Bomb is finished, but Kid Buu has defeated Vegeta who is now too weak to move. Kid Buu knows Goku won't fire the Spirit Bomb because it would destroy his friend, so he stands on top of Vegeta while continuing to blast Goku.

Good Majin Buu uses the last of his strength to knock Kid Buu over. He tells Hercule to grab Vegeta. Kid Buu recovers and blasts Good Majin Buu. Goku throws the Spirit Bomb, but is exhausted. Kid Buu is able to stop the Spirit Bomb and push it back towards Goku. Vegeta asks Dende to make one last wish: to restore Goku's strength. The Dragon grants the wish and Goku feels renewed. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and pushes the Spirit Bomb back towards Kid Buu, overwhelming him. Kid Buu's body disintegrates into nothing and is destroyed. (Note: The direct-resulting steps in this Spirit Bomb sequence are brought back in the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series of games, starting with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 as Goku's ultimate attack, the Super Spirit Bomb.)

Goku uses the Dragon Balls to wish for the people of Earth to forget about Majin Buu, so that the Good Majin Buu can exist without being feared. Goku also makes a wish that Kid Buu could be reincarnated, so Goku can fight him again without the possibility of death. Vegeta finally feels unthreatened by Goku's ability to surpass him. He also feels welcome with his own family and his new found friends. Ten years later, Bulma and Vegeta have another child, Bulla, Goten and Trunks have grown to young teenagers, and Gohan marries Videl and they have a child, Pan. At the World Martial Arts Tournament, the Z fighters meet a boy called Uub. This boy is the reincarnation of Kid Buu. Goku asks Majin Buu to change the numbers so Goku would be matched with Uub. Goku and Uub begin to fight and it's clear that Uub has great potential. As they fight, Goku mocks Uub several times to see his true potential, which works. Goku cuts the match short by suggesting he train Uub. Goku ask Uub if after he is trained they can have a rematch. Uub agrees and Goku feel excited, with the challenge and with the chance to become stronger. This is the final episode, ending the journey of Goku and his friends.

Sagas & Episodes

Vegeta SagaSeason 101 - 39
Namek & Captain Ginyu SagaSeason 202 - 74
Frieza SagaSeason 375 - 107
Garlic Jr. & Android SagaSeason 4108 - 139
Imperfect & Perfect Cell SagaSeason 5140 - 165
Cell Game SagaSeason 6166 - 194
World Tournament SagaSeason 7195 - 219
Babidi SagaSeason 8220 - 256
Majin Buu SagaSeason 9257 - 291

Dragonball GT

The first two anime series were directly based off the manga, which took much longer to produce than the anime did. This often resulted in "filler" episodes, one of the most obvious of which is when Frieza tries to destroy Planet Namek with a five-minute timer, yet the battle lasted well over five episodes, much less five minutes. Since Dragon Ball GT was not based off a manga, no filler episodes were required. As a result, four entire sagas (the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga, the Baby Saga, the Super 17 Saga, and the Shadow Dragon Saga) were completed in only 64 episodes.

Dragon Ball GT began on Fuji TV at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 7, 1996, exactly one week after the final episode of Dragon Ball Z. It ran for 64 episodes, the last of which aired on November 4, 1997. It has also been aired across Japan by the anime television network, Animax, where it is currently being regularly broadcast. Unlike the Dragon Ball (anime) and Dragon Ball Z, series creator Akira Toriyama had only minor involvement in the show's early stages, setting forth the initial premise of the series, as well as creating designs for most of the villains and main characters , including newcomer Giru. Early episodes are much more comedic in tone, reminiscent of early Dragon Ball. The later episodes, however, are action-packed and feature the same sort of dramatic tone that existed in Dragon Ball Z. However, the series was ended after less than two years on the air, a move many believe to be the result of declining popularity. There are no subsequent Dragon Ball anime or manga (rumors of new series, such as Dragon Ball AF, also rumored as "Dragon Ball Another Future", have existed since the end of Dragon Ball GT in 1997 and are untrue).

There are two companion books to the series, called the Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files, released in May 1997 and December 1997 by Shueisha's Jump Comics Selection imprint. They include series information, illustration galleries, behind-the-scenes information, and more. They were out of print for many years, but were re-released in April 2006 and this edition is still in print.

On June 15, 2005, Toei Animation (in conjunction with distributor Pony Canyon) released the entire series (including the Gokū Jr. TV special) in an extremely limited-edition DVD boxed set (called "Dragon Box GT"), along with a Dragon Radar remote control and an exclusive booklet. While the set features remastered audio and video, there are no subtitles, English or otherwise. It's also unavailable to general public due to its scarce numbers and its huge cost.

FUNimation Entertainment has released the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga and the Baby Saga in a DVD remastered box set titled, Season One. It was released on December 9, 2008. It has episodes 1-34 on five DVDs.

Dragon Ball GT Season 2 includes the Super 17 and Shadow Dragon Sagas and — as a bonus — A Hero's Legacy. It was released on February 10, 2009. It has episodes 35-64 on five DVDs.

On the trailers for the seasons it said each season would have 32 episodes but this isn't true. Also season one does not contain the whole Baby saga because the Baby saga ends on episode 40 but season one only goes up to episode 34.

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

The series begins with Goku and Uub fighting in the depths of Kami's Lookout, and they damage it while doing so. As this is going on, three robots sneak their way into the lookout. The pilots being none other than Emperor Pilaf and his assistants, Shu and Mai, only looking much older since last seen on Dragon Ball. The three have come to the lookout to find the Black Star Dragon Balls, alternate balls that were created by Kami before he and King Piccolo separated, however hidden away.

While they're discussing the nature of the Dragon Balls, Goku and Uub exit from the depths of the lookout, and we find out Uub's officially graduated. After the two are fully healed, Uub wishes Goku, Dende, and Mr. Popo goodbye and leaves. Goku grabs a bite to eat and is on the verge of following him in leaving the lookout. However, Emperor Pilaf activates the Black Star Dragon Balls, calling a red colored Shenron for his wish. Goku walks in on them in the middle of the summoning, to which Emperor Pilaf remembers him despite Goku having gotten older (his hair was a give away though). He orders Mai and Shu to kill Goku with their rockets, but Goku easily stops them without setting them off. This causes Emperor Pilaf to get angry and rants that he wishes Goku was still a kid. The red Shenron hears the accidental wish and grants it, turning Goku back into a twelve year old kid.

At first, Goku thinks it's no big deal, despite the worries of King Kai, Dende, and Mr. Popo, and heads back to Earth. While moving around the city, he runs into his granddaughter, Pan, though she doesn't recognize him at first. It isn't until a visiting Master Roshi points him out that she realizes whom the boy is. Later Goku breaks the news of his downsizing to his wife Chi-Chi who of course doesn't take it so well; then again this is understandable as this certainly complicates areas of married life, as well as Gohan and Videl, who are just as dumbfounded. However it gets worse as King Kai brings news that when a wish is granted on the Black Star Dragon Balls, the planet that they were used on explodes within one year, due to the huge energy needed to grant the wish. Making matters more dire is that the Black Star Dragon Balls are spread across the entire Milky Way rather than the planet. The only way to stop Earth from being destroyed is to find all the Black Star Dragon Balls and bring them back.

Soon, Bulma gets to work on a spaceship while Goku, who recruits (with the help of Vegeta) Trunks and Goten to help look for the Black Star Dragon Balls, prepares for their journey.

It’s now time for the big launch. Trunks and Goku enter the ship, but Goten receives a call from his girlfriend and he stands outside to talk on his cell phone. Videl asks Gohan where Pan is, and Gohan answers “with Bulla.” But, Bulla is standing next to Vegeta, and Pan is nowhere in sight. Inside the ship, Pan is waiting for Goku and Trunks to enter. She presses the ignition switch - the ship leaps into space. Goten is left behind, to meet his date. And, a loose component falls from the ship and lands by Bulma’s feet.

From there, the trio visit one planet after another, finding the Black Star Dragon Balls while dealing with minor forces that hinder their quest. On their first stop they pick up a robot who calls himself Giru, though it wasn't by choice as the robot had swallowed their Dragon Radar and fused with it, thus becoming the group's radar for the journey. However, when the trio arrive on a planet called M2, Giru's true intentions are brought to light. Continued in the Baby Saga.

Baby Saga

The first half of this arc has our heroes arriving on the supposedly deserted planet M2 as they continue on their quest for the Black Star Dragon Balls. However, they find themselves caught in a trap by the planet's inhabitants, mutant robots, and that Giru was deceiving them all along. Pan manages to escape and later rescues Goku who does battle with the robotic group of commandos known as the Mega Canon Sigma Force and their leader General Rilldo. However, both he and Pan are captured again and taken to Dr. Myu for studying. Giru has a change of heart though and manages to rescue the trio thanks to a clever plan by Trunks. It is then that we see Myu's true creation, Baby, who breaks free from his containment after being revived but stopped by the three Saiyans. However, as a defeated and injured Dr. Myu escapes, a piece of Baby scattered remains jumps onto his skin, later busting out of Dr. Myu and reforming into his original state. Baby tries two more times to kill Goku, Pan and Trunks but fails though he manages to escape to Earth.

This is where the second half begins, as Baby begins to spread his infection across the planet and growing. He soon runs into Goten and takes over his body, then Gohan before finally fighting Vegeta and making his body his permanent host. Goku, Pan and Trunks arrive back on Earth only to find everyone, even their own family, against them due to Baby's mind control (save for Majin Buu, who's body is immune to Baby's eggs and Hercule, who hid within Majin Buu). Goku confronts Baby, but his kid body isn't powerful enough to reach the levels needed to beat Baby who gains more power from Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Bulla, and the rest of the world, and thus is beaten and nearly killed if not for Kibito Kai rescuing him at the last minute. Baby then goes to use the Black Star Dragon Balls to wish for new planet, Tuffle, and begins to move all his mind controlled subjects to it. Among the others who were possessed by Baby were Videl, Chi-Chi, Dende, Mr. Popo, Krillin, Android 18 and Marron. Dende handed the Black Star Dragon Balls over to Baby, so he could wish the Planet Tuffle back, thus sealing the Earth's fate.

While on the other plane, Goku is accidentally dropped into a weird dimension where he must play for his life. After escaping from that and arriving on the Kai Planet, he begins special training needed to regrow his tail (since it was his power source when was a kid) but the process is sped up once Goku sees Pan in trouble. Goku is then transported to the Tuffle Planet, tail and all, and tries out his power. Despite the power of his maximum Super Saiyan 3 level, he still couldn't evenly match Baby. But seeing the Earth in the sky, as if it were the moon, he becomes a gold colored Great Ape, however he goes on a rampage since he can't control himself in that form. It isn't until Pan confronts him and pours her heart out to him that Goku is able to reach the next and final level of transformation, Super Saiyan 4! Goku pounds on and almost defeats Baby, but the villain gets assistance from the mind controlled Bulma when she creates a device that allows him to increase his power to that of a Golden Great Ape, evenly shaping the battle as Goku and Baby eventually double KO one another. While this is going on, Elder Kai finds a way to get rid of the infection from a special water in the lookout point and sends Kibito Kai to fetch it and frees Trunks, Goten, and Gohan. Because of this, Gohan and the others show up on the scene to help Goku defeat Baby, however Goku knows that neither Gohan or Goten and Trunks' fused counterpart Gotenks would be strong enough, hence they all must give him their power. Uub (who was eaten thanks to an attack thrown back at him) attacks from the inside of his stomach while the freed Sayians take their shots at giving Goku their ultimate powers, along with Pan who joins in as well. Just as Baby spits Uub out, Goku finishes collecting the needed power to restore his power back to full, thus a couple Kamehamehas and an energy blast later, Baby's down for the count. Severely weakened, Baby leaves Vegeta's body and tries to escape in a spaceship. But Goku blasts it with a Kamehameha, directing it into the sun and killing Baby for good.

However, the crisis is not over. While everyone is freed from the infection, the second wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls increased Earth's countdown destruction. However, Goku comes up with a plan to move anybody left on Earth to the Tuffle planet. With the help of his family, friends, and the Kais' they manage to pull it off. Yet Piccolo decides to stay behind as his death would void the power of the Black Star Dragon Balls and keep them from being used again. Piccolo gives every bit of power he can to Goku for him to save a little boy, has one last emotional talk with Gohan, and dies a dramatic death as Gohan screams his name in sadness. Goku then uses the Namek's Dragon Balls to wish Earth back to normal and everybody back on it. Finally closing out this arc before moving onto the Super 17 Saga.

Super 17 Saga

This saga begins with the traditional World Martial Arts Tournament where we find Goku (still a child) competing in the children division of the tournament as a result of his height (though truthfully Hercule created a height requirement due to the fact that he is afraid to face Goku). Pan fights in the adult division. She manages to make it halfway through the tournament but the thought of looking like Hercule if she won scares her and she drops out. Goku also easily makes his way through the tournament, but a distraction by Vegeta causes him to accidentally get knocked out of the ring by his opponent. The championship battle is between Hercule and Papaya Man ( Majuub in disguise). Hercule wins when Majin Buu contacts Majuub (who merged with Majin Buu in the Baby Saga) and explains that Hercule needs to win to keep up the hopes of the people, as he is their hero. Thus, Hercule wins and decides not to retire from fighting, whilst Vegeta and Goku nearly battle on a bridge, however call it a day after Goku feels hungry.

Afterwards, in Hell, Dr. Myuu is met by Dr. Gero (from the Android Saga). Seeing that the two have Goku as a sworn enemy, they team up to get revenge. They devise a plan to build a new Android 17, and then contact the real one on Earth. They carry out this plan, and the two androids open a rift to Earth allowing all the villains from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z to escape and cause chaos.

At the house, Bulma and Bulla have been invited over for supper. The food is delicious, but Bulla and Bulma lose their appetites when Chi-Chi explains that the meat came from weird beasts and monsters from Mount Paoze (where Goku had lived as a child). Chi-Chi is proud of her cooking, and Pan thinks that it is great. Bulma asks if they eat this every day, and Videl holds up a rice dish made especially for them. The doorbell rings, and Pan runs to answer it, looking forward to meeting Trunks. It is Trunks, but he's been badly hurt, and he collapses on top of Pan, muttering Android 17"s name. The group goes outside and sees a big black hole in the sky. Goku comments on the evil energy that he senses, and King Kai telepaths in "That's pretty obvious, isn't it?" Goku smiles, saying that it's been a long time since they last talked, and asks how King Kai is doing. King Kai complains about having a cold, then states that this is not the time for small talk.

All around the world, people can see the hole in the sky. Including Majuub in his village, and Krillin in Satan City (Krillin, Marron and Android 18 are carrying luggage, and are apparently here to visit the city as tourists). Standing on a cliff, Android 17 is surrounded by a black aura. He hears a voice telling him that "They are two parts of a whole." And in Hell, another Android 17 is surrounded by a similar aura. The new Android 17 is standing next to Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu. The two doctors are looking at a big crystal ball, watching the old Android 17. Because the new and old Android 17s are two halves of a more perfect whole, they are creating a bridge between Earth and Hell. New Android 17 powers up, forcing old Android 17 to do the same. Their energies meet in the middle and the hole in the sky grows. People panic and the looting starts. Goten is on a date with Valese, and he holds her protectively. One of the looters gets tripped by Vegeta, and tries to punch out the Saiyan prince. The mayor of the city goes on TV to urge people to calm down. In his mansion, Hercule is packing up his trophies and preparing to run away. The freeways leading from Satan City are jammed up and people are getting angry. Old Android 17 is reveling in the power that he is receiving from Hell. A news report shows all of the past enemies flying around and destroying the city. The onslaught of the villain invasion includes Nappa, Zarbon, Dodoria, Recoome, Guldo, Tambourine, King Cold, Jeice, Babidi, Pui Pui, Yakon, Cui, Android 19, Appule, Cooler, Raditz, Major Metallitron, General Rilldo, Yamu, Staff Officer Black, General Blue, Captain Yellow, Saibamen, Spopovich and numerous others. Goku looks forward to fighting the old villains all over again, and Chi-Chi supports him in this. Pan looks forward to being able to join in. Bulma wonders at their enthusiasm. Goku flies to Hell alone, while everyone else watches.

Once there, he immediately meets up with the two scientists and their Android, however they take off through the portal and close it, trapping Goku in Hell. Not only that, but two of Goku's worst enemies from the past, Frieza and Cell, have been waiting in Hell to exact their revenge on Goku when he arrived.

Back on Earth, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Uub, Vegeta and Pan are easily dealing with their past adversaries. During the battle, Krillin and his family are stuck in traffic watching the clash, until the real Android 17 confronts them and tries to get his sister, Android 18, to rejoin him. After Krillin gets his say in on what may be going on, Android 17 kills Krillin, and then tries to kill Android 18 after she tells her daughter Marron to escape. As Android 17 flies away, Android 18 crawls to her husband, proclaims her love for him, and falls unconscious. Normal Android 17 and the fake Android 17 soon meet up following a battle Vegeta has with fake Android 17, Gohan and the others soon show up, and the two Android join together to become Super 17.

Meanwhile in Hell, Goku's battle with Super Perfect Cell and Frieza comes to a conclusion when the two perform a new technique which hurls him to the deepest regions of Hell, sending him to an odd little old woman. After a bit of a tussle with her, Goku ends up getting frozen thanks to a weird ice machine. Super Perfect Cell and Frieza go to finish him off, but the ice melts around Goku due to the machine only working on dead residents. Once he breaks out, Goku uses the ice machine on the two villains then accidentally breaks them when he goes to check them out. Goku then flies to the edge of the realm but finds the portal is still closed. Meanwhile, on Earth, Super 17 challenges the Z Fighters. However, none of them are powerful enough to damage the Android, and they are all beaten while Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu watch and laugh.

Back in Hell, Goku tries to call for assistance from King Yemma, but the overseer of the dead is unable to send him back due to a mysterious force blocking his control of the balance between the Other World and physical universe. Fortunately, Piccolo intervenes and requests that King Yemma send him to Hell to help Goku. King Yemma refuses. Piccolo then takes drastic measures by blowing up most of Heaven, although he apologizes for it. Seeing this, King Yemma casts Piccolo down to Hell where he meets up with Goku at the edge. He then contacts Dende to help him open a portal to Earth by synchronizing their energies. With a quick thanks to Piccolo, Goku flies back to Earth.

Meanwhile, the Z Fighters are still unable to stand up to Super 17. However, Pan manages to sneak up on Dr. Gero and capture him, telling him to call off the Android. Dr. Gero tries to comply to her wishes, but Super 17 refuses to follow Dr. Gero's orders. Dr. Myuu reprogrammed Super 17 to only obey him, and proved it to Gero by having him killed by Super 17, although Pan manages to escape. His master's wish satisfied, Super 17 then turned back on the defeated Z Fighters. But Goku arrives from Hell to take on Super 17, using his Super Saiyan form to do so. After a hard fought battle, Goku sees that he'll definitely need more to beat this new foe, thus he transforms to his ultimate level, Super Saiyan 4.

Videl is at home, getting suited up. Chi-Chi jumps out of her own house dressed up in cleaning tools. Chi-Chi challenges Bulla and Bulma to go out and help save Goku. Videl makes her own appearance, happy with the way the Great Saiyagirl costume feels on her as she goes through the old poses. She and Chi-Chi fly off. Bulla is amused by the two old women, and she tells Bulma to come along with her.

Unfortunately, it seems that Goku's attacks not only have no effect, but each blow actually seems to make Super 17 stronger, allowing Goku to eventually realize that the Super Android is absorbing his power and turning it back in the Saiyan's direction. Goku tries to overload Super 17 with an extremely powerful Kamehameha, but to no avail. After being badly beaten, Goku sees no other choice than to perform a self sacrifice explosion on Super 17, however due to a shield Super 17 throws up in the nick of time, the only effect is a huge scar in the Earth, and a weakened Goku, back in his normal child form. As Super 17 goes to kill Goku, Android 18 shows up, ready to avenge her husband. She yells at Super 17 for being weak by being controlled by someone and that the Super 17 she knew wasn't a cold blooded killer. This strikes a chord within Super 17, along with the fact that Dr. Myuu scolds him for being scared, he destroys the Doctor before turning his attention back on Goku and Android 18.

The "cavalry" is headed towards Goku (Bulla and Bulma are in a Capsule Corp. flier. Videl is carrying Chi-Chi in her arms through the air.) Chi-Chi wakes up, looks down, and panics at being so high up. So Videl swoops down to the ground, and Chi-Chi screams about being too low and being likely to crash. Bra asks if they really are ready to fight, and Bulma answers that Videl and Chi-Chi are not prone to lying. Bulma sees the destruction below them and wonders at what is causing all of it (some of the city is flooded over by the ocean).

Android 18 attacks Super 17 with multiple energy blasts, but Super 17 absorbs them, growing even more powerful. However, his absorption technique leaves him wide open and allows Goku to finish Super 17 with the technique Super Dragon Fist, avenging Krillin.

After the battle, Goku consoles Android 18, commenting that her brother seemed to actually help them defeat his Super Android self and that he was happy about all of it. He did have some control otherwise he would've killed Android 18. Then, Videl flies up carrying Chi-Chi, and they demand to know where the villains are. Goku says that he's won already, and they congratulate him in embarrassment. Bulma and Bulla arrive in the flier, and Bulma describes the damage they'd seen in the city, caused by the evil escapees from Hell. They decide to get the Dragon Balls, and wish for all of the cities to be restored, and for Krillin to be wished back to life. Pan recovers and is fully healed (she wasn't dead, just close to it.) Trunks repairs Giru, and Goku, Pan and Trunks use the Dragon Radar to gather up all of the Dragon Balls. Pan is dismayed that there are cracks in the Dragon Balls. Soon, all seven Dragon Balls are placed on the ground in front of Capsule Corp., and the group (Goku, Gohan, Goten, Bulma, Bra, Trunks, Chi Chi, Videl and Pan) wonder if Shenron is going to be ok. The balls all make the characteristic humming sound, but it is a sick-sounding hum. Goku calls for Shenron to come forth, but nothing happens. The boy asks if he got the summoning words wrong, and Bulma comments that since they are not on Namek, the problem isn't one of needing to speak in Namekian. Goku tries again, and the skies darken and red lightning rips the clouds. Earthquakes hit, and the group realizes that something is wrong. Goku senses a great evil power. Then, dark blue smoke pours from the cracks in the Balls, and a dark, cigar smoking dragon fills the sky. Goku asks who this thing is.

Shadow Dragon Saga

Following the defeat of Super 17, the Earth is on the verge of collapse. The interdimensional rift that let loose an onslaught of past foes from Hell, in combination with the damage they caused before the heavenly order was restored -- along with the massive clash between Super 17 and the Super Saiyans -- has upset the natural balance of the planet and brought forth an unholy chaos of earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions and other phenomena, threatening the lives of everyone on earth.

As a last resort, Goku and his friends immediately round up the Dragon Balls to revive Krillin and wish things normal again. A swift hunt for the Dragon Balls proves to be the only blessing to be had, however; each of the seven spheres has become inexplicably cracked since the last wish, leaving serious doubts as to whether or not they should be used. Left with no choice, Goku calls for the Eternal Dragon Shenron, and the sky becomes thick with an odd red darkness.

An insidious black smoke issues forth from the Dragon Balls, and from it emerges a dragon that is anything but Shenron. Elder Kai and Kibito Kai urgently explain to a stunned Goku that an overuse of the Dragon Balls over so many years has caused a build-up of negative energy to accumulate within them and disrupt their balance. (Prior to the invention of the Dragon Radar, the Dragon Balls would often go unused for decades at a time, allowing the negative energy to disperse harmlessly.) The stress of using the Dragon Balls yet again has caused the negative energy to at last erupt all at once and coalesce into a dragon of darkness who cares nothing for granting wishes; instead, he ingests the Dragon Balls and, in a swirling storm of wind and smoke, divides their incredible power and splits off into seven separate entities. These Shadow Dragons, each in possession of a Dragon Ball, promptly scatter across the earth and cause a haze of minus energy to envelop the atmosphere, leaving Goku and the others to ponder over what they should do.

Feeling responsible for the exploitation of the Dragon Balls over the years (everybody else blames Bulma, including the Elder Kai, for creating the dragon radar), Goku resolves to chase down each of the dragons and recover the mystical orbs, thus restoring Shenron to his rightful place. Pan comes along against Goku's better judgment, and with Giru's help they are able to track down Haze Shenron, Rage Shenron, Oceanus Shenron, and Naturon Shenron and defeat them fairly easily in a set of mostly comedic confrontations. However, the situation becomes far more serious with the arrival of Nuova Shenron, who represents the Four-Star ball. Goku is forced to transform into Super Saiyan 4, and an intense battle ensues.

Goku and Nuova Shenron thoroughly enjoy their battle, but before a winner is decided, ( Eis Shenron) soon arrives and demands that Nuova Shenron team up with him to obliterate Goku. Nuova Shenron refuses on the grounds that there is no honor in such ruthless combat, and a dismayed Eis Shenron takes matters into his own hands as he beats down his brother and fights Goku one-on-one. Goku has a decisive advantage over the Three-Star dragon, who soon begs for his life, but then just as quickly preys on the Saiyan's trust as he unleashes a last attack that succeeds in blinding him completely.

Enraged, Goku wreaks havoc on Eis Shenron and utterly destroys him with the Dragon Fist technique to recover the Three-Star ball. Nuova Shenron finds little honor in attacking a disadvantaged opponent and withholds his attack on Goku but is instantly killed with the arrival of ( Syn Shenron), who immediately engages Goku in battle. Blind, weary, and his power nearly exhausted, Goku is beaten to within an inch of his life by the most powerful of all the Shadow Dragons, and after a fierce fight, he no longer has the energy to sustain the Super Saiyan 4 transformation and falls unconscious.

Goku is rescued by his family and friends, who offer their help. Goku insists that no number of people will be enough to overcome Syn Shenron and declares the situation to be hopeless, but rather than fight together the real intent is for Gohan, Goten and Trunks to lend every last ounce of their combined Saiyan energy to Goku and restore his strength. ( Uub) barely manages to hold off the dragon long enough for this to be accomplished, and the result is a full-power Super Saiyan 4 Goku who despite his handicap is now far superior to his opponent. Goku thoroughly demonstrates his advantage.

Battered but not beaten, Syn Shenron plays his trump card and ingests the other six Dragon Balls, uniting the seven Shadow Dragons into the even more powerful figure of ( Omega Shenron) who now possesses the individual powers of all of them. Despite having regained his sight, Goku finds himself outmatched again and again even after resorting to his fully powered Dragon Fist, and has made up his mind to sacrifice his life in a final kamikaze effort by the time Vegeta shows up to even the score.

Goku holds off his effort. With Bulma in tow, Vegeta reveals his plan. Having made use of his wife's intellect to construct a machine capable of producing Blutz Wave Generator, Vegeta allows himself to become overwhelmed by so much of this energy that he regrows his tail, transforms into a Great Ape, and consequently makes his ascension to Super Saiyan 4, but even with Goku and Vegeta on equal footing and teamed together, both of them recognize that they stand little chance of defeating their enemy, leading Vegeta to suggest Fusion.

The collective sons of Goku and Vegeta hold off Omega Shenron long enough for the two rivals to fuse into the incomparable Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, who is far too incredible an adversary for the dragon to overcome, but, unfortunately, Gogeta spends too much of the battle toying with his enemy and defuses before he can deliver the final blow, leaving the horrified pair in the same predicament as before. Though they try to fuse once again, Goku has spent too long and hard a battle to maintain Super Saiyan 4 any longer and again reverts to his childhood form after a last fusion attempt, thus making Fusion impossible and setting the stage for the final desperate conflict against Omega Shenron.

Soon enough, Nuova Shenron emerges from Goku's forehead due to Goku earlier swallowing the Four-Star ball himself. Because of their mental connection, the two trick Omega Shenron into an unguarded moment and Nuova Shenron takes that chance to use his ultimate attack, however to no avail, which causes Omega Shenron to reabsorb him. Vegeta soon loses his hold on the Super Saiyan 4 energy as well, leaving the two pure Saiyans absolutely powerless against the might of Omega Shenron, who renews his assault. After Goku is seemingly destroyed in a struggle against the dragon's Power Ball attack, Vegeta orders Trunks to gather everyone into Bulma's spaceship and make their escape before continuing his hopeless offensive against Omega Shenron, but even so, Gohan, Goten and Trunks join in the battle despite Vegeta's wishes. All of their efforts are to no avail, as none of them can make any impression against this horrific embodiment of the Dragon Balls' power.

The Saiyans are felled one by one, but Vegeta assures Omega Shenron that he has lost the battle despite everything. At that moment, a massive Spirit Bomb rises into the sky with Goku to hold it up, having gathered energy from everyone on earth, and as the Shadow Dragon looks on in disbelief Goku continues (with the help of the four Kai's) to draw in energy from the rest of the universe. A Spirit Bomb so massive is formed that no evil can stand against it, and with nothing more to do, Goku hurls the bomb upon Omega Shenron and completely obliterates him with a terrific blast, and restores all seven Dragon Balls to their normal state.

With all seven of the Shadow Dragons defeated, Shenron appears at long last without being summoned and explains, much to everyone's surprise, that he will now separate himself and the power of the Dragon Balls from Earth for 100 years to prevent another Dragon Ball corruption. Goku makes a final request of the Eternal Dragon to restore the earth and her people, and this wish is granted. Shenron asks Goku to accompany him, as he is not powerful enough to grant the wish by himself without negative effects. Goku hops on Shenron's back and flies off, telling his friends and family that they will meet again.

They go by Tien and Chiaotzu by a waterfall, Yamcha and Puar in the desert where they first met. Goku then makes a stop at the Kame House to see Master Roshi and Krillin. Krillin and Goku spar a bit and Krillin punches Goku in the face. Master Roshi also finds out that Goku will be leaving them. Then, Goku stops in Hell to see Piccolo. He tells Piccolo that he will be leaving and that they are glad they met and teamed up. He also says that he has become a good friend and will get out of hell someday. They shake hands and Goku leaves. Meanwhile back on the obliterated city battle field, Goku's family and friends whom witnessed the insane battle now depart to their own respective homes. Pan however comes upon the set of cloths that Goku had been wearing before leaving with Shenron, Vegeta tells her to keep them dear to her forever. Now with Goku's final destiny at last fulfilled, he flies through beautiful golden clouds atop Shenron, proceeds to close his eyes, and Shenron slowly absorbs each of the Dragon Balls individually into Goku's body, eventually causing him to disappear. This insures that the Dragon Balls negative energy can effectively dissipate using Goku's positive energy. With that occurrence, Shenron flies into a bright light with a loud roar, bringing Goku's story to an end.

100 years later, after all of the original Z Fighters died of old age, Pan is the only fighter left. In A Hero's Legacy, Goku's great-great-grandson, Goku Jr., wearing the same ravaged clothes that Pan had saved, now finds himself competing at the most recent World Martial Arts Tournament in the final round of the Jr. Division. His grandmother, Pan, and his school friends watch on in the audience as his opponent comes onto the stage; this opponent, Vegeta Jr., is a descendant of the original Vegeta. Pan soon learns this from the boy's mother and thus cheers her grandson with all the encouragement she can give. With the bell tolling, the two boys fight it out in an evenly based fight, amazing the crowd, who've never seen such feats as flight and super speed before in their lives. The two boys stop the fighting for just a few seconds and both go Super Saiyan, compliment each others abilities, and resume the battle. Pan looks on, but she catches a glimpse of her grandfather, Goku (now an adult again), in the audience watching the fight. Wanting to see him, she moves through the crowd where she saw him and tries to find him; she realizes she's lost him in the crowd just as the winner is announced, but she knows that he has returned. With the battle of his descendant finished, Goku now walks along the outside of the World Martial Arts Tournament arena, remembers every major event in his lifetime through flashbacks. Goku then flies upward as he grabs his power pole. Finally, he gives his final wave and calls his old nimbus cloud. He flies into the distance, which officially ends the story of Dragon Ball.

The Debate over Canon

This series was never written by Akira Toriyama or even originally produced as manga like its predecessors Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, so numerous fans consider it non-canon. The series does, however, fit into anime-established canon, but is not a part of the manga canon. Toriyama's participation, while present, was minimal; acting as a consultant, supervising production, and designing several characters and landscapes.

One of the main reasons GT is considered non-canon is because of its plot holes. For instance, Emperor Pilaf, who appeared in Episode 1, should have been killed when Buu blew up the earth near the end of Dragon Ball Z, and the wish that revived all the people of Earth excluded all the evil ones (though it could be argued that Emperor Pilaf, as more of an unsuccessful, comical character, was not evil enough to be left dead). For another, GT suggests that a person can't be destroyed if he's already dead (or else Frieza and Cell would have been erased by Goku), when Goku makes it clear that a person can be completely destroyed when Kid Buu is attacking Grand Kai's planet (and later when Vegeta fights Buu). However, in the second season of Dragon Ball Z, when Tien, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu were fighting Piccolo on King Kai's planet and Piccolo smashed Chiaotzu into the ground, King Kai said that he could not die again. Also, in relevance to the "death" plot holes, GT acts as if the residents of Hell who keep their bodies don't get halos. In Dragon Ball Z, Frieza, Cell, King Cold, Recoome, Burter, Jeice, Guldo, Appule, Dr. Gero, and Babidi are all shown in Hell with halos, while in GT, Frieza and Cell are shown without, yet still clearly dead, and when King Yemma sends Piccolo to Hell during the Super 17 Saga, Piccolo's halo disappears. Another plot hole regards the appearance of movie villain Cooler during the Super 17 Saga, when his movie could not have possibly taken place in the Dragon Ball Z timeline (due to Gohan's tail growing back and other plot holes, specifically regarding Goku's difficulty in transforming into a Super Saiyan during the battle, and yet it was easy and accessible at will when he talked with Trunks upon his return to Earth). Also there is a clear plot hole with the absence of Gohan's latent potential unleashed. This is shown when Gohan turns Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 and he is much weaker than before. This can't be due to lack of training because the Elder Kai Unlock Ability as it is called in the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series is an irreversible ceremony.

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Name: Dragon Ball
Name: ドラゴンボール
Romaji: Doragon Bouru
Aliases: DragonBall
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