Yep, Of Course: Namco Bandai readying Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2

Topic started by MattBodega on May 10, 2010. Last post by tristenkw5 4 years, 10 months ago.
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 You can't tell from the image, but this fight is both awkward AND boring.
You can't tell from the image, but this fight is both awkward AND boring.
The original Dragon Ball:Raging Blast game sold 690,000 copies, which, according to my calculations, is approximately 700,000 copies too many for the raging blast of awkward combat, lifeless story, and bad camera that comprised the original game. So, of course, Namco Bandai has decided to release it again. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 will be featured in the latest \issue of  Weekly  Shounen Jump, according to Japanese game blog Andriasang.
Raging Blast 2 will feature an expanded character roster with over 90 characters from across the Dragon Ball Z time line. The game is also purported to feature improved textures and better character model detail. The game's open-arena, environment-destruction heavy combat will return as well. Expect to be underwhelmed by a Dragon Ball game yet again when the it's released in late 2010.
How will you folks celebrate the release of yet another bummer of a Dragon Ball game?
Thanks to Andriasang for the story.
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The last good DBZ game was Budokai 3 for the PS2.
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@InfiniteGeass said:
"The last good DBZ game was Budokai 3 for the PS2. "

Agreed.  The series has been done to death.
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I really don't mind DBZ games as long as they are good, if they released another one with AF (or what if) characters I wuold buy it, that and more content.
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I tryed the demo of the first Raging Blast and it was completely disgusting gameplay and everything. Other than the HD, the PS2 games looked even better.
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i used to think that Americans had a huge problem with not being able to let a franchise die
now, i see that that problem is but the tiniest fraction compared the Japanese's inability to do the same
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They just need to release  a single game with all the characters which are all different in move sets, like budokai not tenkaichi then leave it.
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 I really wish they would just stop making DB/Z games for a couple years and go all out on one. They would probably more money on that ONE game then they do on all these bad games over the years. Take it from DB and go all the way to DBGT (if need be). The same goes for Naruto more or less!!! Although it’s a continuing series. 

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They need to remake Budokai 3.  I would buy it.
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Budokai 3 was the best FIGHTING game of the series. Tenkaichi 3 was the best DRAGONBALL Z game period. (At least for Wii, where you weren't asked to press 6 buttons at the same time to transform). I know a lot of gamers are turned off by all the movement of the Wii controls, but they actually make things simpler then the PS2. Which is why I understand when everyone thinks the Tenkaichi games weren't so great, since alot of people passed on the wii version. But it had the most characters, and had the best fighting style that matched the show (DBZ was never meant to be restricted to a 2D plane). So while I love Budokai 3, and think it's an awesome fighting game, it doesn't feel like dragonball Z fighting like the Tenkaichi series. 
Although, I think we all agree everything after that was pretty horrible. (Only to the cell saga in Burst Limit AGAIN?!?)
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