VIDEO: DBZ Kinect Game Encourages You To Flip Out On Your TV

Topic started by No_name_here on May 25, 2012. Last post by zaldar 2 years, 10 months ago.
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Ever since people starting noticing that the Wii frequently asks you to make rather embarrassingly… um… suggestive motions with your hands during gameplay, we’ve all been keenly aware that this relatively-new niche of motion-sensing gaming is all-but-guaranteed to provide observers with all kinds of unintentional hilarity.

Enter Namco’s new DBZ game for the Kinect.

This trailer hocks the marketing gimmick of QR codes (presumably from extra trading cards you must collect?) that unlock additional characters for the game’s already formidable line-up. However, I can only see it as proof of the “Are Super-Saiyans Real?” phenomenon going mainstream. Now, there’s an official venue that requires and rewards you for shaking violently and shrieking at your TV screen with the intention of attaining a new level of power and enlightenment.

Every time I bring up DBZ, I always mention how I can’t think of the franchise without immediately recalling my hyper-active sessions of pretend at recess. Me and my friends, we’d pretend to throw kamehamehas, pretend to charge up giant Spirit Balls and pretend to fling furious volleys of punches at eachother (and often connect a few by accident.) I don’t know if it’s necessarily validating to see that sort of pretend become institutionalized like this, but damn... if it doesn’t make snicker to see an infomercial treating it so seriously.

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I mite buy an xbox just 4 this game XD

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If nothing else, at least this game will have given us this GIF

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@cynically_happy said:

If nothing else, at least this game will have given us this GIF


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I can imagine one wrong move against a friend and there will be real fighting.

Post by zaldar (1,366 posts) See mini bio Level 15 all the best ways..I can see this being a ton of fun in multiplayer...(do you get more power based on how well you pull of the scream....I mean the guy you showed here before should get the highest level possible...)

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