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Over the years Toei staff wrote three side story's dealing with the history of certain Z characters.  
Side Story 1 deals in depth with the character of Piccolo Daimao, and was in "Weekly Shonen Jump Special Edition: Dragon Ball Z Anime Special    
It is called "In the Name of Piccolo Daimao"

The second was called "High Pride the Saiyan Prince Vegeta" which was shown in "Dragon Ball Z Anime Special 2" 
It deals with Vegeta's anger working under Freeza, and I believe it was realized around the time that Freeza killed Vegeta. 

The third being a re-telling of Trunks' history, which appeared in the anime comics version of the Bardock Special. 
What do you guys think, should Toei do this with more characters, and in greater depth? 
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I think should do one on the full history of the Saiyans and Tuffles war. Also one about Freeza history and planet Namek that would be sweet. 
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Hey they should have more of there stories for these and not just the basics
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