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You know, I was about to riff a little more about how this was another case of the show’s leisurely pacing, and even argue that there’s something wonderfully tense about this year-long slow build to the next big fight…

But then Piccolo blew up the Moon and my whole plan changed.

I don’t know if I can adequately express how tremendously that gag amused me. Words don’t seem to suffice. Am I conveying the feeling enough when I say that I pressed the ten-second-rewind button on my Hulu player at least twelve times? Over and over, I went back through the rapid escalation of absurdity…

Piccolo turning into a panicking pansy at the sight of Gohan’s simian rampage…

Piccolo suddenly noticing that this big-ass full Moon was behind him the whole time…

Piccolo quickly concluding that the Moon was responsible for Gohan’s transformation…

Piccolo leaping to the rash and easy snap-decision to pulverize the Moon with a shot of Chi…

…and then me just processing how absurd it was for there to still be Moonlight in the wilderness, or for there to be no gravitational chaos happening all over Earth, or that Picolo would then rip Gohan’s tail off (just in case the Moon regrew or something).

What gets me even more about this moment is that it’s still more-or-less in line with the pseudo-academic conceptual linkage to the RAMAYANA that I was discussing earlier. It’s an out-of-this-world feat, presented with the same sort of strange matter-of-factness you find when, say, the poem mentions that Hanuman grows large enough just so he can hop over an entire ocean. Or that Rama shoots an arrow that not only pierces through seven trees, but then goes on through seven other universes before returning right back to his quiver.

Did they make a point to never show the Moon in the series after this? Was it like that “Chairface” running gag on the TICK? Or did they just kind of forget about it? Whatever the answer is, it's going to crack me up all over again.

Watch this episode, "Gohan Goes Bananas!" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Roshi already destroyed the moon ages ago, back in the original Dragon Ball. Kami (or Dende) can just restore it, which I'm sure happens eventually some time after the Namek saga.
What I find funnier is they explain in the DS game that MonsterCarrot, the guy Goku puts up on the moon, manages to escape by building a spaceship before Roshi blows it up.
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Damn you DBZ Abridged. I can never take this franchise seriously ever again.

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Child me describes Piccolo destroying the moon as "awesome", adult me calls it "ridiculously awesome".

I don't even remember if the moon ever got restored, and if it didn't the rest of the time in the show wasn't spent thinking about it.

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From what I understand of the Series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z... is that with Kami (or Dende) as guardian of the Earth, that the moon has no direct influence because the main job as Guardian is to keep the world in constant balance. Therefore when Roshi destroyed the moon during DB there wasn't any major conflicts...

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