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For the record, a ‘Galick Gun’ sounds like something you’d use to baste twenty Mediterranean salads at once. I’m getting a very vivid mental image of an infomercial hawking some easy-to-use hose that’ll just smother all these greens for you. Think that’s far afield of what Toriyama was going for here? Then explain to me why half the villains are named after vegetables.

And while we’re on the subject of special attacks, I’m sure the developers behind every single DBZ game must be so incredibly grateful to Toriyama for making a concept like the ‘Kaio-ken” such an important part of this battle. I was at friend’s place recently and, wouldn’t you know, he had the recent BUDOKAI re-release. The fight mechanic of the game wasn’t especially, uh… smooth, and it felt like the real meat of the gameplay lay in just combining the myriad of power-up techniques in each fighter’s tool kit. The actual projectiles - - the Kamehameha, the Galick Gun, the Destructo Disc, et al - - were almost secondary next to the how their damage could be adjusted.

So putting a name on Goku’s ability to precisely multiply the power of all his attacks? That just makes it a whole lot easier to fit this mythos into a game design, doesn't it?

Again, it’s a shame that Hulu’s decided to mix and match with the episode order at this precise moment in my re-visit. This fight is absolutely justifying all the hours of build-up, and it was supremely satisfying to watch Vegeta receive the nut shot he’s deserved for so long (SEE ABOVE), but for as much amusement as I got out of the ‘recap route’ last time, I know my experience here is unavoidably compromised.

Why, it’s like I managed to get into Wrestlemania, but my seats are at an awkward corner spot in the stadium, so I’m only catching strained glimpses of the main event.

Watch this episode, Saiyan-Sized Secret" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Love the simile of the bad seats to wrestlemania.

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Saying the names of attacks is an ancient trope in anime.

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When I think of Galick Gun, my mind goes to the TFS version. My mind has been in the gutter since last weekend.

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