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Let me tell you, when I realized this was going to be another Gohan-centric episode, I braced myself for another bout of bored multi-tasking. As such, I was quite splendidly surprised to find that this was actually one of the good filler episodes...

Though, maybe I should put “good” in quotes, because this was honestly wasn’t as worthwhile as the episodes with Princess Snake and Yamcha’s baseball game, and my enjoyment is kind of hinged on my own semi-ironic, nearly-detached, black-hearted and sick sense of humor. There’s just something wickedly absurd about Gohan more-or-less stumbling into a episodes (especially when, if you take that “power creep” stuff seriously, he could probably nuke everybody involved).

I don’t know, I simply get a kick out of the flippant, half-hearted quality of all the morals being offered here, too. They go through all this trouble to evade the mean foster services, and this Pigero kid just kind of quits because it’s gotten too tough; and then he spins his quitting as some mature realization that foster care is really better for the other kids. Likewise, Gohan’s literally 30 paces away from Chi-Chi, and he doesn’t go to see her because he’s "still got to train." Sure, that’s probably in line with the intense warrior ethos of the Z-Figthers but, at that point, it’s a stupefying sort of cruelty for his poor mother.

Look, I freely own up to being a shameless mark to the show. The characters got their hooks into my heart before I even knew how to read, and they aren’t likely ever to come loose. As such, I love the show even when I don’t have a leg to stand on in defending it.

Yes, the obligatory “Hey, Goku’s still on Snake Way!” micro-vignettes they pepper into every episode are long past redundant at this point. Yes, KAI is probably a vast improvement on this if it’s already at the climax of the arc by this episode mark.

But... if you don’t chortle at the utterly ridiculous sight of lil’ warrior Gohan scurrying around with a bunch of funny animal raccoons (or whatever they were), then you just aren’t ever going to appreciate the simple pleasures of this show. And I’m not going to try to explain them to you. Nyuh-uh!

Watch this episode, “Plight of the Children" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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spoiled kid :(

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so wait how could gohan have nuked them all here?

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I actually enjoyed these gohan focused episdoes. even though they were filler, they were funny

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I barely remember this episode. Gohan and the kids caught me off guard, too.

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