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Sam and I are going to be talking about shonen’s high points and low points in our next set of Vice Pit episodes. Well, we already did talk about it. As the scheduling for these things goes, we actually shot a video yesterday where I discussed this particular episode; but the video itself will be coming out tomorrow.

Confused? Call it a time-warp almost as convoluted as STEINS: GATE.

Anyway, the roulette wheel rolls black again this time, offering up another filler episode that happens to be rather entertaining on its own merits. Oddly enough, as I see it, these digressions bring the plot a bit closer to the mythological inspirations I’ve discussed repeatedly before.

Surely, the connection might be more direct to portions of JOURNEY TO THE WEST or some other Hindu epic, but I find a comparison to Hercules’ Twelve Labors more fitting. Just as ol’ Herc had to surmount outrageous obstacles that tested his wits and work ethic more than his fighting prowess (as I recall, one labor required him to sweep a colossal amount of manure), so too is Goku facing various trials of the mind and the flesh as he journeys across Snake Way.

Speaking of which - - did this business with “Princess Snake” strike anybody else as DBZ’s version of the nunnery scene in MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL? Aside from Bulma’s short shorts, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything even remotely sexual in the entirety of DRAGON BALL. I mean, Gohan might as well have been delivered to Goku and Chichi by a stork, right?

As such, it was an absolute stitch, watching this big, muscular, naïve man-child dealing with a whole gaggle of posh and sexually aggressive gals. The gag where he hip-tosses the Princess during their tango, because he suspects it to be some sort of offensive maneuver, just clevers distills that collision of… uh… interests. It’s like some gothic succubus found herself stranded in some boys' tree house where all the powers of her feminine wiles just weren't working.

Watch this episode, "Princess Snake” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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"I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything even remotely sexual in the entirety of DRAGON BALL." Clearly you haven't seen the first series. I find it strange that your even watching Z when you haven't even seen the original.

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Dragon Ball had quite a few sexual jokes in it. They beat an invisible man by pulling off Bulma's top causing Roshi to projectile nosebleed onto him, showing his position.

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best part of the whole episode was the fail russian roulette.

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I watched DBZ back in the late 90's and only saw the Original DB about a year ago.


They are like 2 totally completely different beasts. I was actually floored by how good the original Dragonball is - in many many ways superior to DBZ and feels more like a conventional one shot anime story until the very very end which leads nicely into DBZ.

Makes me feel silly for hesitating to watch it for so long. If you haven't seen the original DB yet Tom, boy you're in for a great watch one day

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