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I feel like I’m in that classic cartoon set-up where there’s a devil on my one shoulder and an angel on the other. Of course, Goz and Mez would both be devils in this case, but the analogy still stands. I’ll let you lunatics figure out which voice is which....

One is telling me to harrumph at this show for passing what is, at least, the third or fourth straight episode of blatant filler. Unless the Golden Apple Goku eats actually winds up lending itself to the forthcoming battle against the Saiyans (which seems unlikely?), this digression literally just delays our hero from getting to the next relevant development in this arc. It doesn’t build up the threat any more, it doesn’t show how hard our heroes have to train to handle it… it really is just the textbook definition of a digression.

But then that other voice is telling me, “Now, Tom, remember… it’s about the journey, not the destination.” Goku might as well be naive and muscular Bugs Bunny here, dropping into what feels exactly like a classic LOONY TOONS set-up with anime's double-head answer to the Big Red Monster. The prospect seems pretty stupid, at first; then it becomes endearingly stupid before finally attaining a wonderfully diverting kind of goofiness. Goku’s assorted tests of strength with Goz and Mez, and his increasingly dumb approaches to getting back on Snake Way, are just the sort of shenanigans I used to get up early for on Saturdays with a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And that's always a good way to get me grinning.

Also, again, there’s a pleasing amount of self-awareness, both in the dub and the original material, that sublimates a lot of the problems that the first voice objects to. I mean, having Goku get tricked into starting right back at the beginning of Snake Way is totally tongue-in-cheek baiting of the audience. “Oh, you’re antsy about how long it’s taken him to run across this thing? Well, how do you feel about him totally starting over?”

One voice is telling me I’m too forgiving of this show. The other voice tells me that I totally get the tone. Which one do you agree with more?

Watch this episode, “Goz and Mez" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The voice telling you that you are being too forgiving. Maybe if you were still that kid watching Saturday morning cartoons but you are not...

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I always remember this episode because Goku managed to beat Goz and Mez without even toughing them. He just thrust his palm forward and caused enough force to blow them over. Plus I thought it was cool getting to see Hell, I'm not sure the manga ever actually shows Hell like the anime does, though don't quote me on that.

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