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If there ever was a dinosaur / In a mound of icicles / I would wanna train it to ride a ball!

A verse from the immortal “Cha-La Head-Cha-La.” It sounds nonsensical, to be sure, but this re-visit of DBZ has shown that the lyrics actually do make perfect sense. There are a lot dinos in this freaking show.

Anyway, if there are further revelations to be had about DBZ, they’ll have to be left untouched, because we’ve officially exhausted Hulu’s catalog and there’s no way I’m ever venturing into any of those pirating cesspools that are so easily accessible. Nu-uh. No way. That’s not the Z-Fighter way.

I think we’ve kind-of plateaued with any revelations here, anyway. I’ve gotten back into that wonderful groove where I’m just enjoying the chance to hang out with these characters every week, regardless of what they’re doing; and that groove’s made me look at the whole nature of pacing in long-form shows a little differently (as I explicated yesterday in my MICHIKO & HATCHIN write-up). Most likely, I’d just be rephrasing that thought with every episode, so it’s probably best to move on to another show.

Oh, and if it wasn’t clear, I really liked this episode. Seeing it a little more clearly, now, I can understand why fans were still captivated with this show, even though their complaints about drawn-out pacing almost became reflexive. There really is an art and science to prolonging tension and building expectations in a serial. Through one lens, maybe it is excessive to have Goku running along Snake Way for more than 10 episodes. Through another lens, though, that also means that his eventual arrival there is going to be 10X more cathartic.

More importantly, even while we’re drawing out the anticipation of Goku’s resurrection and the Saiyans’ arrival, there is still plenty of interesting stuff going on. Yamcha’s baseball shenanigans are a delightfully amusing set-piece, just on its own, and Gohan’s actually been on a real character arc. In the space of ten episodes, he’s gone from a useless crybaby to a rugged, self-sufficient warrior who’s already learned some hard lessons about life.

That’s positively rapid growth in comparison to other series!

Watch this episode, "A New Friend" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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