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Vegeta is by no means a bitch!
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The biggest problem with Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball as a whole really, is that Akira Toriyama kept on making it for the money. His original plan to end the series after the Frieza saga was only stalled because Shonen Jump asked him to keep making it. Seeing as Dragon Ball was their biggest seller for so many years, I can't really say I blame the Jump executives, but Toriyama's shit attitude about Dragon Ball has always rubbed me the wrong way. I still kind of wish we could have read the ending he originally had in mind for the series, but I guess we'll never know.

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My favorite plot holes are when they blow up the moon twice and how none of the power-level/transformation dynamics make sense.


Still, I love DBZ.

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Great Article.  
Lot of memetic mutation in there ! ;-)
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@re_player92 said:

@ojete: Correct me if I'm wrong, not really into manga, but wasn't that the original stopping point in the manga and due to the series popularity they continued on? I mean when you see the Frieza saga you can see they are wrapping it up. Vegeta is dead and has given a very heart felt speech to Goku, Goku is the one and only saiyan to turn into a super saiyan proving that he is the one unique one out of the bunch, Frieza the main villain dies and the fate of Goku is left mysterious.

Yeah, Toriyama wanted to ended there but they "push him" a little bit to continue the series. And then at the end of the next arc the same thing happened.
It would be perfect if the series had ended up there, in Namek, even with Goku dying after killing Frieza. Frieza was the ultimate enemy to Goku, a pure evil being who was the strongest guy in the universe. And in that time, when Goku was the only "legendary super saiyan" everything has much more sense.
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@epicsteve said:

@ojete said:

@epicsteve said:

To clarify, we aren't talking about the Manga at all.

Ok, but then don't take as a plot hole something that is like that just because the Anime sucks.

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Oh and DBZ should have ended after the Frieza saga.


It is a plot hole. The anime is a standalone product. The intro doesn't have some obvious message that says "Hey, read the Manga for the plot portion." It's like pointing out bullshit in Star Wars and having fans bring up extended fiction. I'm aware the anime is an adaptation of a book. However, that doesn't excuse sloppy presentation. DBZ also has had more time that virtually any other show in existence to establish plot, clocking in at 294 episodes. Instead time is spent powering up and watching poor excuses for comic relief.

I just said that you can't take just the anime as a standalone product as long as it's an adaptation from Manga. If the plot holes came from the filler (and the DBZ filler was one of the worst thing anyone has ever done to humanity) you can't say they are "Dragon Ball" plotholes, they are just things that came up wrong because the people making the TV show had no idea of what they were doing. There are a lot of bigger and more obvious plot holes in Dragon ball (when the hyperbolic time chamber first appeared it is said that only two people can be there at once. Later in the boo saga, four people enter at the same time -goten, trunks, piccolo and boo) than things that happened "just in the anime".
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I never got it anyway, my friend used to watch DBZ and I'd just sit through it cause I knew Tenchi was on next. Although I rarely watch any modern shoujo either so I think that's just what I'm into

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I came because of the title, but I read because I recently saw Kai. It was the first time I saw Dragon Ball Z completely.

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Dragon Ball Z is awesome and all but you should watch Dragon Ball that's a pretty good too, it was the first anime series I ever watch and it's probably still my favorite. It tells the story about Goku and how he grows up (well sort of) it has kids flying through God's brother, unending towers and nose bleeds :D.
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I loved DBZ as a kid; it's just plain fun to watch.
P.S Vegeta will beat your ass.
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Love the article. Keep it up dude!
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Really good article Steve.

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Vegeta was the only character that made DBZ worth watching past the Cell Saga because, while he had turned good, his rivalry with Goku hadn't been resolved. His character still was an arrogant douche as well. I like how that was eventually resolved by the end when the two were forced to put aside their differences and fuse. 
Although it is absolutely lame what became of Gohan otherwise. Geeky High School Teenager phase, Mystic form and Great Saiyaman - it all blew hard.
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can someone explain the numbering system here?

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Where do I begin? I recall the dragon telling everyone he couldn't stop the saiyin invasion cause it was beyond Kami's power? They then go on to do ridiculous things with the Earth dragon balls for the rest of the series, wishing people back to life on different planets and moving entire races across the universe for instance. How the hell did 17 survive cell's death twice? He is seen at the end giving energy to a spirit bomb which I don't even know how that's possible. He was still in 17 when cell blew himself up? Speaking of which, my fav: why didn't Goku just go back to Earth after teleporting cell to King Kai's? They sit there and talk for like 30 sec. Instant Transmission is supposed to be....INSTANT

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@ookami597: A lot of that stuff can be explained.

1. It is stated that the dragonballs can't alter the nature of someone stronger than their maker. Bringing people back to life, moving people to different locations, etc. is not changing their nature, so it is within the dragon's power.

2. 17 died when cell blew himself up. He was wished back to life by Krillin after the Cell Games.

3. As of the Goku's sacrifice, I'm guessing that was for drama lol.

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@Gerhabio said:

My favorite plot holes are when they blow up the moon twice and how none of the power-level/transformation dynamics make sense.


Still, I love DBZ.

The moon was actually brought back by kami

Ultimate gohan is a thing, but if you referring to gt (yeah that horrible sequel) or the Broly movie, is due to lazy animation to put the lightning around him.

But yeah DBZ will always be my favorite anime due to nostalgia and still being awesome, except for most of the buu sega and other fillers, and half of dragonball lol

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