Almost Otaku: What Happens When the Anime Outruns the Manga?

Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 18, 2010. Last post by CosplayDeviants 4 years, 1 month ago.
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 These brawlers took their time... with everything.
 These brawlers took their time... with everything.

makes_me_mad: How do you prefer an anime handles things when it catches up to the Manga?  Filler episodes, making up their own ending ala Claymore, or just ending like Berserk?

Considering how much longer it takes to produce a cartoon than it takes to make a comic, I’ve always found this thing kind of amusing. I suppose it’s usually a case of an individual artist’s workflow (which can be sidetracked by whims, sickness and other circumstances) faring against the relentless production machine of an animation studio - - a train that must have new tracks laid in front of it once it gets moving.    

As a fan, I say that, once again, this is obviously something that must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  You’ve already got the usual concerns-of-change that come with any sort of adaptation, but an adaptation-in-progress introduces many more angles. Sometimes the portions that the anime makes up  is worse than the source material, sometimes it ends up being better. I’m sure that, a lot of times, the producers end up kicking themselves when they see what the manga does when it finally comes out - - because they liked it better than what they came up with, themselves. And vice versa.  Wasn’t that part of the reason for FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD? A second go-round that could afford to be more faithful to what the manga ended up becoming?

Regarding filler, I find DRAGONBALL Z KAI especially hilarious because it’s an answer to something I noticed for years, but never really understood.  See, if you were an American kid watching DBZ as you grew up - - even if you were an ardent defender of the show - - you had to admit that its pacing was slower than molasses.  Fights were stretched over 30 episodes, entire episodes were devoted to Goku getting his constipated face on while he powered-up to throw just one punch...  I just accepted it at face value until I found out later on that all of that was a result of the animators stretching the available material they had once they caught up with the manga. In other words - - it was padding. It was such a problem that they had to go back and recut the thing for KAI so it's actually paced reasonably, now.

So yeah, I guess the short answer is that I don’t like filler. Who does? If you run out of material, then go in some bold new directions. Do some gaidens, but do them quickly, please.

Go on and send me more questions as private messages, everybody. I’ll answer all of them… within reason.

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Glad you mentioned Brotherhood. That's actually an interesting case. See, the previous series padded the first 13 episodes of Brotherhood into 28 episodes, and much of it was filler, but it was, overall, the better introduction to the series, as it fleshed out both the world and the characters much more.
I think everyone hates filler, which is why I prefer manga overall.
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Some filler is okay, it depends how they go about doing it really. Most of the Dragon Ball Z filler was Goku yelling, which isn't the best way to do it, but at least that way they don't make some stupid filler-arc that's full of plot holes and doesn't fit into the timeline of the cannon show.
Obviously I'm talking about Bleach filler. I'm in two minds when it comes to that, some of it is pretty good, and it's like a bonus you don't get if you only read the manga. Then some of it is REALLY bad, like the bount arc. That crap, should have never been made.
Give me a beach episode, or a filler arc that perhaps involves a villain that fits into the story without breaking it, and I'm cool with that.
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Really can't stand filler. Flashback episodes without a point other than re capping or the dreaded 'We need to find the next episode!' episode on Naruto.... *shudders*  Or as pointed out here Goku spending 30 episodes charging his Spirit Bomb is just not on really. I guess when your a kid you do just gloss over it but now it just makes me cross. Its the main reason why I only really read shounen's apposed to watch them. Which is a shame really seeing as fighting scenes and whatnot do look 99.9% more awesome in animation.
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Its more basic than individual workflow ~ since the big weekly series have boatloads of assistants and if there was the money to pay more, could indeed scale up to produce twice as many pages per week. 
Its the structure of the big manga serials versus the anime episodes. 
A chapter in a serial needs to be long enough to keep people who are fans of that series buying next week's issue ... but not so long that it crowds out space to include the expected number of series. The serials get sales by having enough variety that even if you don't follow two or three of the series, you still don't fell like buying the serial is a waste of time. 
Which means somewhere around 10 minutes worth of material in terms of anime episode time being produced each week. 
For the bi-monthly or quarterly manga serials or for light novel series, what you do is straightforward. When there is an arc that can make for a 13 week or 26 week season, you do a season of the show, and if that season was successful enough, then when there is enough additional material, you do another season. 
But the big shonen weekly series, they start out with this big backlog, so they can run for a year or more on original material, and by that time you have an audience that is invested in the show, and as a television station you don't want to hand off the time slot to the competing stations for half a year or a year ... so inevitably, they start with the filler.
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Filler is fine but I'd prefer it if they could find a way to realistically extend the actual story in a fun way. Like look at One Piece, One Piece has been going on longer than almost any of these other series, and yet it has had very few filler arcs. The way they do that is they go "okay we can extend this battle a tad, and we can add in some views from some of the other characters as they go around the town that we didn't normally see" and even when they do have a filler its only like max ten or eleven episodes which is perfectly fine. 
All other series could really learn from how they do it, like for example Fairy Tail has me really concerned right now because they cram about four manga chapters into one episode and they don't even attempt to add anything that isn't in the manga, and because of that by the end of this year I can see them adding on tons of fillers.
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The main reason why Kai was made, is because Toei needed some cash quickly, and used DBZ's anniversary as an excuse.. It wasn't made because people were really complaining about the pacing. 
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If they do a good job with the filler I would have nothing to be mad at. But that rarely happens  

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You either get filler, or horrific endings that ruin the series (see gantz) 
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@rein said:
" You either get filler, or horrific endings that ruin the series (see gantz)  "
Either this or they just end it where the manga is currently at.
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Rurouni Kenshin suffered from this most. The third and final story arc in the manga is unbelievably, while the anime had to make up their own conclusion because they caught up to the source material. Surprise, their version sucked.
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Oh god, Claymore.  I still can't bring myself to read that manga, even though I liked the first half of the show, because the tacked-on ending was so unbelievably terrible.  Like, I have a physical revulsion to the franchise now, it was so bad.  Just tell the story at an appropriate pace, and shelve it for a few years if you run out of manga material.  Or better yet, don't start airing the anime until the mangaka knows how the story's going to end.  It's not like you're going to run out of manga to animate.
I understand that there are financial incentives involved--you want to pick up a popular manga before your rivals do--but there's no reason you couldn't, say, buy the rights and sit on them for a few years.  Wouldn't hurt the bottom line to do that, in the long run.
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I would much rather prefer a seasonal loadout of anime shows. The 3 most popular shows almost never take a break. Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece are on practically every week, nothing can stop them.
If the animators took a break for some months, let the animation sink in. Think about how they can pace the next season, and then months later start rolling out the new episodes, I would be much happier. Most of the time I find myself skipping through episodes because certain moments literally feel like filler or a waste of time.
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I hate filler it is the reason why I don't watch the bleach anime they have entire arcs dicatated to filler
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Kekkaishi handles this pretty well.  The part where the anime ends is around chapter 120 (the manga is currently in the 300s), at the end of a really big arc, and while the manga just continues right into the next part of the story, they kinda retooled the anime version of it into a finale.  It both gives it a clear ending while also leaving it open if they decide to continue animating the manga.
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when I watched Naruto (2003) I was totally out of any kind of interaction with other otakus, and without knowing, or somebody telling me I watched the whole filler hell, and when I got to nkow I almost killed the guy that lent me the dvd's....
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Since I don't read the manga before the anime comes out I never know what's filler and what's not. Still, I recognize now that a number of shows use filler a lot even if there is enough material from the manga. I don't like my anime to go off on a tangent but as long as I'm entertained and everything still develops then I'm happy. And personally, I like the a lot of the filler in DBZ because it gets me jacked to watch prolonged fights and power-ups (personal favorite is Goku's power-up vs Captain Ginyu).

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To be fair, I don't have a problem with anime padding in an appropriate area, such as somewhat expanding a fight. For instance, making it more detailed and awesome. What gets me is when they make a fight last an entire episode when really only half an episode is what would be true to form. Give me more details and coolness...but don't completely expand upon it just so that you won't catch up to the source material.
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@emerald_lamp_2814 said:
" I hate filler it is the reason why I don't watch the bleach anime they have entire arcs dicatated to filler "
That's exactly why I did watch the Bleach Soul Society arc when I don't normally watch any series that is longer than a year ~ with Bleach, you just google which are the filler arcs and skip past a year or more worth of material because you know they cannot affect the manga storyline. 
And now that the Crunchy Bleach has caught up with Hulu, I can watch them without commercials, which was the other big drag of streaming three or four at a time from Hulu.
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Bleach comes to mind and all fillers for it where ok but take a way from the show its self and never adds up. 
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