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Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn is an anime movie in the Dragon Ball Franchise
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Fusion Reborn Reviewed by Newdeath on Oct. 4, 2010. Newdeath has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. 66 out of 74 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
This movie I cannot say is one of the best Dragon Ball Z movies out there but it isn't all about actually. After the movie did provide decent action sequences etc. The movie starts off with the protagonist (Of course being Goku) fighting Pikkon in an Other World tournament taking place after the Buu Saga. Roughly at the same time a teenager (who's duty is to tend to the evil-purification machine) is distracted by his heavy metal music causing one of the tanks to fill up with and break releasing all of the evil energy at once, effectively turning the boy into evil incarnate itself. This also brings many of the dead villains back to life granting them the freedom to rampage across Earth until they are stopped by none other than Gohan, Goten, Trunks etc. I enjoyed Gohan's brief confrontation with Frieza and how he managed to frighten the rest of the villains, Frieza (as arrogant as always) charges towards Gohan who simply defeats the former overlord with a well-placed punch on the villain's gut, this frightens the rest of the villains (Bojack, the Ginyu Force etc.). I enjoyed that very much but I would have liked to see perhaps Cell or Broly. I also found it amusing how Hitler (named The Dictator in the English version) was brought back and how he commented on Goten and Trunks' appearance and power whilst in their Super Saiyan forms.  
The movie has some good comedic scenes such as the scene where we witness Hercule actually manage to defeat some opponents (zombies) and his surprising remark and if I recall correctly he said, "Finally someone I can actually beat up",. That definitely brought in some laughs. I was also surprised at the chaos this new villain was wreaking, bringing the dead back to life (to the point that even Shenron cannot stop this madness) and altering the structure of Other World. The Grand Kai sends both Goku and Pikkon to see King Yemma in order to put a halt to the insanity that has taken over Other World. They find colorful jellybean-like objects scattered everywhere. The two heroes try and destroy the barrier that the monster placed with energy attacks in order to free King Yemma who is imprisoned in the barrier. But of course this doesn't work, the barrier simply absorbs the energy. Goku goes on to fight the monster that is revealed to be a fat gigantic odd yellow creature with the mentality of baby and the only words it can utter appear to be Janemba or Janempa. Janemba's appearance brought to mind another fat powerful villain (former) with a child-like mentality (Fat Buu), could this be a lack of creativity? Why would they create a similar villain? I didn't like that too much. Despite Janemba's seemingly innocent demeanor, let us not forget that he was created by pure evil energy and thus he is evil incarnate. Janemba displays some reality warping (though limited) and illusionary abilities. True this fat creature is no joke and it forces Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan 3.     
The transformation scene was actually nice and not too long that it felt exaggerated. And of course Goku went to manhandle the monster with his tremendous power and speed. Pikkon on the other hand discovered that the barrier's weaknesses are actually verbal insults? So it can withstand strong energy attacks from two of the most powerful heroes in the DBZ Universe but it is vulnerable to harsh verbal insults? Now that was just ridiculous. Perhaps it was an attempt at some humor and uniqueness by the movie creators but it just felt downright ridiculous. In the meantime Goku naturally defeats Janemba but this only causes the monster to transform to a smaller, leaner but more powerful and dangerous form wielding a sword. Goku fights Janemba once again and does pretty well but perhaps the massive energy usage of the Super Saiyan 3 form is beginning to take its tole on him or maybe Janemba is just too strong? The fight continues and Goku is nearly defeated until... none other than Vegeta steps in and saves the day. The Prince Of All Saiyans puts up a decent but brief fight against Janemba and of course is beaten as well. Goku suggests using the fusion technique but Vegeta refuses however he later warms up to the idea. Their first attempt fails (Because Vegeta bent his finger a little) and they turn into Veku, a fat, short useless warrior. Once Veku is de-fused, Pikkon acts as the distraction and the two Saiyans successfully fuse into Gogeta.  
Naturally Gogeta beats the living daylights out of Janemba and uses a special energy attack that turns Janemba back to the teenager that was corrupted by the evil energies. The kid is then scared of by Gogeta's stern facial expression, Gogeta's fusion ends and Vegeta bids farewell to Goku. And the day is saved. The movie had decent actions sequences, some good comedy (although insults being the weakness of Janemba's barrier was just ridiculous) and the story itself was not all too bad. Although Janemba didn't feel like a character at all, he had no personality at all (The Majin Buus were more interesting) and it just felt like he was used to drag the story along. True Janemba was powerful but beyond that there was nothing more to him. If there was a better villain that was not similar to Fat Buu (in appearance and demeanor) then I would've given this a 4/5. But unfortunately how the fusion was used to defeat Janemba felt a little bit like a rushed attempt at wrapping up the movie quickly and I just can't forgive the creators for the barrier's weakness. It was simply idiotic.  
I give this a 3/5. It is enjoyable.
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