New DRAGON BALL Z Movie Announced -- FUKKATSU NO F

Topic started by AV_Staff on April 1, 2014. Last post by nishi99 3 months, 2 weeks ago.
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One can only hope that FUNimation will stick with the literal translation. “F is for Resurrection” is some delightful Engrish - - on level with METAL GEAR SOLID: REVENGEANCE…

Yes, that’s the current sub-title. And it turns out that the ‘F’ stands for ‘Frieza.’

As ANN has relayed from the newest V JUMP issue, there will in fact be another DBZ movie, and it will see one of Goku’s bitterest foes returning… again. Presumably, he won’t be a robot this time. And if you watch the trailer above, you’ll know that somebody’s actually wishing the bastard back.

According to the brief plot synopsis, the wishers are Sorbet and Tagoma - - hitherto-unrevealed survivors from Frieza’s army. Toriyama designed them himself, and he’s masterminding the whole production, just as he did for BATTLE OF GODS. The bad guys from that flick are coming back, too, and we’ll guess that Bills isn’t too happy about his former errand boy’s reemergence.

So… anybody who actually believed that BATTLE OF GODS was the final word on DRAGON BALL should be feeling very silly at the moment. If anything, it looks more like a revival, now. The start a whole new slew of DBZ films. Are you ready for it...?

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Yes. More milking!!!!

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Thank god. Would have been disappointed if it was broly tbh. How strong will frieza become now?

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This one was posted in the #Anime Vice Polls & Contests thread. I moved it to the Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F forum.

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i had no doubt that DBZ was going to have another film, but i had no idea that frieza would be back

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Frieza may be on par with a god of destruction, which is why Goku and vegeta need to train with Beerus.

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I just don't understand why they just don't do an alternate universe story from scratch since they can't let dragonball go...something like the marvel / dc retcons - that would be fresh and then they could do WHATEVER they want storywise

These constant franchise drag-ons (unintentional pun) to the main universe are just silly and make the franchise look more wacky to the masses

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Ah I am so pumped for this! I wonder what that symbol is on Goku's gi? Maybe he is training or trained under Beerus and that's the symbol for it.

Anyway Frieza must get a ridiculous power boost lol

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why not just make a new at series at this point Toriyama?,
Post by takashichea (16,591 posts) See mini bio Level 25

I feel this movies or specials should be regarded as non-canon. Make things less confusing and personally less irritable in the other forums with their debates on GT and other movies being canon or not.

@Kino88 said:

why not just make a new at series at this point Toriyama?,

It's a bit difficult and challenging for some mangaka and writers to come up with new stories that is a distinctly different.

  • The creators of Oreimo, Tsukasa Fushimi and Hiro Kanzaki, started a new light novel series called Eromanga Sensei - My Little Sister and the Locked Room which is quite similar to Oreimo.
  • Another example would be Reki Kawahara with his words on Accel World and Sword Art Online.

There are others who made successfully distinguished series like Hiromu Arakawa and her works, Fullmetal Alchemist and Silver Spoon. I can't think of anyone. Feel free to add.

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@Kino88 said:

why not just make a new at series at this point Toriyama?,

Because people will expect him to do at least 100+ episodes due to the fact that the Dragonball series had at least 100 episodes.

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That's a good answer there. I didn't think of that angle.

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Honestly I was expecting evil burdock since he was the first super sayin. But freeza is directly involved with gokus origin story so this should be good. Maybe they will give a small back story for freezas race.

Goku has a new logo on his clothes, looks like Whiss is training him.

We still need to wait for 4 months or so : /

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I'm excited for this, but I hope it can deliver Battle of Gods was sub par IMO.

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Now have to wait to see SSG2 Goku. :P

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There are very few anime/manga villains worthy of a resurrection. Frieza is one of them. In fact it's arguable that he would be at the top of the list. Like that this seems to coincide well with Toriyama's DBO storyline. I couldn't grasp why Frieza's army would still be around hundreds of years later. Now I know. Their boss became a changeling God XD.

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I imagine some kind of deus ex machina-style power-up will be granted to Frieza. Otherwise, he really wouldn't be much of a threat at this point.

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I'm not sure how I'm supposed to fell about bringing Frieza back.

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Further cementing Freiza as the Joker of the DBZ universe.

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have your movie right here lol

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