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Much thanks to my pals, Sam Weller and Metal Mike, for their help.

Check out the full-length review of the movie here.

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I haven't played the Dragon Age games, but I think it's great to see more and more Japanese animation based on western properties. The recent Marvel anime series like Iron Man, Wolverine and X-Men are pretty cool. Thinking about it, I still need to check the Halo stuff out.

If it's made in Japan and it's animated it's anime as far as I'm concerned. I don't care if it's 2D, CGI or stop-motion clay models. Anime is a big umbrella term if you ask me.

You guys should totally talk more about pro wrestling.

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That was a nice video discussion. I really have no interest in this animated movie, because I've never played the game. I have no attachment to the lore. I just find the idea of making anime for people who don't like anime a sort of weird concept.

Anime movies don't have to be 2-D. Just look at ONE PIECE: STRAW HAT CHASE. That was a completely CG movie made for 3-D and it looks dead on the anime. Defining anime is a tricky issue. It more has to do with the mindset toward the story telling than the art design. Anime art design is far more varied than people give it credit. ONE PIECE, DEATH NOTE, and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST don't have the same look. Japan more often does direct adaptations of original IPs. Western production companies make extremely broad based-on adaptations that often have next to nothing to do with the original content.

This isn't any critique against the video itself, but how I hate that cat girl image on the Anime Vice logo at the start of videos. It's not even drawn very well. I would love to see something different. It makes me want to design something new.

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Yeah, I've always considered anime to be more of a geographical thing rather than a stylistic choice. I think that so long as it's from Japan and it's animated in some way it can be called anime. On the other side of the spectrum I think that if it's from somewhere other than Japan, no matter how anime-esque, it's a cartoon (although it's arguable whether anime could also be classified as cartoons too)

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XMEN; The Anime.

Read: How to make an Anime.

Have it drawn and animated in Japan.

Cynic is right IMHO.

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Nice video should do things like this more often.

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Interesting. Extreme fans (fans enough to come to a site like this) being annal retentive...and this surprises you how?

I agree with fox on this one. Anime is more a mind set and a set of stylistic choices not simply something from Japan. I think you have to focus on things in a way the Japanese have perfected (interesting characters, not black and white) but certainly others can do it. Certainly doesn't have to be 2d though. Advent children was terrible (completely) but it is still anime.

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@Aaron_G said:

Nice video should do things like this more often.

They should, this site could use some more content like this

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I'm going with Tom here in terms of classifying what is anime and what is not. Classifications are only useful if they are not blurred as all hell. Calling it a "mind set and artistic style" is an extremely vague way of putting it. All the more so when we all know that anime has a wide range of artistic styles and methods of story telling. If your classification does not give any clear set of boundaries, then it's useless I say.

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