Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned

Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned is an anime movie
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In modern-day Boston, Domini (Delores) is offered in sacrifice as a bride of Lucifer by the occultist Lupeski, but she is stolen away by Dracula. At first intending to drink her blood, the vampire instead falls in love with her. Wheelchair-bound Quincy (Hans) Harker and Rachel van Helsing, the son and granddaughter of Dracula's old enemies, realize that some Boston "murders" are his handiwork. They recruit Frank Drake, a descendant of Dracula ashamed at his ancestor's evil, as a vampire-hunter. Months later, on Christmas Eve, Domini gives birth to Dracula's son, Janus. Lupeski, who has been informed of Dracula's true identity, offers to baptize Janus, cornering Dracula in a church. Dracula evades the attack, but Lupeski accidentally shoots and kills the infant Janus. Dracula flees, and, having lost her son and lover, Domini plans to kill herself. However, God brings Janus back from the dead (as a fully grown man) in order to create the ultimate vampire-hunter. Before Janus can kill his father, Dracula and Domini are transported to Hell by Satan, for whom their love is an unbearable abomination. Satan blasts Dracula into ashes, but Domini's holy love resurrects Dracula once more, this time as a mortal. When Lilith (Lila), a New York vampire created by Dracula, refuses to bite him to restore his immortality, Dracula flees to Transylvania. Dueling with the new Lord of the Vampires, Dracula reasserts his authority and saves peasant children from walking corpses. Despite signs that Dracula has rejected evil, the vampire-hunters locate him, and Harker kills both himself and Dracula with a bomb hidden in his wheelchair. Frank and Rachel admit their feelings for one another, and Janus flies home to tell Domini the news. His divine mission accomplished, Janus is restored to infant form to be raised by Domini.

A remarkably faithful adaptation of the first 50 or so issues of the Marvel Comics Tomb of Dracula series. The designs look unorthodox for anime, chiefly because they adhere to the original comic artwork by Gene Colan, though neither Colan nor the comic-writer Marv Wolfman are credited in the animated version. Less serious takes on Dracula appear in Don Dracula and Dororon Enma. Toei negotiated with Marvel in the 1970s about producing animated versions of several superheroes, though the only product of this was the eventual live-action Spider-Man team show. Frankenstein would follow the next year.

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General Information Edit
Name: Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1983
Name: 闇の帝王・吸血鬼ドラキュラ
Romaji: Yami no Teio Kyuketsuki Dracula
Release Date: Aug. 19, 1980
Rating: None
Runtime: 94 (mins)
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Aliases Dracula: Vampire Emperor of Darkness Tomb of Dracula
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