Dr. Stylish

Dr. Stylish is a anime/manga character in the Akame ga Kill franchise
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A mad scientist and member of the special police force, the Jaegers. An Akame Ga Kill character.


To combat a team of assassins using rare and powerful artifacts, the Imperial general Esdeath created a special police force using similar items. Amongst these recruits were the mad scientist Dr Stylish.


Dr Stylish was originally created by Takahiro and designed by Tetsuya Tashiro as a villain in the dark fantasy franchise, Akame ga Kill.

Character Evolution


Stylish is a tall, man of average build who wears glasses and usually has light stubble. His hair is short, brown and has a white streak. He usually wears a lab-coat.


Unhinged, narcissistic and amoral, and , Dr Stylish is a mad scientist with a certain amount of zest and panache. As his name would imply, he is a man with a great concern for aesthetics and he aspires to style in his work and values it in others. Joining Esdeath's force, the Jagers was very much a dream come true for him as it allowed him to work for Esdeath whose cruelty and style he always admired, and brought him closer to achieving his dream - creating artifacts equal to the Imperial Arms. He is openly and unreservedly gay, seeming to favour youth or beauty in men and often displays quite feminine mannerisms.

He is also a dangerous and ruthless individual who eagerly shows no mercy to his enemies and little concern for those that he experiements on. Stylish is seen as a saviour by one of his patients, Seryu a fellow Jager, however to what extent he cares about her is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Stylish displays little in the way of direct combat ability, and instead relies on a personal army of surgically altered troops. These warriors are mostly former death row prisoners who agreed to be his test subjects in exchange for commuted sentences. Stylish has designed his soldiers to have abilities that compliment one another, or are suited for exploiting the weaknesses of certain targets.

Stylish stated that he could serve as the jagers medic, though he was never called upon to perform this function, outside of outfitting Seryu with her prosthetic weapons and limbs. He is also presumably versed in several scientific fields as wehile his specialty is surgery, he was also trusted with analyzing captured Imperial Arms, and manufactured several drugs with with amazing and unusual effects.

Imperial Arm - "Hands of God" Perfector.

Stylish's Imperial Arm is a set of gloves with improve the accuracy and speed of his fingers hundreds of times over. This allows him to carry out intricate surgical work that would otherwise be impossible.

Voiced by
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Ken Narita
General Information Edit
Name: Dr. Stylish
Name: Dr.スタイリッシュ
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Akame Ga Kill! #4
1st anime episode: Akame ga Kill #9
1st anime movie:
Aliases Doctor Stylish
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