Dr. Slump

Dr. Slump is a franchise comprised of 7 movies, 2 anime series, 2 manga series
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Akira Toriyama's first famous manga, originally shown in weekly shonen Jump. It introduced and gave him the idea of Goku (Dragon Ball).

Dr. Slump is Akita Toriyama's first major anime/manga break through. The story is set in Penguin Village where a lonely professor tries to make the perfect humanoid robot. He clearly didn't get what was expected. He first begins the adventure when he realizes that Arale (The humanoid robot) needed glasses realising he didn't make the eyes quite right, so he made the needed glasses. Then he realized that she needed clothes.when he goes into the store, he is dressed in drag to avoid getting embaressed. Unfortunatly many time while he was in the store, he was embarresed, so he just Arale som little boy's clothes despite the fact that she was a girl. He then decided totake her to the coffee shop to see if she is really the perfect huminoid robot. before they left how ever, he told her not to do anything out of the ordinarry, but on their walk she took of her head and started juggling it. After Dr. Senbei Norimaki (The lonley professor) yelled at her, she put her head back on. On their way back, she was hit by a car, the car hit her so har, it fell to the groung. The guy asked if she was alright, but her reply was that she ripped her shirt  appeaering to be in no pain at all. The next day, She wanted to go to school, so she woke him up by throwing a grenade in his mouth and closing him mouth. The explosion woke him up, but didn't kill him. When they got to he school, the principal asked if they were related, he told him that she was his daughter. Then the teacher walked in, and he sucked in and some how grew to become an attractive man, despite that he's normally a little and fat man. He told her that he was Arale's Brother, and they walked into class. And the adventure of the not so perfect Humanoid robot began!
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