Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hello! Wonder Island Characters

Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hello! Wonder Island is an anime movie in the Dr. Slump Franchise
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Akane Kimidori

Arale's best friend she met on her first day of school. She is a rebel unlike her older sister Aoi.

Arale Norimaki

She is a little android girl. Designed to be the perfect humanoid robot, Doctor Norimake didn't expect this.


Gatchan is an angel that hatched from an egg Senbei & Arale found while time traveling to the Prehistoric ages. Later on it turns into twins.

King Nikochan

King of the Niko race. He is dumb and doesn't understand Earthly customs well.

King Nikochan's Assistant

The faithful assistant of King Nikochan. He usually tries to stop King Nikochan from doing dumb things.

Midori Norimaki

She is Senbei's dream girl. She eventually marries him and they have a kid.

Ogre-King Gyaska

The ruler of Wonder Island. His tears are an ingredient to Senbei's Father's Fall-Go-Boom Love Potion.


A Caveman who lives on Wonder Island and is accompanied by a fairy.


A Tarzan based superhero from the same planet as Suppaman and Bubibinman. He is also rivals with Suppaman.

Peasuke Soramame

Taro's younger brother who always wears an animal hat. Peasuke is picked on by his brother a lot but he wants to be like him when he gets older.

Senbei Norimaki

Super Mecha "Ping-Pong"

A living robot that Senbei built to get him to Wonder Island. It flys by flapping its arms up and down while holding paddles.


A Dr. Slump character.

Taro Soramame

Taro Soramame is an older friend of Arale and Akane. He later becomes a cop after graduating high school.

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