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Rabbit Doubt; a game where the innocent Rabbits must find the killer Wolf among them. Find him quickly enough, and the rabbits win the game. But, if they lose, the game is up, and the Wolf slaughters them.
It started as an innocent cell phone game, played by casual acquaintances. But now, five players have been trapped in an abandoned hospital, with one of them already dead. They need to find the real Wolf, before all the Rabbits die...
Doubt was written and illustrated by Yoshiki Tonogai, best known for illustrating the Higurashi manga adaptation Himatsubushi-Hen. It was first serialized in Square Enix's Monthly Shonen Gangan on July 12, 2007.



Publishing History

Doubt was first serialized in Square Enix's Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine on July 12, 2007. It ran for twenty chapters, concluding its run on February 12, 2009. A twenty-first "commemorative" chapter was released in May 2009, to celebrate the release of a Drama CD based on the series.
Square Enix then collected the twenty chapters as a series of four tankobon volumes. The first volume was released on December 22, 2007, with the fourth being released on May 22, 2009. 
On January 2010, a sequel to the series, titled Judge, began serialization in Monthly Shonen Gangan.


Yu Aikawa
The main hero of the story, and Mitsuki's best friend. A casual and easy going player of the game, he was also a fan of Rei back when she still had her hypnotism show. He isn't afraid to defend his friends, but is the character most prone to making fallacies.
Mitsuki Hoyama
Yu's best friend. Mitsuki is a law-abiding girl who can't stand those who won't follow the rules, stemming from her father's career as a policeman. However, she never played Rabbit Doubt on her cell phone.
Eiji Hoshi
A player of Rabbit Doubt. Eiji closely resembles a delinquent, and is quite hot-headed, often leaving him at odds with Hajime. He also tends to flirt with Rei, much to her annoyance.
Haruka Akechi
A player of Rabbit Doubt. Haruka is quite cheerful and exuberant, not afraid to flirt and be merry,  but within the game she is the first to show fear.
Hajime Komaba
A player of Rabbit Doubt. Hajme is a medical student, who is quite cool and collected, often leaving him at odds with Eiji. He often acts as the voice of reason for the rest of the players.
Rei Hazama
The first victim of the Wolf. Rei was a former child star, performing hypnotism acts on television, but after being accused of fraud she let herself be hit by a bus, causing her to become a paraplegic. She is found by Yu and Mitsuki, nailed to the wall.
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Doubt 4
Doubt 3
Doubt 2
May 22, 2008
Dec. 22, 2007
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English Name Doubt
Japanese Name:
Publisher Square Enix
Start Year 2007
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